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I have non-Star Trek recommendations this week! Weird, huh?

Three things before the cut!

One, I was excited to discover that there's a Supernatural Kink Meme! (And unlike the Star Trek one, the 'kink' in the title still seems to fit the stories which are being posted. Ha. Let's see how long that lasts.) I am also pleased to see that they, too, are using Delicious to bookmark filled prompts, which makes it easy to find stuff fast.

Two, if you read nothing else this week, go read Jungle Kitty's Kirk and Spock Go Ice Fishing (or If My Aunt From Minnesota Wrote Fanfic). Star Trek TOS, and the funniest thing I have read all year. Seriously.

Three, since it doesn't fit in any of the categories below & I forgot to put it in with this week's Links set, Topless Robot posted a list of the 10 awesomest things Leonard Nimoy has done that aren't Star Trek. Nimoy, I heart you.

American Idol
Y'all have read it already, but just in case you've been internetless for a while, or under a rock, or something, [personal profile] astolat posted House Of The Living, in which the Idol Top Ten get trapped in Georgia during a zombie outbreak, and have to battle their way out. Seriously, seriously awesome. Also, I love how Glambert keeps inspiring [personal profile] astolat to write stories that are 18,000 words long. It's probably bad for her other writing commitments, but it is very good for us. Possibly fandom should chip in and get her a maid or something, to encourage her to keep this up. (Allen/Lambert, NC-17)

[profile] ink_like_blood wrote take this sinking boat, which is so good that it made me break one of my RPF reading rules: thou shall not read stuff where real-person partners break up. I kind of feel like that RPF plot is bad karma, but this story was so excellent that I am recommending it anyway. The characterizations are great, none of the relationships are easy, and I bought it. (Allen/Lambert, NC-17)

Criminal Minds
[personal profile] bookgodess15 wrote 10 Easy Steps to Seducing Derek Morgan, in which Garcia gives very good advice, and Reid mostly fails to properly implement it. Satisfactory results are achieved anyway! (Reid/Morgan, R, BWAHAHAHA)

Ever thought "I'd really like to see Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and a bunch of kittens"? No? Fortunately, [personal profile] crimsonquills knows the desires of our hearts better than we do, and so wrote Waterlogged, which is unrepentant fluff. (Rogers/Stark, gen, kill-me-with-the-sweetness)

My new favourite fanwriter is [personal profile] adelagia, and I recommend both Fools Of Us All by her, where Merlin accidentally spills a love potion all over himself and everyone in the castle except Arthur is affected, and also her story What Ails You, where Arthur is sick and whiny, and Merlin is long-suffering and adorable. Both Arthur/Merlin; the first is adult-rated, the second is G-rated.

[personal profile] princessofgeeks wrote Reading Skills, a porny sequel to [personal profile] synecdochic's Calibrate, in which Daniel's excellent massage skills have consequences that surprise none of us. (Jackson/O'Neill, NC-17)

I adore Running Amok, by an anonymous genius, where it turns out that Dean & Sam have a little Vulcan blood in them, and Dean's about to go through Pon Farr: "It's a mating thing," Dean explains patiently. "Like salmon." (Dean/Sam, NC-17)

I love every single thing [personal profile] lazy_daze has ever written in SPN, but Listen Through Silence is perhaps one of the most adorable ever. In it, Jensen is shy and a little introverted, and Jared is empathetic and likes figuring out how to take care of people, and OH. OH MY HEART. (J2, R, sweetness, favourite)

[personal profile] mythtaken wrote Five Things That Came Through The Rift That Torchwood Didn't Destroy For The Sake of Humanity, which is a brilliant idea and written wonderfully. Guys, I miss Tosh terribly.

Star Trek Reboot
The Kink Meme has spawned many awesome things, including:
  • the anonymously-penned What's Phase Two?. Excerpt: “Captain, may I inquire into what exactly you plan to do with all these undergarments you are collecting?” Spock asked. (Team, gen, BWAHAHAHA)
  • the everyone-is-invited-to-contribute meme Things We Are No Longer Allowed To Do On The USS Enterprise, which makes me love fandom like it is a small adorable puppy made of rainbows and Chris Pine's eyes
  • [profile] sorcha_r's 5 things Pavel Chekov claimed were inwented in Russia (but weren't) & 1 thing that was (but Chekov never knew)

  • Kirk/McCoy
    An anonymous lovely is writing the intriguing WiP Second Skin over at the kink meme, where Jim gets turned into a girl, and decides to stay that way, even though there's an easy way to change back. This is very complicated and interesting genderfuckery! I don't think I've ever read a story where whoever is changed into a girl likes it better that way and decides to stay, and I am very intrigued by the idea. Also, the sex is smokin', and there's banter, and unexpected lust, and it's kind of all-round fabulous. (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)

    [personal profile] thalia's Every Hill & Mountain Shall Be Made Low, in which Bones develops telepathy, and Kirk is thinking very unexpected things, is wonderful. (NC-17)

    Anonymous wrote An Illogically Beautiful Mind over at the kink meme - a Good Will Hunting AU where Jim is Matt Damon, and Spock is the professor. It stops following the movie plot after that, because it's not like Matt Damon slept with Robin Williams, thank god. (NC-17)

    You know, my adoration for this pairing surprises me, but I really love Christine Chapel, and I also love how fandom is free to make her as awesome as she should be. Proof? An anonymous goddess over at the Kink Meme wrote Stay, which is hurt/comfort screwed-up fabulousness. (McCoy/Chapel, NC-17)

    [profile] mytsie wrote Kevet Dutar, for the kink meme prompt "in lieu of Sarek owning a hoverbike, that he is most certainly, without any shard of doubt, a Vulcan bad boy." Fabulous how-they-met story, in which Amanda is a PhD candidate and a good girl, and Sarek is a BAMF. (Sarek/Amanda, PG, favourite)

    [personal profile] helens78, whose work I love entire, wrote A Visit To The Previous Generation, where Nyota's grandma summons her to come visit, and tells her to bring Spock too. Imagine Nichelle Nichols as Sanaa Uhura for a preview of why you want to read this story. (G, sweetness)

    Star Trek RPF
    [personal profile] my_daroga wrote Meta Isn't Even A Word, where Bill Shatner is meta. (So true! He embodies it!) (No pairing, awesome)

    [personal profile] obstinatrix wrote Cutting Diamonds, in which Leonard tells Zach not to wait 40 years before telling his Kirk he loves him and Zach listens. A (kind of) happy ending for her previous story, After My Own Heart. (Nimoy/Shatner (unrequited), Pine/Quinto, R, sweetness)

    [profile] sidnihoudini wrote You & I Are A Gang of Losers, in which Chris & Zach spend the day together, and nothing much happens, but I am mesmerized anyway.

    [personal profile] winterlive filled her fourth cliche bingo square by writing virginity. I should probably record for posterity the sounds I make when I see that Danny's posted a new story. Her take on Zach is so smokin' hot that reading her work makes me weak in the knees. (Pine/Quinto, NC-17)

    Fandom, you were rocking this week! Good work!

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    Date: 2009-07-20 03:15 am (UTC)
    aurora: (XFine Magic!)
    From: [personal profile] aurora
    I should probably record for posterity the sounds I make when I see that Danny's posted a new story.
    High-pitched squeals of anticipation, right? :D (ME TOO.)


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