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If you can't see the embed, you can watch Nathan Fillion accept his Cosmo "fun fearless male" award here on YouTube.

ILU, Nathan Fillion.
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Hey look! The AV Club interviews Nathan Fillion about Castle!

The people snarking in the comments don't seem to love him as much as I do, but that is fine. Because they are wrong. I am totally okay with Nathan Fillion knowing that he has fangirls who get all fluttery and heart-palpitaty at the thought that he's gonna walk in the door to their office. IT'S TRUE. And it is also true that if Nathan Fillion was going to walk in the door of my office? I'd be a quivery palpitating mess.

I mean, I'd try to be cool. But I'd probably fail. Because I love him.
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In an interview with SFX mag, Nathan Fillion reveals that he has an intact catalyser, just in case.

Ha. Haha. That lesson really hit home, huh?
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I've been adamantly not caring about MySpace. However, Nathan Fillion AND David Hewlett friended me back today and y'know? It kind of rocks. Like, a lot.

Even though it means NOTHING.
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Nathan has put "Gonna See Serenity" by Dan Sehane as the music on his blog. Sample lyrics:

I'm gonna see Sereniteeeee
Three times so that it makes lots of moneeee
They're bringing Firefly back to me
with Mal & Book and yah, Kaylee!
I'm gonna see Sereniteeee

Basically, it's squee, set to music, with all the adorkability that implies. *loves on Cap*
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Nathan Fillion is going to be guest-starring on Lost, , sez E!, via Whedonesque, so I am resigning myself to having to watch Season 2.

I'm chuffed for him, but. Lost.

Is there a word for the point when a series runs out of storylines that can be reasonably extrapolated from the original premise, and thus has to start bringing in wonk?

It's not "jumping the shark," exactly. And there aren't a lot of situations where it applies. Party of Five is the other, I think.

Oh wait.

Maybe Matthew Fox is the connecting factor!

That's dreadful. He doesn't deserve that.

Also, I continue to read SGA fic, despite skating over the eps with as cursory a gaze as I can manage, because of the (totally odd) Canada factor.

I mean, where else in fandom are there mentions of Oshawa? or George Henry highschoool?


*going to drink more wine and sulk about having to work tomorrow*


Sep. 7th, 2006 11:15 pm
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[ profile] human_loser and I were out last night to see a preview of Hollywoodland. Cut for complaining )

Little Miss Sunshine has totally spoiled me for all other movies this year. (Have I mentioned how awesome it is? So awesome! Great ensemble acting, brilliant dialogue, funniness, Steve Carrell -- go now!)

Anyway, our discussion afterwards about famous people within two degrees of separation got me thinking about the weirdness of cult celebrity. Can you imagine how insane it would be to be a regular working actor, land a role in some TV series and all of a sudden be faced with rabid fans?

I realize this is not a new line of thought.

It's just -- Nathan Fillion. Comes from a fairly friendly small city. Basically yer average good guy, from a nice normal family, blessed with a noticeably good-looking but not saintly visage. And suddenly faced with slathering fangirls and people who start crying in his presence.

WTF, man?

FanExpo was last weekend and I opted to stay at home, because I love many of the artists who came, but I'm not going to participate in the public drooling anymore. I don't like the dichotomy it sets up. I want the people I love to know they're appreciated, but there have to be better ways to do it than paying $200 to ask them a question at a con. Also, ways that aren't intrusive and mascara-streaking.
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I can't write HP fanfic, and that pisses me off.

I remind myself, when I am attempting to do so and notice steam coming out of my ears, that I loved Firefly fanfic for a good six months before I started writing it )

Anyway, it's been an hour since I started writing this rant, and I've now convinced myself that I'm over-reacting, so I'm going to go read some Captain Underpants books and find a non-creepy way to watch kids in the park, and, armed with that knowledge, I'll try an R/S pairing again, later.


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