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You'd think, given the size of my rec lists recently, that I wasn't spending any time online. Oh ho, that would be, um, not true.

Like last week, since I don't have all that much stuff to tell you about, I'm not cutting.

Due South
You know, I love [community profile] crack_van. It's entirely responsible for my growing obsession with Due South, and it's provided acres of awesome fanwork recommendations. For example, this week the driver suggested one of Spuffyduds' stories, Wink, which was pretty good, but then when I went to see what else she had written I found Saturday Clothes, which is just the most perfect first-time, Kowalski-voiced story of all time. And which has Ben & Ray wearing nearly-worn-out jeans in a ridiculous attempt to seduce each other! It is happiness in a mountie hat, my friends. Go read it. (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, favourite)

[profile] giandukiss vidded One Foot Boy, which is an Arthur/Merlin vid of utter perfection. Utter.

[personal profile] jaxon_knight's story In The Stars was a gorgeous surprise this week. It's an earthside AU, where Daniel gave up on academia after that (pre-canon) disastrous lecture about the pyramids and aliens, and ended up instead in Amsterdam, working as a prostitute, and raising his cousin's kids. Jack finds his way to the Red Light District tailing a suspect, and worlds collide. I know all those elements sound insane together, but I promise that this is a great, great story, plausible, well-plotted and full of achingly beautiful sex. Seriously. Think [personal profile] paian's ease with bodily tenderness -- this is the same feel. (Jack/Daniel, NC-17)

Star Trek
[profile] canis_takahari got inspired by Texts From Last Night and wrote Transferral, or Five texts that Jim sent Bones (and one that Bones sent back). (Kirk/McCoy, R)

[profile] fledmusic had a moment of mad genius and wrote Twitterpated, where Castiel starts using Twitter, because of the convenience. Delicious, delicious crack.

[personal profile] longsufferingly (also known as [personal profile] chash) wrote Constructive Criticism, where Castiel is dating, um, Sweets. I don't know. It just works, okay? (Bones/SPN crossover, R-ish)

C'est tout for this week!
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I have non-Star Trek recommendations this week! Weird, huh?

Three things before the cut!

One, I was excited to discover that there's a Supernatural Kink Meme! (And unlike the Star Trek one, the 'kink' in the title still seems to fit the stories which are being posted. Ha. Let's see how long that lasts.) I am also pleased to see that they, too, are using Delicious to bookmark filled prompts, which makes it easy to find stuff fast.

Two, if you read nothing else this week, go read Jungle Kitty's Kirk and Spock Go Ice Fishing (or If My Aunt From Minnesota Wrote Fanfic). Star Trek TOS, and the funniest thing I have read all year. Seriously.

Three, since it doesn't fit in any of the categories below & I forgot to put it in with this week's Links set, Topless Robot posted a list of the 10 awesomest things Leonard Nimoy has done that aren't Star Trek. Nimoy, I heart you.

Recs: American Idol, Criminal Minds, DC-verse, Merlin, SG-1, Supernatural, Torchwood )

Recs: Star Trek: Reboot & Star Trek RPF )

Fandom, you were rocking this week! Good work!
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I won't lie, there's a lot of RPF in this one.

Recs: Vids )

Recs: Gen, Team!fic and Misc )

Rec: Gaila-centric )

Recs: Kirk/McCoy )

Recs: Kirk/Spock )

Rec: Kirk/Sulu/Chekhov )

Rec: McCoy-centric )

Recs: Spock/Uhura )

Recs: Reboot RPS )

Links: Trek-related stuff )

Non-Trek Stuff
Rec: Bones )

Rec: Firefly )

Recs: SPN )

Rec: SG1 )

Recs: SGA )

Rec: Torchwood )

(Okay, [staff profile] denise? I am SO GRATEFUL for DW's autosave function. I'd just finished proofing a preview of this when I accidentally closed the posting window. My source code dump would've been hell to figure out. So, yes, thumbs up you and your coders.)
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(Standard PSA: In case you're new to my lj, I make these posts every Sunday. They're all tagged, for your convenience.)

This reclist, in sum:
  • My favourite new SGA author: [ profile] sabinelagrande. Click on the SGA recs link for her freaking awesome Porn Battle entries

  • My favourite new non-fandom author: Penelope Trunk, who writes about being an artist. Links to some of her posts in the "links: misc" section

  • Office/other show vid mashups equal awesomeness

  • Possibly I should upgrade this lj account, so I can get the friends-of-friends lists. Since I'm reading the poor man's version of it, anyway.

  • Every day I finish reading my RSS feed and my flist and I get this "is that all there is?" moment of disappointment. And then on Sunday I aggregate everything and am amazed at how much time I've spent on the webs. "All there is" is A LOT. No complaints, fandom!

  • Links: The Silly Internet Vid Edition )

    Links: Misc. Fandom Vids )

    Links: They Call Him Mr. President )

    Links: Misc )

    Crossover Rec: Firefly/SPN )

    Crossover Rec: SGA/Torchwood )

    Fic Rec: Dark Angel )

    Fic & Vid Recs: Merlin )

    Vid Recs: The Office )

    Fic & Vid Recs: SGA )

    Rec: SPN )

    Rec: Torchwood )

    Fhew! Done! Grocery shopping time, now. (See? My priorities are totally in the right order.)
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    The "am I supposed to be at band practice?" edition.

    (Standard PSA: In case you're new to my lj, I make these posts every Sunday. They're all tagged, for your convenience.)

    Links )

    Recs: Buffyverse (and Buffy/SPN crossovers) )

    Rec: Due South )

    Recs: Firefly )

    Recs: Merlin (Fic & Vids) and Merlin:RPS )

    Recs: SGA )

    Recs: Supernatural )

    Recs: Torchwood )

    Aha! not supposed to be at band practice. Good. It would have been hard to use "I was busy pointing people to awesome fanfic" as an excuse. (We're not that kind of band. Yet.)
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    I'm pretending it's still Sunday, and that my weekend didn't disappear into a haze of band practice and studying and generally not getting things done.

    Fine, it's Monday. >:-(

    (Standard PSA: In case you're new to my lj, I make these posts every Sunday okay, nearly every Sunday. They're all tagged, for your convenience.)

    Links )

    Fic Rec: Bones (crossover with SPN) )

    Fic Rec: Lotrips -- WHAT. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT. )

    Recs: Merlin )

    Rec: SG-1 )

    Recs: SGA )

    Vid Recs: Torchwood )
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    In the spirit of this weekend, even though it isn't my holiday, I am thankful for the internet. BECAUSE LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF:

    Links )

    Fic Recs: Constantine )

    Fic Recs: Devil Wears Prada )

    Fic Recs: Merlin )

    Fic Recs: SPN )

    Fic Recs: Veronica Mars )

    Now I have to tackle my statistics homework.
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    There is A WHOLE LOT this week, guys. (This is me copying & pasting my delicious bookmarks, so if I'm already in your delicious network, you've already seen these links.)

    (Standard PSA: In case you're new to my lj, I make these posts every Sunday. They're all tagged, for your convenience.)

    Links to Random Stuff )

    Recs: Crossovers & Misc )

    Recs: Ironman )

    Recs: SGA )

    Recs: SPN )
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    It was totally, entirely foolish of me to doubt, but, yeah, it took me a couple of hours before I finally clicked on the link for [ profile] astolat's new story, Old Country. It's an SPN/HP crossover, and what can I say. I'm burned out on HP.

    BUT OMG, you guys!


    Sam wasn't anywhere out in the open, and finally Dean went down to the Slytherin dungeon rooms. "My brother in there?" he asked the portrait over the door, a narrow-faced man with a vandyke and a narrow, crystal-topped walking stick.

    "He is," the portrait said. "Password?"

    "Huh, let me think," Dean said. "Is it, open the fuck up before I cut you out of that frame and torch you?"

    GO READ IT NOW. I swear, it's the most awesome piece of Dean Winchester awesomeness that I've read in weeks. The laughing, you will be doing it.


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