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I've worked at the bookstore for the last 12 days straight. Unlike last year, this year's bestsellers aren't quite as odd. They are diverse, though!

Our top sales slots go to:

1. Stoner by John Williams, first published in 1965, but mentioned in a Globe & Mail article a month ago, which means we can't keep it in stock. I sold 12 copies in 20 minutes on Friday!

2. Every Alice Munro book available, with a slight edge given to My Best Stories, a collection she picked for Penguin in 2009.

3. All three Ottolenghi books, and I am keeping the information that My Best Stories and Jerusalem: A Cookbook are actually the same book to myself, since no one else (including the North American publisher) seems to notice or care.

4. Joseph Boyden's The Orenda which, frustratingly, is out of stock until Random House can rush through another print run

5. The Luminaries

6. Hyperbole and a Half, which thrills me. Yay for Allie!

Two more days, you guys. Two more days and then I can collapse and cuddle babies and not worry about the bookstore for an entire blessed week.


May. 11th, 2012 09:07 am
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Ladies and gents, would you want to read this romance novel?

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Soooo... I may have gotten hold of an advance copy of John Green's A Fault In Our Stars, and I may have read it, and I may now be dithering with the need to taaaaaaaalk about it OMFG.

But I do not break book embargos and then also go spoil other people for details, so I'm sitting on my hands.

(Jesus, though! Really good! Yay for John, who can apparently do a teenage girl voice very well!)

(PS - You should go preorder it now. Or reserve one at your local bookstore.)
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This is NPR's Top 100 SF/F book list. This is my brain on NPR's Top 100 SF/F book list.

The markings:

Bold for read
Italics for intending to read
Underline for partial read series/books
Strikethrough for never ever reading

Read more... )

I have read one quarter of this list!

As usual, NPR's list is notable for the stuff that isn't on it. What about Lev Grossman's The Magicians? Why only 14 books by ladies, NPR? (And 2 of those are both Ursula LeGuin) Seriously, no James Tiptree, Jr.? No Madeleine L'Engle or Ellen Kushner or Diana Wynne-Jones or Octavia Butler?

There's room for improvement here, is all I'm saying.

Book meme!

Mar. 6th, 2011 09:32 pm
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The book I am reading: Having Faith In The Polar Girls Prison by Cathleen With. This is an exceptional novel, about a Inuit teenage mom in juvie with her baby daughter, and I feel Viking kind of dropped the ball on promoting it.

The book I am writing: Oh god. There are many books I have started writing, and then stopped writing. They lurk menacingly on my hard drive.

The book I love most: Brilliant by Marne Davis Kellogg, in which a 50-something auction house manager by day, jewel thief by night gets into serious shenanigans. I've realized recently that my favourite books are all those in which the main character does their job really really well. Oh brain.

The last book I received as a gift: Nobody buys me books. :-( The downside to being a bookseller.

The last book I gave as a gift: Manfriend got a bilingual edition of The Captain's Verses by Pablo Neruda for Valentine's Day. Neruda likes boobies, I'll tell you what.

The nearest book on my desk: Mavis Gallant's Paris Notebooks, not to be confused with her Paris Stories. (The Notebooks seem to be inexplicably out of print.)
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Lev Grossman's The Magicians is so fucking great, I can't believe it.

(Yes, that curse was necessary.)

I will offer more of a review once I've finished!


Aug. 8th, 2009 10:52 am
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Justine Larbalestier announced on Thursday that Bloomsbury had yielded to pressure and is going with a different cover.

Here's what the new cover looks like )

I'm so relieved that this got worked out, and that Justine is happy, and that I don't have to have a conversation about institutionalized racism every time I try to recommend Liar to a customer at the store.
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This weekend, the Toronto Women's Bookstore is having a "$10 for everything you can stuff into a paper bag!" sale. (I think they provide the paper bags. No, you cannot bring a Kraft yard waste bag.)

Deets here. It's limited to sale books (which, I assume, means stale-dated or remaindered), but their sale books are bound to be much more interesting than the sale books at my store, or at ChIndigo.
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First of all, YA for Obama FTW! (YA = young adult fiction)

Second, over at that website, one of my favourite people, YA author John Green, has an excellent post about Faith And Science in this election. Those of you who are practicing Christians (I am not) or who at one point were (like me) but who also come from a tradition of intellectual discovery (me too) will find yourself thinking "WORD, John Green. Word up."

(And I suspect those of you who are not part of categories a or b, but who are tired of all this Creationist bull, will also find yourself saying "Word, John Green. Word up.")
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I was working through catalogues today, and had to enter a listing for a movie tie-in: "Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning" by Kevin Sullivan. I may have accidentally not ordered it. BECAUSE (cut for bookish rantings )
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Am sick.

Am listening to Pride & Prejudice and dosing myself with Buckleys.

Also, am mending socks.

Biggest waste of a weekend ever, y/y?
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I finally got around to reading the Scott Westerfeld YA trilogy, "Uglies," (now a trilogy of four, in fine Douglas Adams tradition), and was liking it a lot.... until I finished "Specials" (number 3) and discovered, facing the last page...



I applaud Westerfeld for being cool enough to invite his fans to play in his sandbox (the ad had a link to part of FanLib where you could post your own "uglies" stories) but I really wish his publisher - Simon & Schuster - hadn't gotten into bed with that particular group of evildoers. It's months after the initial bruhaha, but my reaction to seeing the ad was still a feeling of nausea.

I'm thinking about taking a razor to every copy of the book that we have and getting rid of the page.
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I am waiting for dude to come pick up my futon, and for dudette to come pick up my couch, and they are both running late, and for gods sake, how hard should it be to give furniture away?

Also, I have run out of boxes.

Also, part deux, I have too many books.

Also, part trois, can anybody explain to me how to get to HWY 404/HWY 7 from downtown Toronto, using public transit?

ETA: Yah! Futon is gone!
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My friend J and I went to see a preview for The Jane Austen Book Club, and it was awesome -- a gem of a movie, about women and love and mistakes and books, with an extremely delicious men's auxillary supporting cast. The main cast is amazing also -- Maria Bello is a doll, Amy Brenneman is fabulous, Emily Blunt is lovely -- and I left in high good spirits, totally in love with Karen Joy Fowler (who wrote the book on which the movie is based) and her genius brain. (She writes sci-fi! She writes romantic comedy! Her romantic comedy references sci-fi and women sci-fi writers! She invented the James Tiptree Award!)

Also, I rescued a book from the mid-90s about fanzines from my store's bargain bin today, and just discovered that cat macros have met PostSecret, so really, this has been a pretty good day.
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Due to the magic of, I discovered that various fangirls, with misguided good intentions, have posted online the entirety of several books by a Canadian kids book author... without the author's permission. And are planning to post more. And then to restart up a slash archive about the series.

I was shocked and then pissed and then I emailed the links to the author and to my sales rep at the publishing house.

I'm leaving names off of this post, because as interesting as it would be to point out who dunnit, I have no intention of helping other people find the illegally published online copies.

Since this is the age of sendspace and Googleprint, what I want to say to fandom is this: )

I'm supposed to be out having a life right now, so I think that's all.
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Am reading through the 500 or so flist posts I missed this week, what with being social, trying to reduce the massive to-read stack next to my bedside table -- because on Monday? I have another dozen galleys to bring home -- and simultaneously freaking out about how I have to get a new job.

The social part )

The reading part )

the need-a-new-job part )

Now must go rescue laundry from the clothesline. Also, chocolate-chip crepes: yes/no?
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Book Expo Canada's trade show started half an hour ago. Am supposed to be there. The desire for coffee + pancakes + fic first is stalling me, though... as is the thought of the hordes of junior Chapters employees roaming like a pack of wolves, ravaging the booths as they go. *shudders*

I am, however, looking forward to it, in a way that none of my colleages seem to do anymore. This is only my second BEC, though; maybe number five is where you start hating it.

Also, I need a bookseller-ing icon.
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I've been offline for a week, and during that week I read City of Bones, which arrived promptly three days after I finally remembered to ask the Simon & Schuster rep for a copy.

This isn't a review, because the thing that pisses me off most in my daily work life is when people come into my store looking for a book that was recently reviewed, but won't be available for months. So. I am not going to do the thing that makes me swear at magazine and newspaper editors on a daily basis.

I do have review-y things to say, but I'll post that in April.

That's besides the point, though, because the thing that everyone in fandom wanted to know, of course, was 'is she doing the work herself?' or, to be more blunt, 'did she steal anything?'. )

Also, that Grey's Anatomy "mountain men in the wild" line? So. Silly.

That's all from my fandom for this week, I think.


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