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Dudes! I am back, and I bring recommended reads of the fanfiction variety! I don't have a million of them this time, because I am trying to scale back the amount of time I spend on the internets, and also because I haven't tackled the Merlin Big Bang offerings yet. But there is still good stuff under the cuts!

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Star Trek owns me this week. I hope you don't mind terribly!

(all recs are Reboot 'verse, except for one, which is marked)

Two gen recs, both from the same author: [profile] _seven_crows wrote Search And Rescue, an awesome no-pairing (well, Kirk/Spock if you squint) team!fic adventure story where Jim's been kidnapped (and beaten up, and chained) and Spock & McCoy must rescue him.

She also wrote the fantastic Murphy's Law of Jim Kirk Diplomacy, where Kirk, Spock & McCoy are stranded in a malfunctioning shuttle.

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In Bones fandom, [personal profile] daygloparker wrote From the Greek Paradeigma, Meaning "Example", which is hands-down my favourite Bones-decides-to-have-a-baby fic, ever. SO GOOD. Everyone's voices are spot-on, and Sweets made me laugh 'till I snorted coffee out my nose.

In the woefully-neglected Ironman fandom, [personal profile] awanderingbard wrote Firefighter, about how Pepper got the job. SO GREAT. (Pepper Potts, gen)

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I so totally need a Kirk/McCoy icon, and a Spock/Uhura one.
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There is A WHOLE LOT this week, guys. (This is me copying & pasting my delicious bookmarks, so if I'm already in your delicious network, you've already seen these links.)

(Standard PSA: In case you're new to my lj, I make these posts every Sunday. They're all tagged, for your convenience.)

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Sep. 27th, 2008 08:10 pm
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I love Pepper Potts, and I was in love with this fic just from reading the title: Chloe Liked Olivia (Pepper Potts and Christine Everhart, PG) by [ profile] marinarusalka.

(The title, btw, is from Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own, where she bemoans the lack of friendships between women in literature.)


Jul. 21st, 2008 08:31 pm
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You guys, I just read the most amazing Iron Man fic. I mean.. *is speechless* oh, I can't even.

Irreparable by [ profile] svilleficrecs. Tony/Pepper, hurt/comfort, NC-17 liek whoa with a lot of fucked-up ness and a kidnapping and PTSD and recovery. Those of you who get squicked by mention of non-con (happens offstage, no explicit discussion of it, not Tony/Pepper non-con) probably shouldn't click.

Brought to us by the same woman who wrote the amazing footrub story, A Small and 100% Innocent Token of Gratitude, which I also heartily recommend. (And that one needs no warnings.)


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