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All the Secret Santa & Yuletide-y masterlists were revealed over the past few days, and hoo-boy, am I glad school doesn't start until next week. SO MUCH READING.

Princess Leia & The Force of Wit (the NYT review of Carrie Fisher's new book, Wishful Drinking.

CBC invites Canadians to pick songs for Obama's iPod, which I presumes means that the Ceeb is going to send him an iPod, not hack his and replace all the songs on his "current faves" playlist with Gordon Lightfoot's greatest hits.

The Flickr FarSide Re-enactments Pool

Transforming flashlight becomes Decepticon-like scorpion robot (via BoingBoing gadgets)

5.25" Fluffy Disks (also via BoingBoing gadgets, who seem to be making a move into crafts. NOT COMPLAINING.)

Hot Girl On Girl Action: Top 8 Lezebels of 2008. Yay, Rachel Maddow is #1!

Casey wrote Fanfare, Fanfiction And The Fourth Wall (Yuletide), where Alan & Denny agree to take on a case about fanfiction and fair use. God, if only.

Kristen Sea wrote Easier, (Yuletide) a fantastic character piece about Nicky, on the run, trying to get used to it. (Gen, PG-13)

[ profile] ana_grrl wrote Passage, about Firefly's crew, their journeys, and those who came before them. (team!, gen, PG-13)

Merle ([ profile] merle_p)wrote And All I Ask (Is A Tall Ship & A Star To Steer It By) about Kaylee and Wash and how they were friends. Sniff.

Vic P. ([ profile] musesfool) wrote An Khe, a River character piece, with moments of dreaming and awake. Lovely.

Kathryne wrote Indiana Jones & The Trail of Light (Yuletide), where Indy catches up with Abner and Marion just before they find the staff. Excellent fleshing-out of pre-canon. Nice Indy/Marion UST.

The brilliant Curtana wrote The Aunt & The Ankh (Yuletide), which sounds scarily authentic. There is a wedding! in fancy dress! and Wooster has a crazy aunt who wants him to steal something for her! and Jeeves saves the day, of course.

OpheliaRising wrote By The Waves We Left Behind (Yuletide), about Sandy & Dennys, post-Many Waters, at school, half in one world and half in another.

Castiron wrote No Doubts (Yuletide), about Caroline reflecting on Laura's imminent marriage, and the blessings and sorrows of her own.

Elanne wrote A Land So Wild And Savage (Yuletide), about Charles and his wanderlust, and how it affects Caroline. Aching and lovely.

[ profile] gretazreta wrote Wisconsin (Yuletide), about Caroline hearing wolves at the door, alone in the cabin with the girls, while Charles is away. Awesome character piece.

Roz McClure wrote Gordon Korman Never Wrote A Zombie Story (And Now We Know Why) for Yuletide! Where Boots gets a call from Elmer during the wee hours of the morning, telling him to get out of the city now, and don't look back. (Bruno/Boots, adventure!, crack!fic, awesome)

DragoJustine wrote Wind In The East, (Yuletide) about Bert and Mary, through the years. Lovely. (Bert/Mary, PG, sweetness)

[ profile] aleathiel wrote Midwinter, where Merlin needs to find a present for Arthur, and Arthur needs to find a present for Merlin. SWEET SNOWY FLUFF. (Arthur/Merlin, R)

[ profile] astolat wrote Beltane, a fantastic and perfectly plausible origin story. (Gen, PG)

[ profile] gal_znai wrote Merlin The Cat, which is very plausible, and I'm just waiting for it to happen in canon fer reals. (Arthur/Merlin, animal transformation, silly, awesome)

[ profile] hoonoko wrote Familiar, where a Very Useful Cat adopts Merlin.

[ profile] merry wrote The Feast Of Sticks: "Merlin was born. Later he met Arthur. And then some things happened, and then there were cakes!" (The one where Arthur gives Merlin a stick.) (Arthur/Merlin, preslash, sweetness)

[ profile] raphaela667 wrote I'll Be The Platform Shoes, a seriously fantastic AU where Arthur is a Member of Parliament (for Britain, of course) and Merlin is his much-put-upon PA. And they are Sekritly In Love! although there is lots of Very English making sarcastic light of it. (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)

[ profile] simply_luriem vidded I Don't Like Your Girlfriend, where jealous!Arthur is jealous. And possibly irrational. Guin, obv, is not Merlin's girlfriend, just his BFF.

[ profile] smokey2307 wrote Not Quite Paradise, a take-your-fandom-to-work AU where Arthur is running the Pendragon's butcher shop, and Merlin is his apprentice. It's Christmas Eve, and they're all running around like chickens with their heads cut off. (Arthur/Merlin (if you squint), R)

[ profile] snakevsladder wrote Like A Badge of Honour, "an AU where they're all at uni and Merlin is an arty type with all his scarves and Arthur goes and gets into illegal boxing matches a la fight club." (Arthur/Merlin, R for punches being thrown)

[ profile] solign vidded Never Had A Friend Like Me, where Merlin's in the mood to help you, dude. ("You" means Arthur. THAT QUOTE IS A CLUE.)

[ profile] thisissirius wrote Prima Inter Pares, where Gwen and Merlin get drunk and act like puppies.

[ profile] tristefic wrote Slighted. A snippet: Merlin's head was clearly capable of being turned by any pretty person, male or female. Or, taking into account the people he tended to gush over most, maybe he just found himself attracted to those with dark, flowing hair. As a blond, Arthur felt extremely insulted. (Arthur/Merlin, jealous!Arthur-is-jealous, silly, PG-13)

[ profile] whetherwoman wrote Stubborn With Beauty (Yuletide): Lancelot asks Merlin to come help him stop a scoundrel who's kidnapping ladies. Arthur won't be dissuaded from coming along, too. They win, and then they celebrate. (Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin, NC-17, threesome)

Boosette wrote Lend Song A Sweeter Grace (Yuletide), where Menolly returns for a twelve seven-day to Half Circle Hold and doesn't find it warmer.

Ayla Pascal wrote Paradise (Yuletide): "Fezzik's idea of paradise involves counting words. He can count the number of times it takes to bash in the head of each of his opponents. For the Old Warrior of Sicily, it takes nine hits. Inigo's idea of paradise involves alcohol. Lots of it." (Fezzik, Inigo, friendship, awesome)

AJ wrote This Ain't A Red Lobster (The Speed-Dating Misadventures of One Timothy Gunn) (Yuletide). NEED I SAY MORE? YES? HOW 'BOUT THIS - BRET MICHAELS SHOWS UP! CLICK ALREADY!

MissFuneralSong wrote Often Very Giddy (Yuletide), where Joss has a party, and all our favourites are there.

De Re Coquinaria Pegasi: The SGA cookbook. HOW COOL IS THAT? Even cooler: action!figure theatre photos, where team illustrates the dangers of some of the recipes.

[ profile] aesc wrote Faith Healing (SGA Secret Santa), an exceptional earthside AU where Rodney has built an array to pinpoint the location of ancient artifacts on earth, and it brings him to John Sheppard, in the desert, wearing an ancient ring and acting as a faith healer. (McKay/Sheppard, NC-17, adventure, awesome)

[ profile] argosy wrote Five Stories Jeannie Miller Tells, (SGA Secret Santa) about five family stories Jeannie tells her girls, and an ending she hadn't prepared for. (McKay/Sheppard, kid!fic, angst, hurt/comfort, awesome)

[ profile] auburnnothenna makes a rare foray into humour! The True Story of When They Went A Wandering (SGA Secret Santa) is the account of Team taking a Europe Pegasus tour. You can imagine how well this plan works out.

[ profile] bluflamingo wrote Not So Over (SGA Secret Santa), which is NOT for those of you who find dub-con disturbing. (I AM NOT KIDDING. STEP AWAY.) Aliens make them Ronon & John do it, and although it's gentle, John has a hard time dealing with the emotional upheaval afterwards. Features an exceptionally awesome Cam Mitchell. (Dex/Sheppard, Mitchell/Sheppard, NC-17)

Cate ([ profile] sheafrotherdon) wrote Mended (SGA Secret Santa), where Rodney makes a bargain with consequences he wasn't expecting. (McKay/Sheppard, hurt/comfort, PG)

[ profile] kassrachel wrote Forever Home (SGA Secret Santa), where a vengeful alien dumps Rodney & John on a desert world, and the locals adopt them. (McKay/Sheppard, lost-in-space, R)

[ profile] lavvyan wrote Flock, wherein Rodney makes the mistake of telling Ronon and Teyla that the offworld missions are boring him. :-)

[ profile] lillyjk wrote My Other Car's A Puddlescooter, (SGA Secret Santa) where they find an Ancient!motorcycle, and John hangs out with Rodney while Rodney fixes it, and John yearns, y'know, stoically and with a touch bucketloads of repression.

[ profile] siriaeve wrote The Thought That Counts, about John & Rodney's first Christmas as an out couple. Sweetness! Such boys. (McKay/Sheppard, PG)

[ profile] telesilla wrote It's Growing Day By Day, (SGA Secret Santa) an excellent long plotty fic where Team ends up stranded on an away mission when the stargate on the planet they are on is buried when a building collapses. They discover there's another on the same planet, but it's a 3 month walk away. Shoulders are squared. (John/Rodney, team!, NC-17)

[ profile] winter_creek wrote Say The Words & Sign Our Names, where Rodney asks John to go with him to San Fran and get married. Excellent dialogue, very blustery and Rodney-like. And John is all emotionally-repressed-but-panicking-but-willing-to-listen. *LOVES* (Rodney/John, PG-13, sweetness)

[ profile] gretazreta wrote excellent comment!fic where Jared is determined to pick the perfect puppy for Jensen. SCHMALTZ ME IF YOU LOVE ME. (J2, R, sweetness)

[ profile] hateable wrote Revving Up From A Central Source, an excellent wee Dean/Faith snippet, porny and enthusiastic and in character.

[ profile] mimblexwimble wrote As Small As A World, As Large As Alone, where Dean gets a letter from Hogwarts for his 11th birthday, and makes the only choice he can. (weechesters, sweetness, crossover, angst, oh DEAN)

[ profile] regala_electra wrote Swimming in Suwannee, about 17YO Dean, on one of the many stopovers while he grew up, falling in love with a swimmer who gives as good as Dean dishes out. Lovely, heart-breaky, oh DEAN. (Dean/OFC, NC-17)

Vic P. ([ profile] musesfool) wrote A Far Better Fate Than Wisdom (Yuletide), a tag to the end of the book that reads as extremely hot canon PWP. (Alex/Richard, NC-17)

[ profile] dsudis wrote Get Loved, Make More, Try To Stay Alive, which is basically A Beautiful Lifetime Event, Torchwood-style. I make that comparison because they are both a)WORKS OF GENIUS, b)by excellent writers, c)about unexpected parenthood and d)long. Prepare to commit four hours. But it will be worth it. (Jack/Ianto, NC-17, timetravel, kid!fic, angst, awesome.)


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