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Quiet Kisses Are So Hardcore
Harry Potter; Sirius/Remus; au; pg; 1465 words
Sirius knows being in love is totally punk rock.

Title and summary from A Softer World. A very truncated MWPP Band AU, just two days late for Luperacalia. *g*

Or read it on AO3.

Quiet Kisses Are So Hardcore )


Feedback is always welcome.

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I don’t normally have a ton of trouble titling my work, but this church story is fucking me up. I’ve been just calling it “The Church” in my head, but that kind of gives the wrong impression (which I’m trying to definitively stay away from because the story could so easily be read as a parable about religion, even though it is not). And it needs a new name. 

I could call it something like “Samuel and the Church” (or whatever name I choose for the protagonist – Sam/Samuel was a placeholder). I could call it after the heading of the first chapter, “The Church That Was Always There” (which is kind of the point, in that it wasn’t) but that’s just the point of that chapter, not the point of the story. I may have to go into history and dig up some famous phrase or other from the dust bowl and play on that, because a vital part of the story is that the dust bowl JUST BARELY misses Lea.

Dust storms are a pivotal part of the story, in that they tend to happen at moments of emotional climax later in the book, so I could just call it “Dust”, but dust storms aren’t the point either, and really only three of them total happen in the book.  

One of the supporting characters in the story writes a book called Fearless Sun, and the town it happens in is called Lea, so I could legitimately call it Fearless Lea, but I’m not that dedicated to the joke.

Ah well. I’ve got to work on Don’t Read The Comments as well, but it feels good to have two mostly-completed novels in my files, which just need rewrites and typesetting. Now if only I can write the missing chapter of one and title the other…..

from Tumblr

The Magicians, Season Four, Eps 1-4

Feb. 17th, 2019 01:54 am
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Just mainlined the first four eps of Magicians season 4.

I have...feelings. There are too many and most don't have names. Some are just inarticulate screaming.


quick links

Feb. 16th, 2019 11:59 pm
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Twelve hours left to sign up for [community profile] space_swap. Nominations for [community profile] unusual_bearings (Mpreg, fpreg, all the non-traditional pregs) are open and I am debating how weird I want to get. Also, [community profile] vid_bingo! Picked up my first bingo card in forever.


Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist are engaged. It's adorable. Also the Liam Payne/Naomi Campbell rumours are amazing to me, I'm so cheap and easily entertained I'M SORRY. (The part where the British tabloids have decided Naomi's a cruel man-eating cougar is less amazing but I'm not saying it might not be accurate, and lbr Liam's probably into that.)


A post on The Good Doctor by [personal profile] sciatrix which was interesting to me, because I've been enjoying it but secretly, on account of having little idea how to evaluate the autistic representation. I'm also super into All-American at the moment. It's about a football player from Compton moving in with a family from Beverly Hills It reminds me of early The O.C. or original 90210, any of the glossy fish out of water teen soaps, but it's pretty modern in execution. There is exactly one white main (Cody Christian, who I understand to have been on a show about werewolves?) and otherwise Taye Diggs and the talented baby actors of colour are ripping it up. It has adorable teen lesbians! It gets emotionally stressful! There isn't really that much football, but there's not zero football either so *shrug*. I do wish the clothing department was a bit more committed to the rich kids angle, because I am shallow like that.


My flist being adorably terrible at shitposting is my favourite thing. If it's more than 100 words you've entered the realm of regular-ass content, come on now.

weekly wrap up

Feb. 16th, 2019 12:11 pm
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The Signal Boost bookmarklet that [personal profile] astolat created has been refined yet further by [personal profile] lj_writes to add support for user name tags for many of the sites recognized by the DW user tag (FAQ). This means you can use the bookmarklet on sites like Tumblr, AO3, and Wordpress, and the user name field will be functional.

Stargate Atlantis:

Romancing SGA and Romancing McShep are now open for posting, and [personal profile] esteefee and [personal profile] em_kellesvig made two sets of icons with each fest in mind: SGA icons & McShep icons.


Over on [community profile] fancake, I recced Costis Ormentiedes and the Thief of Eddis, by kormantic for the Magic AU theme. It features characters from The Queen's Thief, by Megan Whalen Turner, set down in Hogwarts.

And for my three AO3 bookmark recs we have Murderbot, Spirited Away, and Sports Night.

On old stories and gay lawyers

Feb. 15th, 2019 10:18 am
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I'm in a full-blown Ace Attorney relapse; I didn't play Dual Destinies or Spirit of Justice when they came out, because I didn't get a 3DS until last year. I'm actually kind of glad I waited, because it meant I was able to play it on a New 2DS XL, which is a vastly superior device compared to what was out at the time. I picked up Dual Destinies again (I actually started it last year and put it down) and have been powering through it. I'm probably going to do a full write-up of it after I finish, but for now I have this anecdote:

Fully 12 years ago, I wrote my first PW fic, Moonlighting. In it, because that fandom was an absolute playground, Phoenix accidentally becomes an escort at a club and Miles finds out and rescues him (my views on sex work were different in 2007, but Phoenix has the job because he's clueless about what they want him to do, not because he wants to do the work). The story ends on a cliffhanger, because I was kind of disappointed with it and never finished it. At the end of what's posted, Miles gets a call from Phoenix, from jail, but the content of the call is not in the story.

I thought, much like other stories I haven't finished, I had forgotten what was supposed to come next. But then I remembered exactly what happens: Phoenix gets busted when the club is raided, because he goes back to pick up his check.

I still find this to be delightfully in character, and now I am tempted to finish it.

somehow we all fall down

Feb. 15th, 2019 11:10 am
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So today is Lupercalia, and I used to always post some Remus/Sirius to commemorate that, and I have been feeling nostalgic for them (honestly, I always feel nostalgic for them, in the bright heady days of the fandom before the Veil), and [ profile] angelgazing and I were talking - she asked me what one Sirius/Remus story she should rec on twitter and I was like, "Wait! I know this! That the Science of Cartography Is Limited by Rave." Which, it turns out, is on AO3 now, so you can read it yourself if you haven't already. I haven't read it in like ten years (I will be remedying that today *g*), but I'm sticking with that as my answer.

Anyway, I wrote a paragraph yesterday that is kind of blah so now I think I know what I want to write - just one scene from a larger AU idea I love but will never actually write. I just need to figure out how to do it. But it could happen later today! Who knows?? Watch this space!

In other news, the second season of The Dragon Prince comes out today on Netflix, so I'll probably be watching that this weekend, as well as various other Netflix shows I keep meaning to watch. There's just so much tv. But I did watch Brooklyn Nine Nine last night!

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It's International Fanworks Day 2019

Feb. 14th, 2019 08:04 pm
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International Fanworks Day

It's International Fanworks Day, and we're celebrating! Follow the link to learn more about our activities, including games and chat:

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Feb. 14th, 2019 05:09 pm
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“Write less about how you suffer, and more about how you survive.”
~ Mary Karr.

Cut for mention of child abuse )

we're like two peas in a pod

Feb. 14th, 2019 10:14 am
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Just in time for Valentine's Day I rediscovered [ profile] thefifthchevron's art and Will you be my SGA valentine?

Dear Fandom:

Screencap of Richard Woosley's back as he faces a closed door, with text: 'I'm lost without you.' Image is in a blue frame with a heart-shaped gate chevron in the corner.


These are cute and goofy Valentines like the ones we used to pass out in elementary school—and the artist even encourages us to send them to friends!—but thefifthchevron also made some really great drawings of our team. They have a couple of those pieces on AO3 and a little more art on their LJ [ profile] thefifthchevron, namely sga fanart - the beginning.

I've been going through my old rec posts and found this. I also found all the recs I made for SGA Secret Santa and McShep Match every year. It was so many recs! It was so much fic!

the saints can't help me now

Feb. 14th, 2019 12:58 pm
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A random number of random things makes a post?

a. I just googled "when is Ash Wednesday 2019" because I might not actually be even a C&E Catholic anymore (I am strictly weddings and funerals at this point), but I do try not to eat meat on Fridays during Lent. I mean, I'm not always successful at it, and I think it is an utterly ridiculous rule for a variety of reasons, but I am mindful of it, also for a variety of reasons. (I could do a whole long thing here about being [lapsed] Catholic, but I'll spare you my very mixed feelings.) Anyway, it's not until March 6th! Easter is very late this year!

2. I teared up yesterday and again this morning about Opportunity (see also here and here). #see you space cowboy #i'm not crying you're crying

iii. I asked this on tumblr, but I guess I can ask it here as well: what do you think a kyber crystal feels like to an earthbender?

This made me start thinking about why I like crossovers so much, because I really do (I have written a lot of them, and it's mostly that I just want the characters I love to meet other characters I love, especially if they have a lot in common (I still haven't figured out how to get Aang and Steve Rogers in a room together, but maybe someday!). I really can't stand crossovers that use characters from one canon to shit on characters from the other, or make one set awesome and one set awful. That is a very quick way to get me to close out of a story and I try really hard not to do that when I write.

I also really like super unlikely crossovers (Firefly & Harry Potter! BSG & SPN!) where part of the challenge is coming up with a way for the universes to mesh when they really shouldn't (the rules of magic in BtVS vs. HP or SPN, for example) and then throwing in just enough detail to allow a reader to handwave while being carried along with the story. I feel like too much detail - large info dumps or explanations - bog down and lose readers. At least, they lose me as a reader. I don't care that much about the mechanism as long as the story is engaging. I mean, I care a little but if you as the author don't dwell on it, I'm probably not going to either. Yes, Dan and Casey have been invited to commentate at the Quidditch World Cup because Isaac knows a guy. Alternately, Sam and Dean are investigating rumors that Sally is a mandroid, because Isaac knows a guy. Or maybe Veronica Mars is a SHIELD agent and River is a baby Jedi. Just go with it and enjoy the story! And huh, I don't have a tag for talking about crossovers. I used to have an icon, but I don't have that anymore either. Huh. #buy the premise buy the joke

D. We have a three day weekend coming up and I have no plans so I think I am going to do some cooking. I am planning to bake this bread, and since it makes two loaves (more than I need in one go, but halving a recipe makes my brain hurt sometimes), I think I will use most of one to make that French onion panade I linked to last week, because it does sound delicious and it can be either lunch or dinner for the week.

5. Sometimes it pays to complain - yesterday the vending machine on my floor was out of ginger ale and I had to go downstairs to procure it, and today I got an email saying that ginger ale has been restocked! Huzzah! Of course, I already bought a bottle because I have many beverage needs, but it's good to know it's there if I need it.

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So I picked up my prescription for the nasal spray antihistamine and with much in the way of nervousness took my first dose this morning exactly as recommended, with the bend over gently inhale gently, tasted nightmare (this shit is foul) and then sat back in calm resignation to feeling sleepy and icky. Then--

To digress briefly to add drama: the major side effect listed is somnolence, as most antihistamines are, so I'd warned my manager I'd probably need about a week to adjust my timing etc and get used to it. Also, I determined to do it on full stomach.

I did not eat though, and to start, somnolence is not the word I'd use. More like--okay, somewhat warm, yes. And--how to put this--sort of pleasantly lethargic like after half a joint and kind-of sort-of, well, high, like mildly stoned, like dopamine which is my favorite brain chemical of all and really should be everyone's.

So short version: I had a super good day at work, where I slowly and happily did my tasks, slowly and happily wandered to the bathroom on breaks, slowly and happily ate microwave popcorn one lingering kernel at a time, and felt overwhelming affection for my co-workers, their chairs, and the floor and even mankind itself, which is pretty new for me.

When I came down a bit, I also realized there was like ninety percent less sniffling and nose blowing and felt overwhelming affection for my allergist, the medication, allergies, pollen, and weather. And somewhat more quickly took my afternoon dose.

Like I get the window for 'my wonderful new antihistamine that tastes like evil but I would die for it as it gets me high at work' is probably pretty small but I'm on this train with no regrets so wheeeee.

And also importantly, it really works which I totally appreciate but for the record: God bless that deviated septum for its help in getting me to this place.

(Azelastine hcl: you're welcome.)

gluten-free banana crumb cake muffins

Feb. 13th, 2019 10:40 pm
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Gluten-Free Banana Crumb Cake from Gluten-Free Goddess.

I previously made another coffee cake from this blog and it just refused to bake. The center was raw long after the recommended cooking time, which is basically my cooking nightmare. So this time I decided to make muffins instead, which worked out fine.

This recipe makes 18 muffins, and I cooked them for 25 minutes. There wasn't quite enough crumb topping to cover all the muffins, so if you like a lot of topping, you might want to make a batch and a half of it. I used avocado oil instead of coconut oil, and I went with almond flour instead of hazelnut flour because I'm not made of solid gold.

It's a fairly low-impact recipe, though it does say to beat the batter for two minutes. I didn't do that because I didn't want to get my mixer dirty, so I just whisked it around by hand until everything was incorporated and it had thickened.

The finished product is tasty and lightly sweet, and if you wanted to cut down on the sugar even more you could drop the crumb topping and/or add some nuts to the batter. My muffins were moist, had a good crumb, and could be eaten out of hand without falling apart. They weren't as dense and rubbery as a banana bread, but weren't quite as light and fluffy as a coffee cake—so kind of a blend of both worlds. If you are a person who likes nuts, absolutely put some chopped nuts in. Or chocolate chips. I think the batter's thick enough to support either, or both.

I stored these on the counter in an airtight container for two days, and the crumb topping softened because of all the moisture in the muffins, but the muffins were fine and probably could have lasted another two days like that, but I froze the remainder.

Also, while I'm here talking to you about muffins, let me recommend PaperChef's parchment paper baking cups. They're non-stick, so you don't lose any muffin when you pull the wrapper off. Great for gluten-free baking and baked goods that are lower in fat, but the sizes are confusing. I buy the large, which isn't large at all, just a normal muffin size.

like a mean old son of a bitch

Feb. 13th, 2019 01:15 pm
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Back at work today, still feeling queasy. I passed up coffee for ginger ale and finally ate a buttered roll a few minutes ago, rather than the salad fixings I brought in on Monday so I could make myself a salad each day. Great idea in theory, and time saving in the morning, but after Monday, I have no desire to look at any of it again. Except maybe the fresh mozzarella. The fresh mozzarella wouldn't hurt me, right? I believe in cheeses.

Anyway, it's time for What I'm Reading Wednesday here at chez P.

What I've just finished
The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden, which I found a strong and satisfying ending for the trilogy, though it is really go-go-go pacing wise.

What I'm reading now
Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw, the first in the Greta Helsing series. Greta is a doctor for supernatural creatures, and there is a serial killer on the loose. I was surprised it was set in the modern day, but it is. I also guess I'm not that compelled to read it (I am not very keen on vampires) because I put it aside for some very long - and complete! - Batfamily fic and when I was done with that, I moved on to some AtLA fic (also novel-length and complete!), but now I'm back!

What I'm reading next
I feel like I just downloaded a bunch of stuff, but who knows? I did find out yesterday - thanks to [personal profile] bell for the tip! - that the first novel in the Ronan Lynch trilogy, Call Down the Hawk, is coming out in November. ♥RONAN♥ (I'm less sanguine about Declan but whatever. Hopefully Blue and the ladies of 300 Fox Way will appear occasionally.)


Welcome to Feedback Fest 2019

Feb. 13th, 2019 10:10 am
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Feedback Fest speech bubble with multilingual feedback phrases

As part of #IFD2019, it's time for Feedback Fest! Come recommend some fanworks and show your favourite creators some love:

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Feb. 13th, 2019 07:51 am
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I realized last night that another memory I've been . . . coralling? . . . for want of a better word likely has some unfortunate implications. It's a memory I haven't ever forgotten, exactly, and I frequently think of, but only last night did I realize that the way my body and brain and breath react when I think of that memory likely mean some bad things. The memory just ends, you see, with no specific resolution of why I feel afraid - but then so many of my memories end that way, my brain protecting me from the exact details of what came next.

I wonder why all of this is bubbling to the surface right now. What combination of real world triggers and mental headspace has told my brain 'hey, we should poke at this one!'

I spent four hours yesterday, knitting a series of cowls to give to people today as Galentine's Day gifts. It was so lovely. I felt a little bit possessed as I knitted, I was so focused on it, but I'm realizing in retrospect what I was focused on was nothing - the beautiful act of simply zenning out to a repetitive task and my brain not churning. I wish I could knit today! But instead I have work and financial therapy. Well. At least it's Galentine's Day and I have little gifts to give out to people throughout the day, which will be cheery. I can focus on that.

(no subject)

Feb. 13th, 2019 07:47 am
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Happy Galentine's Day to all my lady friends (defined as expansively as imaginable)! What fun thing will you do for yourself or your friends today?

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So a question for people going to Escapade or have been to Escapade about panel contents. Specifically, trigger warnings.

For the Magicians panel on Saturday, I'll be one of the moderators, and I'd like some opinions on trigger warnings. I mean, this panel will need them, so I'm wondering how I should go about this.

here's my reasoning on both )

Thoughts, anyone? I want this to be as fun and safe and interesting as possible for everyone involved.

yeah, i'm on music again

Feb. 12th, 2019 10:14 pm
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I'm feeling oddly good despite the fact my new boots didn't fit. This could also be my new playlist, "Test Case". For my search for musical highs continues unabated.

baffling musical playlist in progress )

This is me working on playlist creation. As you can see, it's non-stop action on Tuesday nights at Idlewilde, and yes, I did name my apartment Idlewilde because I can. I may even have a second cup of coffee even though it's after eleven: I feel dangerous.

2271 / ST:D, 2.03-2.04

Feb. 12th, 2019 07:14 pm
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This is not, objectively, the most brutal North American winter that I've lived through, but I'm very ready for this season to just be done now. I had to let one of my classes go 10-15 minutes early today because the classroom was at the bottom of the hill and most of the rest of campus is at the top of it. Any attempt to hurry up it was sure to have resulted in broken bones.

Star Trek: Discovery, 2.03, Point of Light )

Star Trek: Discovery, 2.04, An Obol for Charon )

dear spacer

Feb. 12th, 2019 06:54 pm
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Hi [community profile] space_swap spacer!

This is one of my favourite exchanges and I'm sure it's going to be great. I'm sorry I don't have a ton of ideas for prompts in some cases but that's just because I'm here for anything about my faves.

General loves ❤: world building, found families, future fics, friendships, teamwork, competence and use of skills and powers, friends to lovers, getting together, sexual tension expressed through dumb arguments, de-aging and accidental baby acquisition, adventures and case/mission fics, dashing rescues, mpreg/fpreg and regular preg and always-the-opposite-sex genderswap, divergence aus, fake or arranged or secret or of convenience marriages and pretend relationships including undercover as a couple, aliens made them [have sex/pretend to be married/get married], dirty talk including humiliation kink, kissing, grey characters struggling to do the right thing, breakups, makeups, and relationships which are a lot of work but are worth it, expressions of love/intimacy in public, weddings especially if there are hijinks and interruptions, and angst with hopeful or happy endings. I'm a fan of the entire g rated/making out/porn continuum. 

Exchange specific: I love all the space-related shenanigans. Interplanetary adventure, stranded in a spaceship together, spacewalks, alien culture and culture clashes, alien biology, aliens made them do it, alien artifacts causing wacky circumstances.

Art likes ❤: fashion illustration, fashion in general [historical, alien, fancy, casual, whatever!], cuddling and hand-holding, chibis and baby/kid versions and light-hearted cuteness in general, art which strongly conveys a mood, rule 63, poster/cover design, portrayal of downtime activities, spacey backdrops, mermaids.

Vid likes ❤: Pop and pop-rock and alt pop, dance, country and folk/americana, r&b and rap/hip hop. Character studies, team and friendship and romance, strong emotions, action and recruitment vids, engaging with the themes of the source, limited or no dialogue.

DNWs: Nothing dark, creepy, scary, gory, vampires, zombies, or werewolves. No major character death or dub-con or non-con. (Where I said I like a consent-iffy trope, what I like about it is the world-building or hurt/comfort potential.) No bondage/painplay, shovel talks, mundane AUs, villain AUs. Please no writing any canon disability out or showing these (or really, any) characters as unable to take care of themselves.

Vid DNWs: I get mild physical discomfort and visual difficulties with effects like blinking, spinning, flashing, shaking, blurring, strobing or stutter cuts or blank cards between cuts, very heavy fast cuts or very heavy quick action. A little bit is okay, and don't feel like the vid's metre has to be super slow, but if it's just wall-to-wall things zooming around I would not be able to watch your beautiful vid. :( I'm not into created reality vids.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Nate Heywood
Nate Heywood/Sara Lance
Nate Heywood/Amaya Jiwe
Nate Heywood/Mick Rory
Nate Heywood/Zari Tomaz
Nate Heywood & Ava Sharpe
Nate Heywood & Zari Tomaz
Nate Heywood & Zari Tomaz & Ray Palmer
WB: Time Bureau headquarters

fic, art, vid

legends of tomorrow )


D'avin Jaqobis/Dutch
Pawter Simms

fic, art, vid

killjoys )

The Expanse

Amos Burton & Anna Volovodov
Amos Burton
Anna Volovodov

fic, art, vid

the expanse )

Runaways TV

Chase Stein/Gert Yorkes
Molly Hernandez

fic, art, vid

runaways tv )

Lost in Space 2018

Don West/Judy Robinson
John Robinson

fic, art, vid

lost in space )


Kara Danvers/Mon-El
Mon-El/Winn Schott Jr
Winn Schott Jr/Querl Dox
Mon-El/Querl Dox
WB: Legion of Superheroes in the 31st century

fic, art, vid

supergirl tv )

that's it, thanks for reading and please have fun!

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I left work a little early yesterday afternoon (i.e., at 4:15 pm, which I don't think counts as "early") because I spent most of the day in the ladies room rather than at my desk, and then I had a brief period of time where my stomach wasn't upset but I had that feeling of enervation afterwards and I wanted to make it home before I fell asleep on the train or something. So this morning my stomach was still gurgling so I stayed home, and then discovered that they turned the water off, which I was not prepared for. Normally I'd have filled up a couple of pitchers of water, but 1. I didn't read the notice closely and thought it was for yesterday, and 2. I didn't think I'd actually be staying home today.

So that was suboptimal.

Then the water came back for like five minutes at about 5 pm, and then it was off again, and it just came back again now, so I filled two pitchers just in case, but it's 6:40 pm. It better not go out again! I understand they are making repairs, but like, I need to be able to shower.

In more exciting news, my younger nephew got a job and will be moving to Washington, DC in a couple of weeks! He texted me yesterday to let me know. He has to find a place to live and everything, though if he doesn't, he'll be staying with my brother's childhood BFF, who lives down there.


I spent my day off reading fic and finishing the new season of One Day at a Time which I enjoyed a lot. I don't have much to say about it - it was really weird to hear Stephanie Beatriz not sound like Rosa, it made me tear up a couple times, and casting Alan Ruck as Schneider's father was a stroke of genius. If you're looking for a funny show that will occasionally punch you in the feels, you should check it out.

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I'm reading Lab Girl on my exercise machine and Dragon Pearl in my OOS breaks and occasionally being waylaid by fanfic, and sometimes in the evenings chipping away at the audiobook of Foxglove Summer with the boy. La la la la...

Have not had my Hwayugi drama date nor my While You Were Sleeping drama date yet this week, but I will.

In solo watching, 20th Century Boy and Girl became so offensively inoffensive and I-thought-I-didn't-need-plot-but-this-is-severely-testing-that-theory that, even though I'm only two hours from finishing, I jumped ship and re-started one of my old favourites, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, out of exasperation and spite. (It helps that the latter's on Netflix.) Have not gone back to Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim. See above re attention span.

[community profile] sid_guardian continues to flourish! My flist is full of fanworks and meta and squee! I love everyone in this bar.

Here's two links just from today:

- Some incredibly cute fanart (linked by [personal profile] maggie33 in the non-AO3/Youtube Fanworks post)
- So You Started Watching Guardian: A Non-Spoilery Language Primer by [personal profile] asya_ana (aimed at people who don't know and probably are not going to learn Chinese).

Other TV
Again with the attention span. We're keeping up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Star Trek Disco and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Still only two episodes into Kingdom (this could go under Kdramas, but I'm watching with the boy, so I'm putting it here) and not much momentum for it. The new episode of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, which was about censorship in China. And last night, after two in-person recs and seeing two recs on my flist, we watched the first half of Russian Doll, which is great. We'll finish that tonight.

Writing/making things
Finishing and posting the last flashfic has thrown my momentum a little, but I'm still noodling away at WIP #2. And yesterday I started a Note flashfic for the new round at [community profile] fan_flashworks, which, if I can pull it off, will be pure distilled essence of tragedy, so... yay?

Korean study
Argh, I need to enrol for TOPIK and Kclass. Instead I'm hiding under my 침대.

Life/mental state things
Fizzy. Guts not great. Shoulder/neck/arm situation is improving, but physio still advises against biking. *pouts* Fandom and writing are taking up about 85% of my brain. Still failing at general life administrivia. (But so happy/giddy/non-functional!)

I need to start meditating again. Like, seriously. *eyes self sternly*

Good things
QUARTZ on a triple word score (with the Q on a double letter) in online scrabble. 123 points! (Honestly, I was going to put QUART, and the boy looked at my monitor and said, "What about your Z?") Those links I included above. Sunshine. Fandom. Fannish emails. Twirls and sparkles.

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Trope talk

Feb. 13th, 2019 08:15 am
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(Thanks to [personal profile] mergatrude for beta and telling me to post. <3)

I haven't done the trope-sorting meme that's going around. I'm an unusual fan, in that I don't actually consume that much fanfic, so I'm not familiar with the majority of the list as tropes (though obviously most of them still make sense as concepts). I do, however, consume TONS of incredibly tropey Korean dramas. (Seriously, these are all rife in Kdramaland: pining, situational cohabitation, love triangles, long-lost heirs, your parent ruined my parent's life so we can't be together, misunderstandings, noble sacrifice, amnesia (so much amnesia!), telepathy, time travel, and much much much more.)

But here I'm going to talk about tropes as they relate to fandom (mostly).

cut for length )
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As I finally found it and have it bookmarked--and fuck knows what tumblr will do next, turn everything pink text on black and mess up more tags?--pasting this here.

game of god, chapter 24, section one )

What Fanworks Mean to Me 2019

Feb. 12th, 2019 10:43 am
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International Fanworks Day

Last month, we asked what fanworks mean to you. Today, we share some of the wonderful answers you gave us. Follow the link for more:

allergy update - this is my life

Feb. 11th, 2019 11:34 pm
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So, appointment with allergist today. Wait for it. Or not, I'll just tell you.

Forty-one separate skin tests--including rabbit--have yielded the following: I may be a little tiny bit allergic to walnuts and German cockroaches. Everything else was statistically insignificant and I have pictures of my back to prove it. Or, those things could be contributory maybe? but not really. I don't even like walnuts so not a problem there.

That said.

I have a mildly deviated septum which no one in my entire life of doctors looking up my nose has noticed before and needs special equipment to explore (my nostril. To explore my nostril). I had mentioned earlier in the appointment that my upper gums got swollen or tender or really sensitive on occasion as well as the roof of my mouth and I still had problems smelling things sometimes or I smell the wrong things, sometimes unpleasant. Her expression should have warned me but whatever.

So working theory: I have had a chronic sinus infection most of my life, which apparently is true of forty-nine percent of the population who comes in for allergy tests, specifically one that reacts badly to changes in barometric pressure, humidity, temperature aka weather changes and becomes irritated and inflamed and worse and contributory to my misery. There is no season for this; it's all the seasons.

...yes. I am allergic to weather. To weather. That's a thing.

(Like, won't lie, a part of me was like "YES I KNEW IT WOULD BE SOMETHING STUPID AND WEIRD AND WHAT" but...I was joking about being allergic to the weather. I didn't know it was a thing. But it is a thing.)

Now why on earth insert concept here: no idea. I've had diagnosed sinus infections before, so that part is at least there, but the rest, no fucking clue. She added an antihistamine to the flonase for daily use that I need to take at an angle because the taste is horrific if it gets to the back of my throat. I also have an appointment with an ENT in March to do deep nostril exploration--nostril exploration--and also need to acquire and learn to use a neti pot???? and ponder universal irony.

Like, I have no idea where this goes but you'd think someone, somewhere would have said "Gosh, that's one deviated septum I wonder if shit is getting up there and infecting????" Like, any time since fourth grade?

Okay, but. Why do antihistamines work? Why does hay make me sneeze? What is the sound of one hand clapping? We just don't know.

Update: I am making two quarts of tea, three parts Yorkshire Red/one part Lady Grey to deal with my life. Extra sweet: I deserve it. Recommended for existential nasal complaints and need of high-calibre caffeine.
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The Exchange (5814 words) by winterhill
Fandom: The Murderbot Diaries - Martha Wells
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Murderbot (Murderbot Diaries)
Additional Tags: Friendship, Space Flight, Yuletide, Artificial Intelligence, Humor, Space Pirates
Summary: Murderbot hitches a ride on a starliner, makes a friend, and saves space Yuletide.

Bookmarker's Notes: This story makes me so happy. Murderbot reluctantly makes a friend and discovers fandom, also reluctantly. Great voices, plus a little action/adventure and a lot of loafing on the space couch.

Wet Spell (9855 words) by canis_m
Fandom: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi | Spirited Away
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ogino Chihiro/Haku
Characters: Ogino Chihiro, Haku (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi), Zeniba, No-Face
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Future Fic, Aged-Up Character, Xeno, Interspecies
Summary: "The witch is away," he says at last, as if that explains everything.

Bookmarker's Notes: Let me just quote the author note: "Contains dragon/girl in the most literal sense, whiskers included." Yessss. This is sexy and gentle, you get little hints of Miyazaki in the way Chihiro runs up a ladder or hides her face in a pillow, and the intimacy and communication between Chihiro and Haku is lovely.

The Late Greats (3240 words) by [locked to archive]
Fandom: Sports Night
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Casey McCall/Dan Rydell, Calvin Trager/Dana Whitaker, Jeremy Goodwin/Natalie Hurley
Characters: Casey McCall, Dan Rydell, Dana Whitaker, Natalie Hurley, Jeremy Goodwin, Calvin Trager
Additional Tags: Halloween

Bookmarker's Notes: Hilarious, pedantic (Casey's contribution, of course), sweet, and sweetly sad. It's our Sports Night team being awesome. In some really fabulous costumes.

What We’re Doing for #IFD2019

Feb. 11th, 2019 09:44 am
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International Fanworks Day

International Fanworks Day is almost here! Find out what the OTW is doing to celebrate, and share your own celebration plans:


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