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I will have to flail for awhile before I can be coherent, so there's no danger of spoilers in this space yet.

Can we talk, though, about how completely fine Benedict Cumberbatch was in this episode? I mean, yeah yeah, Martin Freeman, actor extraordinaire, sekrit!boyfriend of my tiny domestic, curtain-buying fantasy life - but Ben was fucking delicious in this episode. I feel like the cameraman felt largely the same way; those shots lingered on his lips like no-one's business.
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At work tonight I was telling co-worker Nat about the most recent Sherlock episode, and how there's a scene where Sherlock and John are driving out on the moors (this isn't spoilers), and Sherlock is behind the wheel (this also isn't really spoilers), and how a significant proportion of fandom took one look at that and said, "Naaaaaaaaah."

"It would never happen," I said. "Can you imagine Sherlock taking his driving test?"

"Never mind that," said Nat. "Can you imagine Sherlock taking driving lessons?"

"Who would he even-"I said, and then together we both said "Mycroft."

OH GOD MY LOVELIES. The idea makes me gleeful. Long-suffering!Mycroft would be so goddamn long-suffering about teaching Sherlock to drive. And several cars would get wrecked.

I want someone to write it.


Jan. 7th, 2012 07:35 pm
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I discovered Wear Sherlock a few days ago, and am now daily tempted to buy stuff I can't afford, because it is beautiful and also because then it is like I am living on the show.

Anyway, I was out and about today, and thought I'd stop by MAC and check out the nail polish that Wear Sherlock suggests Adler might be wearing, Shirelle. They had it, I picked it up ... and realized it was exactly the same colour as the polish currently on my nails.

So. If you want an Adler-worthy manicure, Essie's Really Red is basically the same thing, at half the price. Also, the MAC polish is 10ml for $15 (USD), whereas Essie is 15ml for $8. Yay, more for less!

Sadly, there is no adequate cheap substitute for these. Le sigh.
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(If the embed doesn't work, the vid is two clips from new BBC Sherlock Holmes, airing January 1!)
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Hi dudes,

There's a [community profile] kink_finders request out for stories with enemas or figging (... I do not know what figging is, and am not going to go look it up), and it reminded me of an excellent and unusual Sherlock Holmes fic about Watson administering an enema (for constipation) to Sherlock. However, I can't remember the title or author, or even what archive it was on.

The story was old-school Sherlock fandom. It was a particularly tender story about physical care, told in first person from Watson's POV, but the tenderness wasn't sexual in tone. I clicked on it with great trepidation when it was recommended (perhaps by [personal profile] toft? or maybe by [personal profile] thingswithwings?), but was quickly won over.

Does this ring a bell to anyone?
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I have discovered Fuck Yeah Mystery Husbands on tumblr, and my love for it is so deep, I cannot express myself. Sherlock & John! Mystery Husbands! Sometimes at odds!

ETA: Also, this made me laugh -

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Guys, BBC Sherlock is streaming at the PBS website!

I highly, highly recommend it. And the first "season" is only 3 eps long.
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F-of-flist pointed me to a trailer for another Sherlock Holmes movie coming out this year ... with Gareth David-Lloyd as Watson!

Trailer embedded after the jump )

Anyone know anything else? Is this going to hit in wide release or what? I admit, I have no interest in the person playing Holmes, but the villain looks kind of badass, and I would watch GDL boil water.
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[personal profile] talitha78, vidding goddess, has made the Holmes/Watson vid of my dreams... SET TO ADAM LAMBERT'S FEVER. OH GOD.

She really captures the eyefucking well. It's nice to know I wasn't imagining that.

Fever, info page, with links for downloading and for streaming on YouTube.

In sum: Holmes and Watson are so married. And they want each other. All the time. The end.
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Excellent article today in the Times Online (UK) by Ben Macintyre about the Sherlock Holmes stories - specifically about why Watson is the more awesome part of Watson & Holmes. Excerpt:

Holmes, so sensitive to physical clues, seems incapable of gauging the emotional reactions of others. Dr Lisa Sanders has made the intriguing case that Doyle, as a trained physician, described the symptoms of autism in Holmes some 70 years before the disorder was identified by the Austrian paediatrician Hans Asperger.

Holmes does not make conversation; he offers disquisitions. He knows a lot about very specific subjects (the differences between 140 varieties of tobacco ash), but nothing whatever about contemporary literature, philosophy and politics. “His ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge,” observes Watson. Worse, Holmes is not interested in learning what he does not know. “What the deuce is it to me?” he demands, on being told that the earth travels around the sun.

In all these respects, Holmes is the polar opposite of Watson, who is gregarious, eager for knowledge and happy to converse on any subject with no pretensions to expertise. Where Holmes is drug-addict thin, Watson is an excellent trencherman, prompting Holmes to remark, with typical insensitivity, “You have put on seven and a half pounds since I saw you.”

The whole thing can be read online here.


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