Jan. 2nd, 2007

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I missed the part where y'all discussed, in shocked and titillated voices, how Daniel Radcliffe is going to be starring in Equus next month.

So I discussed it, with shock and titillation, at work (well away from the kids section, since I don't want to, y'know, emotionally scar any wee ones).

"It's a wise career move," said co-worker S-. "His people probably told him he needed a drastic change."

"Man, I wish bookselling allowed drastic changes like that," I said, ruefully, having spent the day removing "Display Only!" stickers with various dangerous, fire-starting, eye-watering solvents.

S- narrowed his eyes. "So you're saying... we should try being naked."

(beat of horrified silence on everyone's parts)

S-: "Have you seen us?"

Perhaps I should have spent more time protesting, ("No! Only clothed! And hey! I look good naked, thank you very much!") but I was busy peeing myself with laughter.

Also, this conversation came directly after a conversation about what tactics we could use to stop people from going down the street to the new, extremely shifty second-hand/remainder bookstore. I think "naked clerks!" wins as worst added-value idea ever.


Jan. 2nd, 2007 08:31 pm
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The funniest things about this article:

1. Imperial uniforms are the "more casual" uniforms. As in, when it's casual Friday, Stormtroopers get to change into their greys and reds, or they can pay two dollars and wear their armour.

2. George Lucas things that the idea of Stormtroopers marching in a parade is "whhaacky." Um. Don't they do that? In your movies? All the time?

3. Not all volunteer, hobbyist Stormtroopers are military. Just some of them.


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