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Sometimes, Sady Doyle is really great. Friends, I recommend you click over to Tiger Beatdown and read Sady's latest post: Acts of Contrition: Feminism, Privilege, and the Legacy of Mary Daly, which is a great article about feminism, Catholicism, privilege and how those who influence our thinking can help and harm, simultaneously. (Written because Mary Daly just died, btw, and no, you're not a bad feminist if you don't know who she is.)
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Hey Canadian flisters,

Please take a minute to read this article in the Toronto Star. The Conservative government has added to the budget a piece of legislation that removes the legal right of any woman in the federal civil service to fight pay discrimination via the normal, effective channels. From the article:

It removes any chance women in the federal civil service have of fighting for pay equity by denying them the right to complain to the Human Rights Commission, or to go to court, when they believe there is discrimination. Instead, pay equity issues are to be solved as part of the regular bargaining process but - get this! - if anyone agitates on the basis of pay equity, they face a $50,000 fine. So the Conservative regime is forbidding a woman from fighting for herself and, simultaneously, penalizing her union from fighting for her.

Obviously, this is Not Okay.

After reading, it would be great if you'd take a minute to voice your opinion to TPTB. Here's how you do that )

(ETA: I had posted my letter to TPTB in this post, too, but I'm a little wary about making this journal google-able. I'll repost it in a locked post.)

This government is also responsible for shutting 12 of the 16 Status of Women offices in Canada, as well as removing the word "equality" from their mandate.

Time for us to make a fuss, people. This shit can't continue.
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So, this is a bit random, but I read a eulogy @ BoingBoing this week that's stuck with me. Since [ profile] 14valentines started, I've been thinking about how gender roles harm men, which is why I'm sharing.

Excerpt from the eulogy:

"The world is filled with adult men who never heard their father say “I love you,” who wonder throughout their lives whether they were loved. I talk to friends about this and see it in magazines and newspapers, and I have always been amazed by this. My father spared me from this wound that many men walk around with."

Read the rest of it here.
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Hey fListers,

Want to send a long-distance love flowers for Valentines? Looking for a vendor other than Teleflora, with its recent epic fail?

DealHack posted this morning that 1-800-Flowers is offering 15% off.

The flowers come in a box, but I'm pretty sure they'll still say "I think you're wonderful".
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Hey guys,

Go encourage [ profile] casirafics to mount that Bechdel Fic Challenge she's come up with.

The Bechdel Test is how Alison Bechdel determines if she wants to watch a movie: it has to have a)more than one woman in it, b) the women have to talk to each other c) about something other than men.

The idea behind a Bechdel Fic Challenge is to take fandoms that normally fail the Bechdel test, and write fic that makes them compliant.

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It seems I only post these days in order to recommend various things other people have written. I'm busy. I just wrote two midterms. I'm preparing for Christmas rush at my store. And I'm writing other blogs in my spare (ha!) time.

Which is to say, this post is also a rec!post.

Feminism101 (whose author also, it seems, is busy these days and mostly not posting, to my regret) linked to this great set of posts, in which the author explains why she is a feminist, still, and why feminism is important. She tried to boil it down to six key issues, and talk about them without jargon. Highly, highly recommended.

If you think you're not a feminist, you should read these. If you've embraced the term, you should read them too, both to reaffirm, and to give yourself ammunition for the inevitable argument with a friend who claims they're not feminist.

(Right now, as I contemplate Sam & Teyla & Elizabeth in SGA -- who, apparently, couldn't all be in the show at once, because that was too many women -- #4 in this series of posts is most important to me. Dear Joss, I miss Buffy. If there's anything I could do to help get Dollhouse on the air, I would do it. Just tell me. Love, Rachel)

1.The Right To Go Out
2. The Planet Of The Guys
3. Our Father, Who Art In Heaven
4. The Invisible Women
5. The Female Body As Property
6. The Longest Revolution
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Andi Ziesler (co-founder of Bitch Magazine) has an excellent piece in the Washington Post about the b-word.

It's not new -- published November last year -- but I missed it then and am glad to have read it now.


Bitch is a word we use culturally to describe any woman who is strong, angry, uncompromising and, often, uninterested in pleasing men. We use the term for a woman on the street who doesn't respond to men's catcalls or smile when they say, "Cheer up, baby, it can't be that bad." We use it for the woman who has a better job than a man and doesn't apologize for it. We use it for the woman who doesn't back down from a confrontation.

So let's not be disingenuous. Is it a bad word? Of course it is. As a culture, we've done everything possible to make sure of that, starting with a constantly perpetuated mindset that deems powerful women to be scary, angry and, of course, unfeminine -- and sees uncompromising speech by women as anathema to a tidy, well-run world.
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Hallo, me darlings,

This was in my inbox this morning, and as most of you are women, most of you are writers, and all of you have been teenagers, I thought it might be of interest.

Feel free to circulate widely.

Call for Submissions for an anthology produced by Shameless Magazine )
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In this week's Savage Love, there was a column about male and female sexual desire, and it featured, anecdotally, a lesbian couple who felt that a night of overdosing on carbs was a fine substitute for sex. Better than, even.

May I never have to choose. :-)

I've been thinking, though, that the perfect relationship is probably three people -- two men, one woman, everyone a bit mid-Kinsey scale. Or the Ursula Leguin (I think?) model where a marriage is made of two men and two women. Would I be able to handle either? Maybe not so much.

In other news, I am bored. So bored that I'm listening to NSync. This is the weirdest Friday night eva.
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I've been following that godawful, beyond-ludicrous story about the school in upstate NY where three students were suspended for using the word "vagina" while performing The Vagina Monologues. The latest update from CBC (here) says that the suspension has been "postponed".

I started to write to the people involved to voice my sheer disbelief that it had been effected at all, and to break down into very simple language why it was problematic (for the benefit of the principal, whom cannot be all that thoughtful or intelligent, since he made that decision), but I gave up. The level of frustration it engenders in me is just too high, and I like my calm Saturdays.

If any of you feel like sending some !!!s the way of the people involved, though, the Principal's name is Richard Leprine, and his email address is The District Superintendent, who postponed the suspension (not canceled, you note), is Bob Lichtenfeld, and his email address is

The other story that I was reminded about is that the current Canadian government recently neatly hobbled the Status of Women office, reducing their operating budget by 40% (5 million cut from a 12.5 million dollar budget... that's in Canadian dollars, peeps, so in other words, it's small by any standard), and... wait for it... removing the word "equality" from their mandate.

Anyway, the combination of the two makes me feel that I need to be a more active feminist. I'm already involved, kind of: I read the mags; I sing in a social-justice, feminist all-woman choir; I try hard to get my roommate to stop rejecting feminism as relevant to her life; I'm pro-sex; I'm in fandom, for godsake. But I've still got itchy feet.


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