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Guys, I was bawling by the end of this.

(If you can't see the embed, this It Gets Better vid by the San Fran Police Department is available on YouTube here.)
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Found via [personal profile] happydork, the article Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race by Jen Graves [The Stranger] is a great discussion of anti-racism, and the work ahead. I recommend it!
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So today is the first day that same-sex couples can get married in New York! Awesome, right?

And just in case they didn't have attendants lined up ... in Brooklyn Borough Hall, these 4-year old twins decided to be volunteer flower girls!. Their (straight) parents brought them. They don't even know anyone getting married there today! They're just being awesome!
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I love the bottom bit of this picture from [profile] obama_daily on LJ. This! This is what the photograph of a Nobel Peace Prize winning leader should be: a smiling accomplished person in a sea of other leaders, who are shaking hands and making deals and making the world a better place, because they came together at his behest.

I heart you, Mr. President.
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Congratulations, USA! Jesus, it's about time.
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Sometimes [profile] rahmbamarama is like reading [profile] ontd_whitehouse*, with all my accompanying feelings of cringy "I can't believe they wrote that", but sometimes it makes me make high-pitched squealy noises.

Because behold this picture! )

Also awesome - they have a tag called "think of it as west wing fanfic," which is basically what I do, most of the time.

*There is no [profile] ontd_whitehouse, I'm afraid, although there is an [profile] ontd_politics, if you fancy that kind of thing.
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So, most of the stuff in the HuffPost slideshow of The Most Inappropriate Obama Products On The Market was disturbing. (And I knew it would be. Why did I click? Also, not linking -- I assume you all know how to go find the Huffington Post.)

However, this made me laugh and laugh.

Bringing sexy Barack, indeed. *
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Man, things don't look good for Maine. Am quite sad.
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Maine, freaking COME ON.

(51.8% Yes, 48.2% No, 68% of polls reporting, margin of about 14K)
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I'm watching the numbers go up re: Maine same-sex marriage vote over at the NYT website. Margin is .6 percent right now (yes winning -- yes to reject legality of same-sex marriage -- obv. not what I want to happen.)

ETA: Up to a 1.8% margin, with Yes in the lead. YERGH.

ETA: Refreshing NYT results page like it's November 4 2008 all over again.
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Today, The Huffington Post published their pick for the sixteen sweetest photos of the Obamas.

It makes me happy that they hug each other as much as they do. Yay, hugging!
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Flist & Circle (particularly those of you in the US), same-sex marriage advocates in Maine need your help. A law making same-sex marriage legal has been wending its way through the process, and now there's a confusingly-worded citizen vote on it.

[profile] sotto_voice has a post outlining the situation here, with links to other resources.

Do what you can! Even if that's just reblogging it. Prop 8 was a disaster; this doesn't have to be.
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I find it really annoying that Al Franken's "don't support the rapists" amendment is causing such a kerfuffle.

I think this one's pretty straightforward. Companies who condone rape, try to sweep it under the carpet, and refuse treatment to their employees who have been raped are behaving criminally. The government shouldn't be working with criminals or helping them to make a profit.

Franken's amendment should be writ into law, like, a hundred years ago. Since that isn't possible, I'll take "now" instead.

If you're a US citizen, please consider contacting Sen. Dan Inouye (Democratic Senator from Hawai'i) and telling him how you feel. Here's his official website. I've heard that faxes and snail-mail correspondence is more likely (than email) to be paid attention to -- you could always do all three things.
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Just got home from a day spent hiking in the woods in the rain, and was cold and wet and miserable...

and then [personal profile] musesfool posted a link to this vid! (link in case you can't see embedded stuff)

Made by [personal profile] sdwolfpup for Vividcon, and oh, it's happy making.

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You guys know about the birther "controversy," right? Some Americans, unwilling to admit that they're being dumb racist assholes, have launched a conspiracy theory that says that Barack Obama wasn't born in America, and therefore isn't legally permitted to serve as the president of the USA. The existing documentation (his birth certificate; a newspaper announcement of his birth; witnesses) aren't enough to deter them. (Another asshole tried to take it to court, and the case was dismissed, but unfortunately it was dismissed for reasons other than the plaintiff was crazy.)

ANYWAY. The birthers are constituents, and some of the politicians who represent them are Republicans, and Republican senators and representatives aren't willing to piss off any part of their dwindling support base.

All of which leads to the following video, in which a reporter from the Huffington Post goes to Washington, talks to Republican senators, and asks them "do you believe Barack Obama was born in the United States?," at which point most of the senators literally run away.


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Do you guys remember when that news anchor was praising the Obamas' fisting habit? Yeah?

Okay, now go watch this. (I tried to embed the feed, but it isn't working. :-( )

I could never have kept this segment clean, but Rachel Maddow is made of sterner stuff than I. :-)
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I don't know about you guys, but the Sheppard Fairey/ Mannie Garcia hoopla is starting to sound awfully analogous to, y'know, us.

[In case you don't know what I'm talking about, Sheppard Fairey is the artist who created the iconic red beige & blue poster of Barack Obama used extensively during the campaign. The original is now in a museum. Fairey used a photograph by AP photographer Mannie Garcia as a reference image. Now AP is suing him, claiming he was "stealing" Garcia's work, and that Fairey didn't create a work of original, significant value. And by-the-by -- although not actually I think all that important to this case, since it's pretty obvious that there is something special about that poster -- Fairey has -- I think? -- never been paid for his image.]

The case is in court right now. Fairey posted about it on BoingBoing today. (Article includes an image of Fairey's painting.)

I wish he had something like an OTW to help him out, but he seems to have a BoingBoing, which is pretty good, too. And he's got thousands of people like me pissed off on his behalf, which should also be worth something.
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Okay, so pictures of the Obamas being mobbed by children will never not be awesome.


More of Michelle being wonderful and extraordinarly good-looking and stylish over here at [ profile] obama_daily.


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