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Things that housing ads I've seen today said:

  • Clean roommate wanted. Just, what? Are they going to be looking under my ears?

  • Roommate wanted for clean woman. This one's odder, since it sounds like the tenant's saying she has no STDs.

  • Suite has classic hardwood floors. (picture attached showing parquet flooring)

  • You'll Love the Location! But the space itself is kind of crap.

  • Located in trendy Parkdale. Yeah. Parkdale. Home to the trends of 'unemployment insurance,' 'chain-smoking,' 'dollar stores,' 'cockroaches,' and 'crack whores.'

  • Men Preferred. I don't understand this one. I understood it less when the room in question was decorated in unicorns.

  • Gals Preferred. Should we be golden, too?
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