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Confession: I secretly read your friends' pages when there's nothing left on mine, and it's late at night, and I've had three mochas.


*jittery!Rachel is jittery*
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Aright, flist, who in the SG-1 fandom should I be reading? Have already found Quercus/Lemon Drop and [ profile] paian.


Sep. 15th, 2008 11:11 pm
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Bored, bored, bored. Late, but can't sleep.

Send some fic? High on the hot-o-meter?
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Hey fList,

My sis is in Strasbourg, France, and job-hunting is getting her down. Lou has Irish citizenship, and thus is legally able to work... y'know, if she could find some.

Does anyone have contacts in Strasbourg who might be able to help? Or experience with work-abroad programs that operate in France? Or has been in the same situation, while in Europe, and found an ingenious solution?

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I should be at a housewarming party, but my tummy is acting up. So. At home, seriously lacking ice-cream, and thinking about UnShelved's assertion that a group of Browncoats is called "a closet."

I'm skeptical, but I like the idea of fannish collective nouns. So I poked around, and have discovered the following:

  • Dr. Who fans are sometimes referred to as "a good of Whovians," although googlism also tells me that "rassilon is what you call a collected group of whovians who gather once a month for pizza." (What if they're gathering for sushi? Do you call them something else then?)

  • Your online reading (well, mine, anyway) is "a vanity of blogs."

  • The unofficial name for a group of editors is "a scrutiny."

  • There's a dearth here! Admittedly, I gave up googling after half an hour, so there are probably lots of fan-identified terms that I don't know about. However, since I don't know about them/can't find them, I am hereby suggesting the following coinage:

  • A Bender of Fen
  • A Trap of Flans
  • A Beam of Trekkies
  • A Determination of Whedonites

  • Why yes, I do think myself very clever. :-) But I also think you very clever, o my flist. So. What terms do you suggest? What exists that I didn't find? What are Stargate: Atlantis fans called? And are Buffy/Angel fans "an armful of bangels"?
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    I'm taking a sick day -- something I haven't done in years, not out of a workaholic tendency, but because my traitorous body seems to succumb to bouts of vomiting, gangrene, the flu or basic head-colds only when it's the weekend, New Years or I'm on holiday. (Well. Not the gangrene. Yet.)

    So. Week day, and I'm at home, and I am suddenly greedy for hurt/comfort fic, which is the biggest cliche _eva_, but there you have it. Recommendations? Firefly, HP, Buffyverse, SGA.

    I've spent today alternating between reading ARCs of new YA fic (and honestly, the dreck they send me) and updating my fanlinks to I've also been reading through various communities and am stunned at some of the things people say. I thought everyone was like me and went on wild, website strip-mining hunts as soon as they got into a fandom.

    Apparently (and when will I stop being surprised by this?), everyone is not like me.

    Lastly, I just finished watching Season 5 of 24, and Joss has spoiled me, I tell you. I now know perfectly well that whenever two people seem perfectly happy together, shit is going down. And I've become downright gleeful about it.

    Is it obvious that my mind's all over the place today?

    It's four, and I think I should take this opportunity to get out of my pajamyas, shower, and go down to the post office, where an Amazon package of Canadian B-list celebrity goodness is waiting for me.

    Hurt/comfort recs! Please?


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