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Holy shit, the OTW.

I keep trying to write something more cohesive, but mostly it comes down to "Holy shit, the OTW!"

I've been reading New York Magazine's cover story on Ms [here], and it strikes me that there are a lot of parallels.

I hope we get through this and have forty productive years, is what I'm saying.
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From OTW News, an announcement that the OTW didn't go to Washington (to talk about the importance of fan vids) in vain: Copyright Office Cites Fan Vids In Recommending New Exemptions.

Man. This is why it's good to have (basically) a union, guys. One with lawyers on staff, and a large mandate.

Also, because we own the motherfucking servers.
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I have an Archive Of Our Own account!

...which means I just spent an hour mourning my small fic output. I manage maybe three stories a year, if I'm lucky, and I only liked four of them enough to put them in AO3.

(And yes, I fully understand that I could be doing something about this, and am choosing not to.)
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If any of you have fannish content on Geocities, the OTW is offering space on both The Archive Of Our Own and Fanlore so it can be saved (because Geocities will be no more as of October 26th of this year).

See Francesca's post with details of the rescue project here.
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Heads up, folks! As per [personal profile] cupidsbow's last entry, iMeem is shutting down it's user-generated vids section, ie - they won't be hosting songvids. I am unclear on other details about stuff they are already hosting, but I suspect that already-hosted stuff that doesn't meet their requirements is going to get TOS'd out the door.

This makes me very sad, not least because there's a lot of stuff that I don't have saved which I'd put on playlists there, and I don't know how I can save it. (If any of you know a way to rip vids from iMeem, I'd really appreciate it if you shared.)

I read that some folks are switching to Blip? Also, the guys from PirateBay are busy putting together VideoBay, which looks like it will be fan-friendly, but it's going to be a while before it's working as it should be.

I don't know 'bout you guys, but I'm going to send a portion of my discretionary income next month to the OTW, so that they can eventually own the damn servers, and we can stop worrying about this kind of silliness.
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If you haven't already read it, here's [ profile] cesperanza's Why I Support The OTW essay. It's great! THe public television/OTW comparison is apt.

(Also, a bunch of people have been writing similar things this week, and they are all worth reading. They're being listed at [ profile] otw_news as they're published.)


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