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This isn't very long, so I'm not going to cut.

Fandom Resources
Some awesome person has put together a blog of all the songs used on the show Glee, including audio files to listen to online and links to buy the songs on iTunes, if you so desire. I admit to playing Matthew Morrison's cover of "The Thong Song," um, let's just say "more than once".

Recs: Star Trek & Star Trek RPS
So, first you need to go watch Fist/Kiss, by [profile] bendtothesun (an unbelievably hot Spock/Kirk vid, about how they, um, like to hit each other). Then, when you've got the visual of bruised, bloody and yet ungodly smokin' hot Chris Pine firmly in your mind's eye, you need to go read [personal profile] waketosleep's story, A Kiss With A Fist Is Better Than None, inspired by the vid. (I'd rate the vid R, and the story NC-17.)

You can thank me later. :-)

I admit, the premise of [personal profile] the_deep_magic's story, You Had Me At Pon Farr, where Zach (that's right, I said Zach) gets Pon Farr, is slightly ridiculous. But seriously, who cares. Zach Quinto, hit with Pon Farr, in need of sexytimes assistance by Chris Pine -- is there anything about that description that seems like you wouldn't read through anyway? (Pine/Quinto, NC-17, PWP)

Recs: Merlin RPS
[profile] franticsga's Lucky Knickers Will Get You Everywhere features an inexperienced and fixated Bradley James who can't stop thinking about Colin and what Colin could be doing with his mouth. I'm pretty sure that's the best formula for Merlin RPS ever invented.

[personal profile] onelittlesleep did fandom a favour and compiled all of Bradley James' dorky moments into one vid. Glorious.

Recs: Stargate (SGA & SG1)
[personal profile] eponymous_rose put together a giant SG-1 picspam of hugs, done season by season. I notice that many of the captions center on the theme "Daniel Jackson has had a bad day". It's true, that's a major Stargate motif - and it's probably there as fanservice, because hey, wouldn't you hug Michael Shanks every time he looked slightly woebegone?

[personal profile] princessofgeeks had a fandom hivemind moment and wrote the absolutely delicious harlequinesque fic You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression, in which Daniel is a wealthy relic-hunter Indiana Jones kinda guy (I think?) and Jack's undercover as his pool guy (Jack/Daniel, NC-17, favourite). I say "fandom hivemind moment" because she was inspired by [profile] kuonjil4's Satisfaction Guarantee, and didn't realize it 'till later. I think they're great together - [personal profile] princessofgeeks story acts as a natural (sexy) sequel, and I love the trope. Read [profile] kuonjil4's story first!

[personal profile] pir8fancier wrote a SGA epic the way that SGA epics used to be written, back when the fandom was new and shiny and we were all in love. Her Damned If You Do And Damned If You Don't is an absolutely fabulous post-canon story, where Atlantis is in San Fran bay, and Rodney's on vacation with Jennifer... when he realizes that something is extremely wrong. Link to part one of four - story is complete. (McKay/Sheppard, NC-17, action!)

So, Jason Momoa. You know him, right? Here are some pictures, if you've forgotten. Now, with that in mind, go read this. It's a scene from the novel "A Game Of Thrones," which is going to be made into a miniseries. Jason's been cast as Khal Drogo, which means he's going to be doing this scene. Naked. God bless the casting director responsible.

Time for some Mythbusters!
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Dudes! I am back, and I bring recommended reads of the fanfiction variety! I don't have a million of them this time, because I am trying to scale back the amount of time I spend on the internets, and also because I haven't tackled the Merlin Big Bang offerings yet. But there is still good stuff under the cuts!

Recs: Firefly/Ironman, Star Trek Reboot & Star Trek RPF )

Links: Trek-related stuff )
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I have non-Star Trek recommendations this week! Weird, huh?

Three things before the cut!

One, I was excited to discover that there's a Supernatural Kink Meme! (And unlike the Star Trek one, the 'kink' in the title still seems to fit the stories which are being posted. Ha. Let's see how long that lasts.) I am also pleased to see that they, too, are using Delicious to bookmark filled prompts, which makes it easy to find stuff fast.

Two, if you read nothing else this week, go read Jungle Kitty's Kirk and Spock Go Ice Fishing (or If My Aunt From Minnesota Wrote Fanfic). Star Trek TOS, and the funniest thing I have read all year. Seriously.

Three, since it doesn't fit in any of the categories below & I forgot to put it in with this week's Links set, Topless Robot posted a list of the 10 awesomest things Leonard Nimoy has done that aren't Star Trek. Nimoy, I heart you.

Recs: American Idol, Criminal Minds, DC-verse, Merlin, SG-1, Supernatural, Torchwood )

Recs: Star Trek: Reboot & Star Trek RPF )

Fandom, you were rocking this week! Good work!
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Three-quarters of the stuff I bookmarked in my RSS feed this week looks something like this:

... which you might want to consider as fair warning that my brain's still all Trek, all the time, and this rec list will probably reflect that.

(Psst - that photo's from the FaceBook page for Small Town Saturday Night, which seems to be a new CPine movie.)

Rec: Fannish Vids )

Recs: Gen team!fic/ crack/ misc )

Recs: Kirk-centric )

Recs: Kirk/McCoy )

Recs: Kirk/Spock )

Recs: Reboot RPS )

Links: Trek-related stuff )

Non-Trek Stuff
Just one non-Trek rec: in the Merlin fandom, [personal profile] bitter_crimson wrote Clyster Fuck, which you are going to have to read to believe. No, seriously, you won't believe that it can possibly be good when I tell you that it's about Arthur needing Merlin to give him an enema. I know that sounds bizarre and crazy and kind of gross. But. It's. Amazing. The thing Arthur needs is terribly embarrassing to both of them and they're trying to be fine with it and nonchalant and it's not working and they've never touched each other before and Arthur's getting uncomfortably turned on and Merlin's trying to be gentle and just. NNGGH. Wow.
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Right, so [personal profile] winterlive is writing the goddamn hottest sex I have ever read, and I would like to share. Y'all should go read Take Me Out, nutrek RPS Pine/Quinto/Saldana. Girl-guy-guy threesomes are my favourite thing, especially when one of the guys is a bit bewildered and new to this, and the other two are in cahoots, and there are unspoken feelings in the room. Seriously - Hottest. Sex. I. Have. Ever. Read.

[At least, the hottest sex I've read since the last fabulous threesome that came my way - Eretria's Yoshino: SGA, Carter/McKay/Sheppard. Hot for exactly the same reasons as Take Me Out, except the cahoots are imagined.]

Also? you might as well save time and just be in your bunk to start with when you read it.
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I won't lie, there's a lot of RPF in this one.

Recs: Vids )

Recs: Gen, Team!fic and Misc )

Rec: Gaila-centric )

Recs: Kirk/McCoy )

Recs: Kirk/Spock )

Rec: Kirk/Sulu/Chekhov )

Rec: McCoy-centric )

Recs: Spock/Uhura )

Recs: Reboot RPS )

Links: Trek-related stuff )

Non-Trek Stuff
Rec: Bones )

Rec: Firefly )

Recs: SPN )

Rec: SG1 )

Recs: SGA )

Rec: Torchwood )

(Okay, [staff profile] denise? I am SO GRATEFUL for DW's autosave function. I'd just finished proofing a preview of this when I accidentally closed the posting window. My source code dump would've been hell to figure out. So, yes, thumbs up you and your coders.)
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I keep thinking I should apologize that Star Trek has eaten my brain, but I get the feeling all of us here are opening our skulls and handing over the grey matter without blinking or having any second thoughts at all.

Recs are sparse on the ground this week, people. Weddings cut into my net time.

All Star Trek, No Waiting
Rec: Gen team!fic and misc )

Recs: Kirk/Spock )

Rec: Kirk/Spock/Uhura )

Rec: Spock-centric )

Recs: Star Trek RPF )
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Dear Star Trek, My other fandoms have started to complain that I'm not spending enough time with them. Possibly they have a point. Maybe tomorrow next week in a month we can come up for air and talk about that? Love, Rachel

All Star Trek, No Waiting
Rec: Vid )

Recs: Gen team!fic and misc )

Recs: Spock/Uhura )

Recs: Kirk-centric )

Recs: Kirk/McCoy )

Recs: Kirk/Spock )

Recs: Kirk/Spock/Uhura )

Rec: Kirk/Sulu )

Rec: Kirk/Uhura )

Recs: McCoy-centric )

Recs: Reboot RPS )

Links: Trek-related stuff )

Non-Trek Stuff
Recs: American Idol )

In the Stargate universe, [personal profile] scifi_tv_addict made Open Your Eyes, an unbelievably gorgeous AU John/Vala vid. Seriously, even if they aren't your thing and you never imagined that ship, go watch this for the freaking beautiful editing job.

This fan-made Green Lantern trailer, starring Nathan Fillion, blew my mind!

(I noticed, while prepping this, that my "drunkeness" tag on delicious is getting quite the workout. Thanks, Jim Kirk!)


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