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The "oh my god head colds are the devil" edition.

I totally want this Star Trek-inspired corset. Don't you?

[ profile] pentapus drew these cute Merlin, IronMan & Supernatural chibis.

Kittens, Inspired by Kittens: funniest Internet kids-are-ridiculous vid I've seen in a while. [via BoingBoing]

I linked to this earlier this week, but if you haven't listened to this Mister Rogers Podcast Appreciation, you totally should right now. [also via BoingBoing]

Ahaha, The Onion. Breaking news! Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

Picspam of Colin Morgan's Video Diary

I'm really enjoying [ profile] freece's original fiction, Captive Prince, about a prince who gets sold into slavery when his brother usurps the throne. Bloody brutal slave!fic, Roman-esque. Definitely NC-17.

Firefocks Has Crashed; Needs Cuddles [I Can Has Cheezburger]

[ profile] callmesandy wrote And The Lips That Say, Come On, Taste Us, an awesome postcanon ficlet where Faith goes into a shoestore to steal a pair of Doc Martens. Except Connor's working there, and he recognizes her. (Connor/Faith, NC-17)

The fandom hive mind inspired both [ profile] atrata and [ profile] quigonejinn to write Tony's MIT Commencement speech. Both are fabulous. [ profile] atrata's take is called What Are They Going To Call You?; [ profile] quigonejinn's is June 6, 2008.

[ profile] musesfool wrote I See The Moon (And The Moon Sees Me), an achy wonderful wee!chester snippet, with Mary putting the boys to bed.

[ profile] gixi wrote Money, Money, Money: All the money in the world couldn't buy him a night with Bruce Wayne, and that was why he wanted it so much. (Stark/Wayne, NC-17)

Blue-Soaring wrote Drive You Wild. Tony Stark accidentally drag-races Dean. And wrecks the Impala. And then there is sex. (Dean/Sam/Tony, NC-17, good freaking god)

[ profile] d00mcanary wrote Lupercalia, where Arthur gets v. drunk, and then has a terrible hangover the next morning. Pure hurt/comfort. No sex. (Arthur/Merlin preslash, PG)

[ profile] frankiness wrote A Curious Case of Infatuation, where Arthur is suffering from a bad case of P.R.A.T., and Merlin's the doctor who can cure him. Um. Total crack, if that wasn't obvious.

[ profile] hackthis wrote Woods For The Trees, a modern-day AU where the Pendragons own a PR company, and Guin & Merlin work for them. And Merlin is not-so-sekritly in love with Arthur. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17, first-time)

[ profile] imperfectcircle wrote Without Song: Lord Belton, a noble of Gloucester, dies. Uther sends Arthur (and Merlin) to attend the funeral. It turns out more is going on in the House of Belton than anyone thought. Excellent angsty plotty preslash.

[ profile] laceymcbain hits it out of the park with Something Quite Special. A newcomer saves Arthur's life. Uther makes him Arthur's manservant. Merlin is nonplussed.

[ profile] mandysbitch wrote Ascendant, a dark and twisty AU where Merlin comes to Camelot after Arthur has become king. Arthur makes him his manservant, but not because he needs help dressing. (Arthur/Merlin, slight dub-con issues, NC-17)

She also wrote The Early Dark, a future!fic where Merlin discovers he cannot die.

[ profile] medie wrote The Lady In The Lake [Porn Battle], where Merlin is the lady in the lake. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17, gender!fuck)

[ profile] obsessive24 vidded Effigy. The flames of legend are lit under Guin. The editing in this one is incredibly beautiful. (Guinevere, Guin/Arthur)

[ profile] rubberbutton wrote Within Sight, where an evil sorcerer magicks Arthur blind. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17, hurt/comfort)

[ profile] sarcasticbabble wrote Into His Own. Merlin thought nothing of it when Gaius dropped the first pot. (Arthur/Merlin, R, character death)

[ profile] saucery wrote Just Desserts, in which the Camelot paparrazzi NEED TO KNOW. (crack!)

[ profile] saucysalamander wrote Away Matches, the one where everyone at the castle they're visiting totally misinterprets what Merlin's saying. (gen, unrequited-crush, funny)

Jenn ([ profile] seperis) wrote Privileges of Rank, which OMFG is awesome. Merlin hasn't figured out the castle politics. Features a delightfully arrogant and handsy Arthur. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)

[ profile] spiny wrote Fruition, Or The Education Of Arthur, best summed up as "possessive!Arthur is possessive". (Arthur/Merlin, first-time, NC-17)

[ profile] strangeumbrella wrote Cross You Off My List, about Arthur trying to figure out why he likes Merlin, with awesome angry fighting that ends in kissing. (Arthur/Merlin, PG)

[ profile] suaine wrote Songs Of Things We Can But Hope: The initial arrangement had taken all of ten seconds, once Arthur realized that the three people who loved him most were not going to abandon him once he was king. (future!fic, OT4)

[ profile] trolleys drew this beautiful picture of Arthur & Merlin.

[ profile] franticsga wrote The Lessons of Murphy, in which jealous!Bradley is jealous.

The same description could be used for [ profile] lili_pad's ManWhore. (Colin/everyone, Colin/Bradley)

[ profile] paperclipbitch wrote car sans toi il n'y a pas de chanson, where Bradley's a little bit obsessed with Arthur's once and future queen. (Angel/Bradley, PG-13)

[ profile] basingstoke wrote Euler's Jewel, where John is all mathy and Rodney gets a bit hot under the collar. (McKay/Sheppard, first-time, R-ish)

[ profile] elementalv wrote Blanket Permission, where they sleep together. Because it's comforting. (McKay/Sheppard, preslash, sweetness)

[ profile] esteefee wrote Inappropriate. Rodney thinks that John should stop being so damn inappropriate, with the touching. John thinks that Rodney should stop it with the inappropriate surprise sex. Non-communicating!men are non-communicating. (McKay/Sheppard, NC-17, first-time)

[ profile] lavvyan wrote:
  • Socks And Keys And Stuff (And John), a fairytale!AU where Rodney lives in a house in which things that are lost appear. One day, John appears, too. [14 Valentines] (McKay/Sheppard, PG-13, sweetness)

  • Fixation, where John's a little obsessed, and the team seems determined to make him cuddle with Rodney

  • Now: Completely out of the blue, Rodney experiences what can only be called a moment of "now or never." (McKay/Sheppard, kissin')

    [ profile] neery wrote A Day In The Life of Jona Sheppard, where John wakes up in the wrong universe, in the wrong body, in the wrong bed, with the right person. (McKay/Sheppard, R). And then [ profile] pentapus drew a stunning portrait of Jona Sheppard.

    Rhymer wrote Born In The Barrens, where John is a Genii slave and Rodney is an alchemist working in the city of the Genii. Kolya gives John to Rodney as a gift for his service. AU (obv.) with sorcerers and alchemists, but still set in Pegasus. Kind of amazing. Not for those who will be upset by flashbacks to John being tortured. (Team!fic, gen, NC-17)

    [ profile] sabinelagrande continues with the awesome: she wrote three interconnected ficlets on the theme "Radek Zelenka Is Made Of Teh Sex". She will convince you! Yay Radek!

    [ profile] xela_fic wrote Short & Stout, where Rodney has a fantastic drug trip and then finds the rest of his life horribly depressing. (McKay/Sheppard, PG-13, crack)

    Blue-Soaring wrote All you can do, embarrassingly hot and dirty phone sex. (Dean/Sam, NC-17)

    [ profile] belyste wrote Spin The Light To Gold, aka the one where they're camp counselors. Oh my heart! (J2, first-time, AU, sweetness)

    [ profile] jeyhawk_fic wrote Nothing Says I Love You Like A Joint Checking Account, where Jared is prepared for Jensen to, y'know, realize they're practically married. Really really prepared. (J2, sweetness)

    [ profile] ze_pink_lady took this post, about love philosophy according to kids, and wrote Love Is..., using J2 examples to illustrate the maxims. The Veuve Cliquot of schmoop. (J2, R, sweetness)

    [ profile] arsenicjade wrote What's Next, a ficlet about Nancy McNally, and how she feels about her job and the White House staff. Lovely.

    I'm going back to bed, with ginger tea. Someone kick my immune system for me? kthx.
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