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The thank-god-I-have-heat edition!

(Standard PSA: In case you're new to my lj, I make these posts every Sunday. They're all tagged, for your convenience.)

Legend of Zelda map, as a cross-stitch project.

Keep your hotdogs from the Dark Side, Luke.

This calendar of female mechanics, featuring pics of them working, and their stories of how they ended up in the biz, is only $20.

I really really want this Scrabble keyboard.

1-Up Mushroom Bicycle Helmet Rain Cover. Possibly I'm not cool enough to wear this, but I'd like to be.

A Tardis tissue-box cozy!

Planet Of The Apes font, available for free download.

Tintin: Gay? Some guy writing for the London Times says yes; straight French citizens say "non!"; gay French citizens say "Bien sur!"

There's still time to buy a ticket for the New Kids On The Block Cruise! Hurry!

A model of Obama's inauguration, in Lego.

In case you missed it, here are scans of Edward Gorey's etiquette handbook, The Recently Deflowered Girl.

[ profile] paperclipbitch wrote Threads That Are Golden Don't Break Easily, where Captain Jack knows Professor Diggory, and Torchwood knows about Narnia. Susan POV. Very cool.

[ profile] emilyray wrote In A Yellow Wood, where Arthur ends up being Merlin's date to a Druid party. (Arthur/Merlin, PG-13)

[ profile] hariboo_smirks wrote The Soles Of Our Shoes Are All Worn Down, in which Morgana finds out about Merlin first. Lovely Merlin/Morgana friendship, with lots of the foursome saving each other. Hints of developing Arthur/Merlin UST.

[ profile] kaneko wrote Arthur's Sword, where Merlin's magic goes wrong. Ahahahaha.

[ profile] paperclipbitch wrote Sometimes I Forget I'm Still Awake, a lovely, lovely Arthur/Gwen piece, with Arthur courting her. Sweetness! It's not my OTP, but hey, they're pretty adorable together.

[ profile] penknife wrote the utterly fabulous The Wrath Of Grapes, featuring five times Merlin got drunk. :-)

[ profile] sevenfists wrote Down Among The Saints, aka the one where Merlin's parentage makes them do it, but also makes Merlin do it with everyone else first. (Merlin/Various, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)

I recommended this already, but if you haven't gone to read [ profile] greensilver's A Step To The Left, a WiP AU where Merlin has always been a girl, you should go do it NOW. (Arthur/Merlin, so far PG-13)

[ profile] sweetestdrain did an awesome Merlin picspam, with bonus commentary-made-of-win.

[ profile] tristefic wrote Choices, a short aching little vignette where Merlin has just killed someone to save Arthur, and is shocked that he could do that. (Arthur/Merlin, PG-13, angsty)

[ profile] crysothemis did two TOTALLY AMAZING Joe Flanagan photoshop manips, one where he looks like he's from the turn of the century, and one where he looks like he's in A Streetcar Named Desire.

[ profile] harriet_spy wrote Side Effects May Vary, where aliens drug John and try to torture him with horniness. :-) (Dex/Sheppard, NC-17, cracky)

Mad Maudlin wrote .-.- --- -. -. . .-.- - .. --- -. (the title is in Morse Code -- I dunno what it means), where Rodney has an unfortunate encounter with an Ancient artifact and ends up blind and deaf. Excellent team dynamic. Gen.

Rheanna wrote A Hard Prayer, which is truly astounding SGA post-apocalypse earthside AU, where neither John or Rodney ended up joining the SGC. They find each other after surviving a plague that wipes out the rest of humanity, and head to Cheyenne Mountain, because Rodney thinks there might be a way out there. SO SO GOOD. (McKay/Sheppard, hurt-comfort, angst, NC-17, awesome)

[ profile] with_a_kay, who's responsible for making me read more RPS than I had ever done before, wrote a Harvest Moon AU. THAT'S RIGHT -- IT'S BASED ON A FARMING GAME SIMULATOR. Jensen & Jared are farmers. *loves*

Whew! I think I deserve some post-rec-aggregation coffee. Which I can make! because I have power! \O/
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