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I'm super bored, guys. It's Reading Week. I elected to spend the week hanging out with my pregnant sister (very overdue! ALL THE OVERDUE!) to be an extra pair of hands if the baby showed up. The baby hasn't shown up, and I don't want to study. I have been reduced to glum eating of cookies and searching for interviews with Benedict Cumberbatch that I haven't yet read.

Seriously, if you have any entertaining tidbits to offer - even those that aren't about a 6 foot ginger - I will take them. Save me from ennui, dudes.
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Yesterday: I was at an all-day engagement party yesterday, and there was a wee babby there (yes, with two bs; because if you pronounce it like that it sounds like how my Irish grandma would say it) who was almost ready to walk. She was so ready that she didn't want to crawl -- instead, she ran around on her hands and feet, like a gorilla. :-) It was pretty adorable.

Today: Coming home to salmon, chocolate pudding, and blackberries. I heart my housemates.
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Have some wild Christmas turkeys. )

There were six of these ungainly birds running across the field outside the living room this morning as we opened our presents.

Yes, I immediately thought of the SGA AU where Rodney & John are turkeys.
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Hey fList,

My sis is in Strasbourg, France, and job-hunting is getting her down. Lou has Irish citizenship, and thus is legally able to work... y'know, if she could find some.

Does anyone have contacts in Strasbourg who might be able to help? Or experience with work-abroad programs that operate in France? Or has been in the same situation, while in Europe, and found an ingenious solution?

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I have Been Away, flist, and am now back, and oh, I missed you all.

I have to sort out my current internet access problem. Dial-up is stupid. Buying dial-up in tokens of 20 hours in embarrassingly dumb. And working at a job where the boss has made you sign an agreement that you will be fired if you check your email at work is also dumb.

Anyway, the confluence of dumbness has kept me offline for two weeks. It is now Saturday evening and I finally gave in and bought more tokens and am now sitting with a bottle of wine reading back the hundreds of posts on my flist that I missed.

And am going to go make brownies in a minute. Mmm. Brownies. In short, this is a fairly perfect day. Also? There's a knitting store a five minute walk from my house which I did not know about. Five minutes.


Things I have done these past two weeks instead of read fanfic, since I was cut-off from fandom goodness:

1. Ziplisted a lot of David Thewlis and David Hewlett movies. (I was also looking for Two Girls and a Guy, out of curiousity, but it seems that does na' have it. I have a feeling that I am probably better off. And I'm still waffling about whether to watch Slither.)

Mike Leigh's Naked was difficult. I gave up, actually, 3/4 of the way through. Criterion pick and critical praise notwithstanding, I made a decision a while ago that I was going to stop watching films where women got sexually assaulted or killed in order to further the storyline of a male protagonist. Thewlis was very convincing, and certainly earned the Cannes accolades that the film received, but I still don't want to see it again.

(I did, however, find the werewolf comments early in the film pretty hilarious.)

By contrast, Treed Murray, which I watched yesterday, was fantastic. It's unsettling but eventually redemptive and the storytelling is awesome and I absolutely adore ensemble pieces where no-one is good or bad or eclipsed. And the pacing was great and the cuts were great and Hewlett was great and that Ashmore kid was surprisingly awesome. Also, it ended at precisely the right time. Y'all should go rent it. It's a very satisfying film.

2. Re-read Anthony Robbins' "Awaken The Giant Within". It's been remaindered at my store, which I find sad, but it meant that I could buy a copy for $3.19. I find Tony inspiring. Also, the last time I tried to read a "design your best life!" book, I found myself covering my eyes and reading between my fingers, totally involuntarily, so the fact that I managed this one--in a normal, sane, fashion--is promising.

3. Obtained seemingly hundreds of root vegetables, which I have no idea what to do with.

4. Neglected to honour my mother's self-imposed state of denial about the fact that my sister and her boyfriend are living together and yes, sleeping in the same bed. I feel kind of bad about this one. Jess and I have agreed to let her be happy and deluded, but then I had to go and say "no no, I don't need that extra bedframe you've got, but Jess and Matt would probably like to get the mattress they're sleeping on off of the floor."

5. Have bizarre "terrorists are buying books at our store!" problems. $2500 email orders for bio-chemistry textbooks and rocket engineering tomes to be delivered to tenements in Montreal, to be paid for by obviously stolen credit cards. Totally uninterested RCMP officers. When a plague descends on Quebec, I won't be surprised. I tried to stop the apocalypse, flist, I really did.

Okay. Brownies now.


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