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(Standard PSA: In case you're new to my lj, I make these posts every Sunday. They're all tagged, for your convenience.)

This reclist, in sum:
  • My favourite new SGA author: [ profile] sabinelagrande. Click on the SGA recs link for her freaking awesome Porn Battle entries

  • My favourite new non-fandom author: Penelope Trunk, who writes about being an artist. Links to some of her posts in the "links: misc" section

  • Office/other show vid mashups equal awesomeness

  • Possibly I should upgrade this lj account, so I can get the friends-of-friends lists. Since I'm reading the poor man's version of it, anyway.

  • Every day I finish reading my RSS feed and my flist and I get this "is that all there is?" moment of disappointment. And then on Sunday I aggregate everything and am amazed at how much time I've spent on the webs. "All there is" is A LOT. No complaints, fandom!

  • How To Give A Great Man To Man Hug, a video tutorial.

    I Love Jesus, But Sometimes I Drink A Little: snippet from the Ellen show

    The dancing Air Force cadet, and after that, some dancing Marines. The military! It's fun! They've got moves!

    Rob Paravonian's Pachebel Rant. [YouTube]

    Ever wonder what would happen if you ran a classic emo rock song -- say, Wonderwall -- through Microsoft's Songsmith? Wonder no more! [YouTube]

    If You're Into It, a CSI Grissom/Sara vid that is OUTRAGEOUSLY SILLY. [YouTube]

    [ profile] such_heights vidded Glorious, an amazing tribute to fandom women, who fight, get knocked down, and get up to fight again. Made for [ profile] halfamoon.

    The Inauguration In Art, from the NYT.

    You really want to scroll through all the Obama macros @ Pundit Kitchen. Okay, maybe not all of them. Maybe the first four pages.

    [ profile] st_salieri, who is CLEARLY A GENIUS, wrote Vampires and the Women Who Love Them, an talk-show segment featuring Bella Swan, Sookie Stackhouse and Buffy Summers.

    And the very cool [ profile] human_loser pointed me over to this amazing original fiction project: Minor Delays, in which the author is writing one ficlet for every stop on the London Underground. And she's very funny!

    Star Trek Cologne For Men. Only for men? *whines*

    I have just discovered Penelope Trunk! Who has very wise things to say about writing and being an artist. Here are her articles on Self Doubt and How To Build A Career As An Artist. She's refreshing in the "slap you in the face with a wet sock and make you take yourself less srsly" kind of way.

    Jumbo Hostel. Made out of a benched jetplane. This is relevant to my interests.

    xvcd offers a diagram of the base system. No, this is not about math or chemistry. Um. Well, it's about the chemistry of love. But not the kind that involves, y'know, hydrochloric acid. Unless you spill that on the object of your affection, accidentally, and he turns into a Batman villain. Then I suppose it would involve that kind of chemistry, too.

    I also heart this webcomic.

    Ten Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

    [ profile] tassos wrote Time When.... Zoe decides it's time to have a baby. A tall, freckled stranger in a bar, singing along to the music, draws her eye. (Dean/Zoe (sorta), NC-17, kid!fic, awesome)

    [ profile] misslucyjane wrote Gravity, in which Rodney meets an unstoppable force. (Harkness/McKay, NC-17)

    [ profile] azephirin wrote The Here And Now. Max goes into heat. She tries to give Alec a way out. (Alec/Max, NC-17, PWP)

    [ profile] astolat wrote Reciprocation, where Arthur is a selfish git in bed, but no worries - Merlin's there to teach him. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)

    [ profile] ej_neko wrote Only Ever One Answer, which is pure PWP. Can't tell if it was a Porn Battle entry... probably? (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)

    [ profile] hackthis wrote Give Me Miles & Mountains, And I'll Ask For The Sea, which is basically Arthur mooning over Merlin. (Arthur/Merlin, UST, R)

    [ profile] janicechess wrote Someone Else's Hand, where Arthur walks in on Merlin at precisely the right wrong time. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)

    [ profile] kaneko wrote Virginal, in which Arthur helps Merlin get rid of the pesky unicorns. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17, PWP)

    [ profile] kerryblaze wrote Five Times Merlin Was The Worst Manservant Ever. I skipped opening this when it first showed up on [ profile] bbc_merlin_news because the title is a bit blah, but when my delicious network all bookmarked it, I gave it a shot. And am glad I did! It features winning accidental double-entendres. (Arthur/Merlin, preslash, UST)

    [ profile] la_esmeralda_ vidded How Deep Is Your Love. Aah, Gwen/Morgana. Theirloveiscanon.

    [ profile] penknife wrote Mending, a lovely little gen piece about Gwen & Morgana's relationship and care for each other. (By "gen," I mean "as gen as canon allows, which is to say, not very.")

    [ profile] seperis wrote So Are They All, All Honourable Men in which a rank pustule of a noble decides that the quickest way to his goals is to threaten Merlin. Arthur is not okay with that. Epic. Massively good. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17, angst)

    [ profile] shinetheway wrote The Definition Of A Life Saved, where Merlin tries to save Arthur, and Arthur pushes him out of the way. Recovery!fic. (Arthur/Merlin, hurt/comfort, sweetness)

    [ profile] such_heights vidded The Book of Love, a lovely, angsty Gwen/Morgana vid.

    [ profile] suzvoy vidded Arthur Pendragon, which is Arthur being all angsty and yearning and lonely, and then meeting Merlin. Rowr. (Link goes to her lj post; vid hosted on YouTube.)

    [ profile] takadianmate wrote The World Under Heaven, Here All Is Lent, which I somehow missed when it was posted? Arthur & Merlin are stranded in the woods after an expedition gone wrong, trying to get away from an evil sorcerer. Desperate and action-packed. (Arthur/Merlin, R for injuries, hurt/comfort)

    Andemarg vidded The Office Heroes: The world needs them, and their time has come. [YouTube]

    BuffyFan357 vidded Brighter Than Sunshine, a Pam/Karen vid. Which seems impossible! and yet is kind of brilliant! [YouTube]

    DementedRiku vidded Battlestar Office-ica. Which. Um. Just click. (The Stamford branch are the cylons!)[YouTube]

    [ profile] fabella vidded Four Years, in which oblivious!Rodney is oblivious. [YouTube] (McKay/Sheppard, angsty, PG-13)

    [ profile] lavvyan's doing [ profile] 14valentines! Entries by her which I've loved:
  • And Sometimes, You Just Go Snap: In 2012, Rodney died four times. He almost died 37 times – not that John was counting or anything – and that was bad enough, but four times, his luck completely ran out and he just… he died. (McKay/Sheppard, angst, hurt/comfort)

  • The Sickness Bit, which is pure mild hurt/comfort. John's sick. Rodney's taking care of him.

  • The End Of The World As We Know It. Fairytale!au. John lives at the end of the world, and there's a spring half way down the cliff that drops to nothing. Rodney wants some of the water from the spring. (McKay/Sheppard, PG-13, sweetness)

  • [ profile] mirabile_dictu wrote Domů, a lovely achy future!fic, where Radek is living just off of Central Park. He's gotten used to being lonely, but then he has an unexpected visitor.

    Fic by [ profile] sabinelagrande:
  • All I Wanna Do Is, an awesome set of interconnected SGA AU ficlets where Team are committing crimes together! And also having Teh Secks. [Porn Battle] (OT4, NC-17)

  • Sure Worked For Catwoman, in which John doesn't just clean Rodney's quarters after the incident with Lucius. [Porn Battle] (McKay/Sheppard, NC-17, dubcon)

  • You Will Be My One Last Chance. John Sheppard saved Tony Stark's life. Tony likes that in a man. [Porn Battle] (Sheppard/Stark, NC-17)

  • Comp Time, in which Rodney decides fuck it, he's going to take a (couple) personal days. (team!fic, Rish?)

  • Sarah T. ([ profile] harriet_spy) wrote You Already Know How This Will End, a glorious plotty future!fic where Rodney takes John back to Pegasus, because John is sick, and Pegasus may cure him, but if it can't, he wants to die there. Teyla strikes a hard bargain so she can help. Written for [ profile] halfamoon. (Emmagen/Sheppard, Teyla POV, team!fic, sweetness, angst, hurt/comfort, NC-17)

    [ profile] zoetrope, who is just brilliant, made this McKay/Sheppard vid: Two Atoms In A Molecule

    [ profile] with_a_kay wrote The World, It Was The Old World Yet, a L'Engleverse AU where Jared is Meg, Meg is Charles Wallace (but is named Meg) and Jensen is Calvin. Total win.

    [ profile] basingstoke wrote Vitamin A. Owen starts his job and starts being a misbehaving prat on the same day. Jack figures out how to make him mind. (Spanking! not really sexy, except when is Jack not sexy?)

    Fhew! Done! Grocery shopping time, now. (See? My priorities are totally in the right order.)


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