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Well, this fucking sucks.

TL;DR summary:

Ebooks Tree - an ebooks website with a paywall - is using a bot to harvest work from AO3. They are not asking permission from authors.

If they have taken your work and posted it, it will say that it has 612 downloads and 41 comments. These figures are fake; however, it is accurate that your work is archived somewhere that you didn't give permission for.

You can file a DMCA complaint using their contact form here. Put "DMCA complaint" in their subject line.

You can also submit an abuse notification to their host server, Moniker, at (I used WhoIs to find their host server info.) [EDIT - Moniker got back to me and said they aren't hosting ebooks-tree, they just registered the domain name. So don't do this.]

And then, like me, you can BE ANGRY and FUME ABOUT IT.

Why are we never rid of assholes who look at our gift economy and think "hey, I bet I can make money from that"?

UPDATE: fyeahcopyright - ie, Heidi Tandy, fan and lawyer and legal counsel for OTW (publishers of AO3), is on it.

UPDATE 2: It looks like all the AO3-harvested stuff is down. This might be a good time to mention that here is where you can donate to the OTW, who always has our backs about this kind of bullshit.
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I love it when someone on my Pinboard network gets all nostalgic and goes on a bookmarking spree among Harry Potter or SG:A fanfics. Or recipes! It's so awesome when someone decide it's time to find THE BEST CINNAMON BUN RECIPE OF ALL TIME and then I benefit.

Basically - fannish, foodish Pinboard is the best. I'm so glad that it was around to take over when the clock hit midnight and Delicious turned into a pumpkin.
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Holy shit, the OTW.

I keep trying to write something more cohesive, but mostly it comes down to "Holy shit, the OTW!"

I've been reading New York Magazine's cover story on Ms [here], and it strikes me that there are a lot of parallels.

I hope we get through this and have forty productive years, is what I'm saying.
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God, I love the ways people describe their fic bookmarks on Delicious.

Today's best ones!

For Land & Sea, a new!trek AU:
Warnings: Mer!Kirk, Interspecies sexing, Some magic

For Chash's new untitled J2 story, based on the terrible Lifetime movie, See Jane Date:
Jensen's mom tries to set him up with Jared, and Jensen refuses. Then he meets a guy working in a store. Hint: his name is Jared.

Yeah, okay, I can't explain why "warning: some magic" makes me giggle. But it does.
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[personal profile] toft pointed me to this article on SurveyFail: Wearing the Juice: A Case Study in Research Implosion, written by a non-fan academic. It's both a good summation of what went wrong, and is also highly entertaining.
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So, [personal profile] esteefee wrote the fabulous SGA AU Fair Trade, and then started writing a sequel, and asked for title suggestions. In a fit of darling generousity, she offered a pound of Peets to the winner.

(In a second fit of generousity, she worked all the suggested titles into the sequel, because she's cool like that.)

Anyway, Look what arrived in the mail for me today! )

[personal profile] esteefee, I CANNOT WAIT to drink this tomorrow! Yay! Thanks so much!


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