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Would anyone like a copy of the David Hewlett movie, "Nothing"? I've got one that I'd be happy to pass on. I was gonna sell it, but copies are selling for so little online that it seemed better to gift a fellow fan with it instead.

PM me with your address! First response wins!

ETA: Taken!
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Just when I thought I had my crush on David Hewlett down to appropriate, he's-happily-married-with-an-adorable-child levels, he does this (found via [personal profile] telesilla):

Watch on YouTube here if the embed is experiencing fail.

Hair! What! Biceps! Orange shirt! Lips! GAH.

Quit it, David Hewlett. Just quit it. I CANNOT GO TO PARIS THIS MONTH.

Seriously, though. The thought of fangirling in my favourite city on earth? Where I have friends what would put me up and take me to dinner at Nicholas and force me to eat gorgeous pastries? OH GOD. Too much awesome! It is extremely hard to resist! *whimper*
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One of his tweets today:

Just said goodnight to my one year old son. When he awakes, he will be two, and still the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on :-)
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This picture of DHew & DNykl slays me. For no good reason! But there are eyebrows! and Mischievousness! I feel they are plotting something, and I want to know what. [Link goes to picture archived on David Nykl's blog.]
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I've been adamantly not caring about MySpace. However, Nathan Fillion AND David Hewlett friended me back today and y'know? It kind of rocks. Like, a lot.

Even though it means NOTHING.
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I am trying really hard to watch Boa Vs. Python, but dude. SRSLY. The bombast. The utter, utter bombast, which is underscored nicely by a musical score composed of .... bombast. The dialogue: DH (as Dr. Emmett, extremely excited and pleased) -- "You've got amazing equipment!" (pause) "I mean, um..." AND THERE'S A NAKED BATH SEQUENCE IN THE FIRST TEN MINUTES. WITH SNAKES.

Also, there are sex scenes with snakes. WHERE THE SNAKES ARE HELPING WITH THE SEXING.

Dave, I know a guy's gotta eat. And I've done my share of unfortunate interesting Topsekrit-I-Pretend-They-Never-Happened jobs. BUT OMG.

I've been fastforwarding through to DH's bits (not his equipment; his scenes), and that's making it a little more bearable. Still. God.
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When I was a kid and went to summer camp, and then when I was a teenager and worked at summer camp, there were always older guys -- talented, handsome, funny -- who dated the cool girls and had this stretch of time when they were incredibly beautiful. Like, transcendently. The stretch between 17 and 21, I think.

And then they hit mid-twenties and started to get beer guts or whatever happens when you go to uni and stop playing highschool sports. I went to the same choir camp for 12 years, so we all grew up together and I got to see the not-so-lovely transformation.

I think the world's divided equally into the people who had that glow-y period in their teenage years and the people who were glasses'n'braces'n'awkward between 12 and whatever (and my teenage years are firmly in the awkward category). Things even up a bit that you hit your late-twenties, early-thirties, and the late bloomers are suddenly interesting and have figured out their own hottness, while the beautiful kids are wearing themselves down to a less angelic and more approachable level... but the thing, the really unfair thing, is that when you see pictures of people (who are now fighting the thinning hairline and the thickening belly etc etc) when they were young and lovely... well. I don't know what exactly. And I don't know if everyone else experiences the same very foolish re-evaluation process, but when I find out that someone who I admire was once downright godly-hot, I am disconcerted.

All of this blather is because I just found some pics of young David Hewlett -- maybe in a Cronenberg movie? and he was that guy! Dewy enormous eyes and light shining under his skin! (It is possible my awe is misplaced and I should be saying praiseful things about whoever did the lighting. But I think it's mostly DH being young and delectable.)

I was all nonchalant about my love for him, since he's solid and comfortable and silly and woobie-like now (not to mention devoted to his girlfriend, by all reports; and far, far away from me). Now, though, I've seen pictures of him being extremely good-looking, and I am weirded out.

Fortunately, just after I found the delicious!David pictures and had to sit stunned for a minute (and this is really not being fair, because DH is a fine figure of a man right now), I found pictures of young David butt-naked, with bleached hair and wearing angel wings. So. Balance has been restored.
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I have Been Away, flist, and am now back, and oh, I missed you all.

I have to sort out my current internet access problem. Dial-up is stupid. Buying dial-up in tokens of 20 hours in embarrassingly dumb. And working at a job where the boss has made you sign an agreement that you will be fired if you check your email at work is also dumb.

Anyway, the confluence of dumbness has kept me offline for two weeks. It is now Saturday evening and I finally gave in and bought more tokens and am now sitting with a bottle of wine reading back the hundreds of posts on my flist that I missed.

And am going to go make brownies in a minute. Mmm. Brownies. In short, this is a fairly perfect day. Also? There's a knitting store a five minute walk from my house which I did not know about. Five minutes.


Things I have done these past two weeks instead of read fanfic, since I was cut-off from fandom goodness:

1. Ziplisted a lot of David Thewlis and David Hewlett movies. (I was also looking for Two Girls and a Guy, out of curiousity, but it seems that does na' have it. I have a feeling that I am probably better off. And I'm still waffling about whether to watch Slither.)

Mike Leigh's Naked was difficult. I gave up, actually, 3/4 of the way through. Criterion pick and critical praise notwithstanding, I made a decision a while ago that I was going to stop watching films where women got sexually assaulted or killed in order to further the storyline of a male protagonist. Thewlis was very convincing, and certainly earned the Cannes accolades that the film received, but I still don't want to see it again.

(I did, however, find the werewolf comments early in the film pretty hilarious.)

By contrast, Treed Murray, which I watched yesterday, was fantastic. It's unsettling but eventually redemptive and the storytelling is awesome and I absolutely adore ensemble pieces where no-one is good or bad or eclipsed. And the pacing was great and the cuts were great and Hewlett was great and that Ashmore kid was surprisingly awesome. Also, it ended at precisely the right time. Y'all should go rent it. It's a very satisfying film.

2. Re-read Anthony Robbins' "Awaken The Giant Within". It's been remaindered at my store, which I find sad, but it meant that I could buy a copy for $3.19. I find Tony inspiring. Also, the last time I tried to read a "design your best life!" book, I found myself covering my eyes and reading between my fingers, totally involuntarily, so the fact that I managed this one--in a normal, sane, fashion--is promising.

3. Obtained seemingly hundreds of root vegetables, which I have no idea what to do with.

4. Neglected to honour my mother's self-imposed state of denial about the fact that my sister and her boyfriend are living together and yes, sleeping in the same bed. I feel kind of bad about this one. Jess and I have agreed to let her be happy and deluded, but then I had to go and say "no no, I don't need that extra bedframe you've got, but Jess and Matt would probably like to get the mattress they're sleeping on off of the floor."

5. Have bizarre "terrorists are buying books at our store!" problems. $2500 email orders for bio-chemistry textbooks and rocket engineering tomes to be delivered to tenements in Montreal, to be paid for by obviously stolen credit cards. Totally uninterested RCMP officers. When a plague descends on Quebec, I won't be surprised. I tried to stop the apocalypse, flist, I really did.

Okay. Brownies now.


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