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One of my stories from two years ago, Good in the Latin, has ended up on a rec community board, and I'm suddenly getting all kinds of lovely feedback. It's almost enough to make me... start... writing... fic! (again) (maybe)

Ever since reading Buffy Season 8, Vol. 1, I've been thinking about Buffy/Xander. In the canon we had previously it always seemed like a trainwreck, for whatever reason. And they knew it, too--even when Xander wanted it he knew it was a trainwreck, and therefore managed to gracefully get hisself off the tracks.

But now, here they are--the world is totally different, Giles is elsewhere, Dawn is a big-head, Willow's missing, The Immortal thing was a bad comedic farce--and it's BuffyandXander trying to keep everyone's shit together. They're a team. They've always been a team, but right now it seems to be just them. (And Dawn, but she's busy hiding her two-storey self in the basement.) The time is ripe for Buffy/Xander. Ripe, I tell you!

I just dunno what to write about them.

Apropos of that "stuck in a castle in Scotland" thing, hey you guys! They're STUCK IN A CASTLE IN SCOTLAND.

I think this would be an excellent time for Buffy/HP crossovers, don't you? More Remus/Giles! Someone?
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I've been offline for a week, and during that week I read City of Bones, which arrived promptly three days after I finally remembered to ask the Simon & Schuster rep for a copy.

This isn't a review, because the thing that pisses me off most in my daily work life is when people come into my store looking for a book that was recently reviewed, but won't be available for months. So. I am not going to do the thing that makes me swear at magazine and newspaper editors on a daily basis.

I do have review-y things to say, but I'll post that in April.

That's besides the point, though, because the thing that everyone in fandom wanted to know, of course, was 'is she doing the work herself?' or, to be more blunt, 'did she steal anything?'. )

Also, that Grey's Anatomy "mountain men in the wild" line? So. Silly.

That's all from my fandom for this week, I think.


Aug. 19th, 2006 06:24 pm
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I need someone to do a quick beta for me. The story is Harry Potter fandom, R/S ship, Spans All Eras. It's not done yet but should be finished by tomorrow, and will (I think) top out at 3500 words. And I've double-checked most of it against the HP Lexicon and HP Wiki, so the beta-ing is less about fact-checking and more about pointing out when my syntax is awkward.

[ profile] kabeyk? [ profile] s1ncer1ty? [ profile] alicefortea? [ profile] expositionary? Please to be helping?
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I've been immersed in Work, which is enormously annoying since my Work is Bookselling, and it deserves neither a capital nor immersion. I mean, there are things about it that are awesome, but it is, at the heart of things, retail, and it does not change the world.

However, it has been a good three years since I was working 40 hour weeks and as such, I am rusty at making a fulfilling personal and creative life fit in the few bits and ends of time left over from 40-hr work weeks. So, no writing. And not much socializing, either.

And I have to arrange better internet access, but am having a hard time tracking down an AirPort wireless card that won't cost me more than $100 bucks. (Anyone got one they want to sell?) Also, I've never set said wireless access up before, so I don't know what I'm doing. (Again, help?)

As a result, I've been offline with the exception of furtively checking my email whilst at work. And therefore I haven't read anyone's blogs, or checked the progress of S&J's collaborative bodice-ripper , or had any clue that there's a hp masterlist of fic in progress. (OMG [ profile] dreaminoflorian, I love you.)

The world and interweb went on and I am so very far behind.

When I get my wireless access, though, my eyes are going to burn out from reading fic every free second of the day.


Jun. 18th, 2006 03:06 pm
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You know when you start a fic, and then stop, and then forget that you started it and you start again, and eventually you have three perfectly useful beginnings for the same set of events, and then you can't decide which you want to use?

It's really hot in Toronto and I am sitting in my room unable to write and trying desparately not to capitulate to the drowsy warmth of mid-afternoon and sleep. Goddammit, I was excited to finally have weekends off, and I'm not going to waste them unconscious!

Or maybe I am. Just for a little while.

Also, one of the most annoying parts about fanon is that there is a certain set of facts that aren't solid, and I would really really like some kind of accepted set parametres for stuff like Sirius' mother's name.

Am now going to check just in case that actually is in canon and I just don't know.
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I graduated yesterday.

Since I took 8 bloody years to finish my Honours BA, I knew only 2 of the 450 other hooded&gowned people at Con Hall. It felt as if I was finishing something that I had already done. And now there's a framed diploma with my name on it leaning against the wall in the living room, and my parents, I suspect, feel relieved and also old, and suddenly I feel the need to Make Decisions and Contribute.

I want to own a bookstore. I also want to go to med school. And I really want to finish all the bloody fic that I've started and then let languish.

The last, at least, I can work on today.
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I have been neglecting LJ because a)I've been busy being unlucky in love, b)I've been busy being cautiously happy in my professional life, and c)I accidentally knocked a glass of water onto my Mac keyboard.

Thus, I write this on my back-up computer, a 1997 Seanix IBM clone that chugs along snail-like and grumpily.

What are the chances that my keyboard is fixable?

Secondly, how do I make those little people or community symbols appear when I'm referencing another LJ user?

Thirdly, why'd you pique my curiousity, [personal profile] rynne?

Anyway. I've got three fics on the backburner right now (the biggest crossover mistake ever, a Jaylee of which I posted parts I & II already and am trying to maintain a semblance of interest in, and a Remus/Sirius inspired by.... Bust Magazine!), and as soon as my Mac is healed I'll post. Nobody hold your breath, though.

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A while ago, [ profile] musesfool wrote [when recc’ing Sleeping with Ghosts (The I'll Have What He's Having Remix) by Lady Goodman] “actually, what this makes me want is for Tonks to meet up with Dawn and River, two other girls who know a little something about being not-there.”

And I thought, I know how to do that.

So I'm in the middle of it, but it's gonna be huge, possibly the biggest thing I've ever written, not counting the Monica Hughes rip-off novel I sweated over for months at age 15. And god, I'm going to have to do research, because there are all kinds of fandom details that I need to watch season 6 of Buffy in order to corroborate (is that a word?). Also, putting glossaries at the back of fantasy novels? Really Good Idea.

In other news, two of yer garden-variety nerds came into my store on the weekend to buy copies of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Quidditch Through The Ages, and I had to hide my sekrit, "you're so a fanfic writer" grin, because I'm not outing myself at work. The vast number of inappropriate suitors I have to deal with every Saturday morning when they come in to buy their copies of the Jewish/English/Ottawa papers are enough of a co-worker-teasing-inducing burden.

And lastly, after months of crushing over a guy at [edit - My Local Vid Rental Place], I suddenly had a friend of a friend of my roommate call me and say that he knew him and that he could totally hook us up for drinks this afternoon. Which, of course, made me completely panic and I am at home and not there. Nothing says elaborate set-up like having some girl whom you totally know nothing about tag along with you to a bar at 5 in the afternoon for no discernible reason. It would be like having a first date with three people all at once, and even I, aware of the writerly possibilities inherent in awkward situations, felt like that was a horrifying prospect.



May. 4th, 2006 01:34 pm
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I was just wrote "fucs" instead of "fics."

I'm going to adopt it as a tag, because it made me snort.

Also? Poverty notwithstanding, sitting around until 1 in my pajamyas trying to write and occasionally dipping into fandom is perhaps the loveliest way ever to spend my time. Unfortunately, I'm running out of coffee and will have to switch to chai, but I'm still feeling pretty smug.

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I've started compiling recc lists. It was inevitable, I suppose -- I've made my way through hundreds of stories and hundreds of sites now, and there comes a time when you find something shining and beautiful that no-one else seems to be reccing. Eventually, I'd like to start a Jane's Guide-esque fanfic rating site, but that has to wait until I wrap up all the loose ends of my academic career and find a full-time job that doesn't make me angry all the time.

So. Where's the collar fic? I've found three good pieces: [ profile] fandom_pillory's The Collar, Casira's Collared (livejournal here: [ profile] casirafics) and [ profile] _riz's The Latest Fashion, Old Boy.

They all rock hard, but I want more. I'm greedy, so I am. Suggestions, anyone? Is there an lj community entirely devoted to collar!fic somewhere that I just haven't found?
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I have moved nine times in the last eight years, and five in the 18 years before that. As such, I'm exceptionally good at packing, last on the list of people one thinks of inviting to a clothing-swap, and possessed of an anti-book-ownership policy that is currently biting me in the ass.

I'm pro-books in general, of course. In fact, I'm professionally pro-books: book ownership is what puts groceries on my table and almost pays my rent. But I'm tired of lugging them around, especially since it turns out that I'm really not going to read anything that Robert Jordan writes more than once. So now I buy only what I'm sure I will read three or more times, or what I will need to mark up horribly for an essay or novel-research. I bend the rules for second-hand fiction with interesting marginalia, and I'm occasionally suckered into buying cookbooks of which I will only use four or five recipes. And there are other things I buy because I want to support the creators ... which is why I have a copy of the painfully wooden Serenity novelization. (Anyone want it? Free!)

But I don't have the Harry Potter books, and I didn't buy BtVS: The Chosen Collection, because I never thought I'd need more than one pass through any of them. Also because I'm po'.

But now I'm writing fanfic, and I'm working on two pieces which I can't bring any further until I figure out a whole slew of annoyingly picky things: did Dawn ever talk about dreams in seasons Five and Six? Does Willow ever, in any of the BtVS or Angel seasons, do dream magic? When did Willow and Tara move into the Summers' house? Do they even say? Is Remus taller than Sirius? What month did Harry fight the climactic, Sirius-killing battle in OoTP? (I suspect June, since JKR always structures her books the same way.) Does JKR ever talk about the weather during the summer between OoTP and HBP?

So my bookshelves are going to get a little fuller. And since I'm firmly in fanfic up to my neck, there's no help but to sigh and pretend that I'm never going to move again, and so it doesn't matter that doing so would require another box.


Apr. 22nd, 2006 03:48 am
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I need a beta. Am writing a post-Ootp fic, because I was suddenly wondering what happened to Sirius' collar from [ profile] fandom_pillory's fantastic collar!fic. I thought it was going to be pRon, but turns out it isn't (Remus/Harry when Harry is 15 is just squicky), and now I feel like I'm chopping it off too suddenly.

So. Anyone got time? It's pretty short -- 2200 words so far.


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