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Hey, who was the fandom friend who used to follow The Tragically Hip around the world? (Shifting from LJ to DW to Tumblr has more or less made me forget everyone's current usernames.)

I read today's awful news and cried a bit, and then I thought of you.

Just wanted to say - my Toronto couch is yours if this ends up being a stop on Gord's last tour, and you'd like to come to the show. (I will probably go too, but we don't have to go together; I was only ever a casual fan, and I don't want to get to the venue as early as is your wont.)
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Rodrigo y Gabriela have a new album out on Friday, called Area 52, and it is fantastic. They do amped-up Spanish guitar (along with Spanish-guitared versions of rock songs, occasionally, although there are none on this album) and it's like musical caffeine.

You can listen to Area 52 here on the NPR website.

If you are having a crap day and want to feel better fast, I highly recommend any and all of their work. Here, try some!

Speaking of awesome music that makes me happy, does anyone have a copy of Sinnerman by Nina Simone that they'd be willing to share? iTunes will only sell me the whole "Best of Nina Simone" album, not that by itself, and I really only want the one track. (Yes, this is because it was on Sherlock S2E03, and now I want to hear it over and over.)
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Do you know who is fucking excellent? The Weepies are fucking excellent. I could listen to them all day.

Here are some songs (links to YouTube official vids) )
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Um, so does anyone have a copy of "You're The Voice" that they'd send me? My morning commute will be better if I can listen to this and think of Bradley James showing his fabulous side making those faces.
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Guys, you really want to go listen to nu!folk act Dala. Their set at the Newport Folk Festival can be heard here. Two girls from Scarborough (an unfortunate suburb of Toronto; also where the Barenaked Ladies are from)! Dala ended up being invited onto the main stage @ Newport to play between Neko Case & Arlo Guthrie!


Needless to say, they are made of awesome.


Jul. 28th, 2009 12:21 am
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Canadian flisters, anyone want a code to download

a)You'll Go Far (Jenn Grant)
b)Who Will Comfort Me (Melody Gardot)
c)Coffee Girl (The Tragically Hip)

from iTunes?

These are all free download cards I picked up at Starbucks, and I managed to get duplicates. I really liked all three songs.

One download per code, so whoever comments first gets them.
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I went through my "music to evaluate" folder this morning (where I park everything until I have a chance to listen to it and figure out if I'm keeping it) and there was a DayPlayer song in there! Which must have come from one of you, oh flisters and circle-ers? Thanks to the unknown lovely who sent it! My crush on John Francis Daley continue unabated!
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To counteract all the general fail that's faffing about lately, look what I found! There's a new British tv show called Beautiful People, which has been described as The Gay Wonder Years.

Here's a clip with a bunch of kids heading off to school to audition for Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat:

Assume Crash Positions has all the other deets here.
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Dear Pete Seeger,

I love you times infinity plus two.


PS - You too, Boss.

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The round-up is pitiful this time, guys, so I'm not even going to do an lj-cut. I spent all week studying, which is why you get FOUR THINGS:

1. Merlin fic: Who's Counting Anyway? by [ profile] phantomjam
Summary: Their seduction, like everything else between them, is a contest of wills. May I say, NNNGGGH? (NC-17, pining, first-time, hot-liek-whoa) ([ profile] mklutz, I declare myself converted! This fandom rocks!)

2. SGA/Firefly crossover: The Legend of the Browncoats & The Shining City by [ profile] anna_bird and [ profile] sasha_feather
An alien thingy transports Serenity to the Pegasus galaxy. (What more reason do you need to read this? Okay -- here's one thing to think about -- Ronon meets Jayne!)

3. A LOT OF MUSIC: The Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash recording sessions, which someone has made (legally!) free to download.

4. FOODS: Some enterprising soul did a round-up of the best delis in Toronto. I want to try all of these! SMOKED MEAT. NOM NOM NOM.
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The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain performs... the theme song from Shaft.

Yep, this is what I do at midnight on a Friday.

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I meant to repost this yesterday, but wasn't home 'till way late.

Will I. Am setting Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" New Hampshire victory speech to music, ripped from the YouTube vid.

Download, put on repeat, and keep on smilin'!
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Does anyone have an mp3 of Will I. Am's vid of Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" speech?

Or does someone know how to rip it from the YouTube vid? (here: Or can tell me how to do that?

([ profile] beadattitude, thanks for pointing the vid out! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, even though I'm not American.)

ETA: And [ profile] inalasahl comes through, with a link to Listen To YouTube! Yay! Exactly what I needed!
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Last term, my choir sang a whole bunch of songs about mining and miners. The motif was weird, since it's an all-women choir, and mining is really not a female realm, but it created a repertoire that was unexpectedly awesome, because there's a lot of folk music and protest songs in various languages about mining, and so we got to sing stridently in Spanish, briskly in French, and with a great, tender Appalachian twang (which at first made me cringe, but then was oddly freeing).

This term, the motif seems to be "the moon," to which my initial reaction was "gah!" Fortunately, the music seems to be leaning more towards lush orchestration and Rodgers & Hammerstein-esque harmony, as opposed to a celebration of the menses (which, honestly? I wouldn't have been able to do with a straight face).

Also, there is sacred Georgian music that just makes me want to weep from sheer, sustained gorgeousness.

And now, the sleeping, I will be doing it.
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Nathan has put "Gonna See Serenity" by Dan Sehane as the music on his blog. Sample lyrics:

I'm gonna see Sereniteeeee
Three times so that it makes lots of moneeee
They're bringing Firefly back to me
with Mal & Book and yah, Kaylee!
I'm gonna see Sereniteeee

Basically, it's squee, set to music, with all the adorkability that implies. *loves on Cap*
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I'm compiling a playlist about books for my future bookstore. (Massive FutureBookshop/ Mag sounds!)

So far I have two:

"My Baby Loves A Bunch of Authors" by Moxy Fruvous
"Bookshop" by Monty Python

This is a pathetic playlist. Suggestions, Plz!


Sep. 24th, 2006 08:24 pm
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I've spent the day lazily nudging my flat back into post-party order. 9 people + 4-course dinners = more dishes than we actually possess. The four-course part might have been a little extreme. However! Delicious roasts are worthy of four courses.

Someday, I shall have a house with an enormous kitchen and an equally enormous table and will be able to have all my friends over for dinner at the same time. I look forward to that day. Until then, I've been trying to avoid hurt feelings by only having occasion dinners. It was such last night, so nobody feel bad!

I'm in love with the Final Fantasy song "Please Please Please." It's awesome and catchy, and makes for bad moments when I realize that I'm singing "Don't let your cock do all the work" as I clean up the kid's book section at work.

(Good advice, though.)

There are fandoms I avoid because they feature actors who are two or three degrees of separation away from me. What if I love them? In their work? And then I meet them? And am reedeeculous?

Sometimes I accidentally get sucked in before I realize the two or three degrees thing.

This is all a result of being a fringe presence on the Canadian theatre and book scenes. Both are small. Both have contributed visible presences to Hollywood's sci-fi teevee and film projects. Both are goldfish bowls where everyone knows everyone, or knows who to call to get someone on the phone, and the possibilities for crushing on someone you will probably meet are exceptionally high.

In possibly related news, I have fallen madly for SGA.


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