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Hi guys, hi!

a) I graduated! I now have an extra Bachelors degree, and I really am not certain why I bothered? but the proof is now framed and on my wall.

b) I have a place to live! A friend is moving for a year to do a postdoc, and I'm subletting her place. The thought of living on my own gives me a warm glow of satisfaction - especially since yesterday one of my roommates brought vegetables into the living room and started preparing them for dinner ... on the floor. (With a cutting board, but still.) The thought of having my own kitchen, my own fridge, and generally not having to clean up other people's messes is amazeballs. Also, I am looking forward to not having to wear pants.

c) It has been hellishly hot in Toronto (felt like 43C yesterday w/ humidity! That's 110F! W. T. F.), and yet I have tried to go out and do stuff in it anyway, and as a result I now have a large and uncomfortable cold sore. Turns out sunlight can precipitate them! Gross!

d) I spent a couple days with my small niece and it was lovely, although she finds it frustrating that I don't sign, and I don't properly understand her signs. I figured out "more" pretty quickly, though.

e) I recently read this memoir about a queer woman trying to get pregnant, and it was really good - painful, honest, well-written, and has a happy ending. Recommended! I picked it up a few nights ago intending to read a couple chapters before bed, and then it was 2AM and I was on the last page.

I think that is all for the moment? How are you guys?
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The interview I just had didn't feel all that great.

Oh well. At least my hat's in the ring.
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Today in molecular genetics class, we were talking about transposed genes and the havoc they can raise on normal body segmentation. After showing us a couple of mutant frog embryos, my prof put up a slide with something labelled Sonic Hedgehog gene.

And I sat up and said, wait, what? but no-one else did (because I am in a class of thirteen hundred 19 year olds, plus me, plus one other person over the age of 25), and the prof didn't elaborate, so I had to wait until I got home to discover that, in fact, they named the gene after the Sega video game character.

Which is awesome.

(And yes, the mutated form makes fruit flies look hedgehog-y, which is why it's called that. They don't look more sonic, though.)

DO THIS MORE, SCIENTISTS. It makes it a lot easier for me to remember stuff. Where's the Donkey Kong gene?
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I am in the library, writing an essay on the consequences of overfishing.

I have been in the library for SIX HOURS.

On one hand, it's air-conditioned. On the other, good lord, there is something fundamentally wrong about being locked in the bowels of a research library when it's July and there's ice cream to be had and lakes to swim in.

*looks pitifully at her word count, still a good 300 words away from done*
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Orgo exam tomorrow! Must study! Pls to be virtually slapping my hands from the keyboard if I show up back online at any time tonight. Ta.
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The exam is over! Yay! I possibly passed?

I read this today, and thought you'd probably enjoy it, too: Sady over at Tiger BeatDown wrote It's Time for Another Installment of: WHAT KIND OF PRIVILEGE DOES SADY HAVE?, which is about examining the privilege of being skinny, or, more specifically, not-fat, and how those of us with that privilege don't think about it.

I now have to go scroll through the 200 items in my RSS feed that I ignored while memorizing addition reactions of alkenes.
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[ profile] sheafrotherdon tagged me!

1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.

2. Do this every day for eight days.

3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

Today I had a lecture with my favourite prof, on whom I have an inappropriate crush. Listening to him talk makes me happy even if organic chemistry still perplexes me utterly.

I tag [ profile] human_loser, [ profile] mklutz, [ profile] sabinelagrande, [ profile] ana_grrl, [ profile] zarathuse, [ profile] franticsga, [ profile] toft_froggy and [ profile] bathsweaver. Only if you feel like it.
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I have 3-hour night classes three times a week.

To get through these classes, I have to drink coffee.

Drinking coffee makes me stay up until 2... but I still have to get up at 7 the next day.


Anyone have any non-coffee stay-awake solutions?
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I graduated yesterday.

Since I took 8 bloody years to finish my Honours BA, I knew only 2 of the 450 other hooded&gowned people at Con Hall. It felt as if I was finishing something that I had already done. And now there's a framed diploma with my name on it leaning against the wall in the living room, and my parents, I suspect, feel relieved and also old, and suddenly I feel the need to Make Decisions and Contribute.

I want to own a bookstore. I also want to go to med school. And I really want to finish all the bloody fic that I've started and then let languish.

The last, at least, I can work on today.


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