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The Great Delicious Migration spreadsheet [public Googledocs doc] is amazingly useful. I'm impressed. If I had a bookmarking service on which I could update my tag bundles, I would absolutely be using it to sync user names across the board.
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Confession: I secretly read your friends' pages when there's nothing left on mine, and it's late at night, and I've had three mochas.


*jittery!Rachel is jittery*
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For the record, I was watching Merlin for the costume choices. :-) Particularly the trouserical ones.
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Hey guys,

Go encourage [ profile] casirafics to mount that Bechdel Fic Challenge she's come up with.

The Bechdel Test is how Alison Bechdel determines if she wants to watch a movie: it has to have a)more than one woman in it, b) the women have to talk to each other c) about something other than men.

The idea behind a Bechdel Fic Challenge is to take fandoms that normally fail the Bechdel test, and write fic that makes them compliant.

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There's plagiarizing, and then there's copying [ profile] thamiris' journal name, comments, stories and, wait for it, profile (although now the only thing that's the same is the "navel-gazing, porn-loving" descriptors, so I guess he's been beaten into submission).

Reportage/comment round-up:

- JournalFen Fandom Lounge report here
- [ profile] scribblinlenore posts here
- [ profile] musesfool posts here

Lastly, the culprit ([ profile] boyan_fraser) posts a hoity-toity response and locks down his journal.

she was great, and he sucks )

Whatever. I refuse to think about this anymore, because it's all kinds of icky, and I have a weekend ahead of me.
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So, there's a comm called [ profile] strangefandom where people try to figure out the plotlines of fandoms with which they're unfamiliar... by watching and analysing songvids.

(If you fail to understand why this is hysterically genius, imagine if Closer was all the information you had about the relationships and story arcs of ST:OS.)

Anyway, today I found the entry for SG:A. Excerpt:

Specifically, it's about the torrid love affair between Tough and Cuddles. Tough isn't sure he really is gay and keep rebuffing Cuddles's advances. [...] Since Cuddles is a genius and in love with Tough, he asks Pink Lady (I think I'm going to call her Grace Kelly :p) for advice. Grace Kelly does her best to make Cuddles the prettiest darn Stargatey guy that ever wore a uniform. Nothing seems to work though; no matter how many times he asks Grace Kelly for advice, Cuddles just keeps getting turned down. So he decides maybe he's better off becoming a better fighter to impress Tough. He chooses to shoot things and wave at Tough, and it works! Tough grabs him in a suitably manly fashion and they're off! There's kissing! And meeting excitedly in the hangar! And strolling through forests. Strolling is very important.

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Because of this fiasco, [ profile] fiercelydreamed is hosting a plagiarism party, wherein you plagiarise yourself. This is my contribution. "Johntella Moss" was just too funny to resist. Sadly, I don't have the Photoshop skillz to plagiarise my icon accordingly. Just imagine that's Rodney clenching John.
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I should be at a housewarming party, but my tummy is acting up. So. At home, seriously lacking ice-cream, and thinking about UnShelved's assertion that a group of Browncoats is called "a closet."

I'm skeptical, but I like the idea of fannish collective nouns. So I poked around, and have discovered the following:

  • Dr. Who fans are sometimes referred to as "a good of Whovians," although googlism also tells me that "rassilon is what you call a collected group of whovians who gather once a month for pizza." (What if they're gathering for sushi? Do you call them something else then?)

  • Your online reading (well, mine, anyway) is "a vanity of blogs."

  • The unofficial name for a group of editors is "a scrutiny."

  • There's a dearth here! Admittedly, I gave up googling after half an hour, so there are probably lots of fan-identified terms that I don't know about. However, since I don't know about them/can't find them, I am hereby suggesting the following coinage:

  • A Bender of Fen
  • A Trap of Flans
  • A Beam of Trekkies
  • A Determination of Whedonites

  • Why yes, I do think myself very clever. :-) But I also think you very clever, o my flist. So. What terms do you suggest? What exists that I didn't find? What are Stargate: Atlantis fans called? And are Buffy/Angel fans "an armful of bangels"?
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    1) The entirety of The West Wing is at the post office, waiting for me--but I can't pick it up until tomorrow at noon, sez Canada Post. ARGH.

    2) How awesome is this? An elaborate imagining of what Serenity's ships papers might look like... for sale. I could own that. Or eat this month. Either one.

    3)[ profile] msscribe is back! (ETA: Or was, for five minutes, until she deleted her new lj, [ profile] dejaspirit. She did, however, take the time to comment in most of the comment-threads to fandom_wank's post. Yeesh.)

    4)There's going to be a Season 9 of Buffy, too! I find this awesome! Also, am wondering -- are comic book stores the prime pick-up location I suspect them to be?
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    I'm watching the profile page for [ profile] fandom_counts, just to watch the member count go up and up and up.

    Stand up and be counted indeed. It jumped 50 places in three seconds on my last check.
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    The fabulous Professor Henry Jenkins writes a thoughtful article about where Fanlib went wrong.

    Jenkins, like [ profile] telesilla, gives the FanLib founder, Chris Williams, an opportunity to respond.

    Fanlib founder accepts the opportunity from Jenkins, but not from [ profile] telesilla. (Interview to come.)

    Various people point out that they love Jenkins and are glad he's taken this topic on, but isn't it emblematic of Fanlib's inherent shortcomings that Chris Williams will talk directly to Jenkins, a man with rank in patriarchal academic structure, but not to fannish women?

    In short, guess who still suxxors.

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    I've conceded that I've run out of entertainment, and have, thus, started watching Supernatural.

    I was avoiding it because I am not down with shows where women have to die in order for men to go out into the world and be heroes. I KNOW. IT'S NOT SO VALID A COMPLAINT IN THIS CASE, what with the fire demons and, oh, I don't know, the supernatural shit. I'm still watching with a jaundiced eye, because fire-demons or not, it's still the (non-Jo & Jess) women who are consistently the vulnerable ones, threatened by lake monsters or Bloody Mary or skinshifters or whatever, and who need to be saved.*

    I understand that tried and true dynamic (sexual tension! heightened stakes! save the pretty girl, for god's sakes, we need those genes!), but I miss Buffy! I miss Buffy a lot! And BtVS/A people are showing up in this show, and it only makes me miss Buffy more. Where are the fierce women? Where are the girls who can damn well save themselves, thank you very much Winchesters?

    I'm still watching because idle elljay reading has led me to suspect that they show up in later seasons, and I am incapable of skipping forward without feeling wrong about it.

    I am also still watching b/c the banter is awesome. And Jensen Ackles? Is that level of hotness even legal? Srsly, that has to slow him down. How does he get anything done, what with the rest of the world turned to drooling mush at the power of his intensely beautiful eyes and mouth? (Dude, it cannot just be me.)

    Lastly, fanon has made me totally impatient with Dean for not being more proactive about Sam's nightmares. I think that a blowjob would really have helped out there. I mean, except for the fact that Sam's feeling guilty over his girlfriend's death and is emotionally unstable and probably couldn't deal. STILL. Comfort sex: the phrase exists for a reason, people.

    *At least, in the first six eps, which is as far as I've watched. I recognize this is not a large sample size.

    On an unrelated-to-SPN note, o fandom: I am down with novellas, but I am not going to read 83 chapters of fic. I don't care who you are, you cannot sustain a story through 83 chapters. Sequels are your friend. Other stories set in the same universe -- also your friend. Short pieces are harder to write, it's true, but they make you a better writer because there is no space to cheat.
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    I was playing a quick and dirty version of Taboo tonight, where we only used famous people and there were no forbidden word clues except for the name itself.

    Anyway, someone on my team pulled "Buffy Summers," frowned, and said "Um. I don't know. She has the same first name as the Vampire Slayer?"


    The room's geek-cred was redeemed, a little, by someone answering "Replicators!" to "alien robot machines that make clones of people, sort of". I almost went over to talk SGA, but I've learned that it's best to keep my fannishness away from public view.

    It's 3 and I'm still wide awake. Harumph. I'm going to go get some icecream and try to bore myself into sleeping.
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    In case you missed it, there's an action figure Superman with a pole up his ass.

    Up. His. Ass.

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    Hey guys,

    Whedonesque membership is open, in case anyone (else) has been checking every other day or so.
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    So yesterday at work, a Very Enthusiastic Young Fanboy came into the store eager to get his hands on the copy of the Firefly Companion, Volume 1, which was in the window (because we don't mess around, yo'.) And so I placed it carefully in his covetous hands and we talked whedonverse, and then BSG, and then SGA, and my manager was rolling his eyes, and then, as he was paying for the book, his cell rang.

    And the ringtone was... the Star Wars theme.

    It was five minutes of intense geekery, matched only by today.

    Because today, also at work, a customer came in looking for the Serenity novelization. And I have that, but it's not in stock at the store, and I don't want to encourage the publisher to print more because it's NO GOOD.

    I'm really really sorry to say that, because the author seems all Browncoaty (he hung around the boards at the official site for ages, username KRAD), and it's not his fault that it's no good - I mean, it's hard to write someone else's story with any juice (exhibit A: the non-Frank Herbert Dune novels). But. It's an exceptionally boring read.

    Anyway, I said all of that, because when I'm on about my fandom? I have no filter. It wasn't good or even adequate bookselling behaviour. The guy seemed disappointed, but he also said that he had a covetous swag thing going on, which I totally get, and I offered him my copy of the novelization.

    It was fortunate that my boss was paying no attention to me when this went down, or I would be so fired.

    So my copy of the Serenity novelization is going to a better home. And I've had my fill of being a fangirl at work.
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    I mean, my flist.

    So I've been reading about a lot of drama in the HP fandom. To be clear -- not dramatic fanfic, just good ol' wank: who's a troll with sock puppets, who's a plagiarizing bastard, who're the cool kids, why are there so many archives and where all the canon versus fanon (or het versus slash, which is not quite the same thing but overlaps canon versus fanon rather a lot) started.

    What I want to know is this -- where's the Whedonverse wank? Where's the gossip? What dirty little secrets does this fandom hide? In short, dear flist, what have I missed? Tell me stories! Direct me to exhaustively documented 10-chapter biased reports of bruhaha!

    I'm trying to not write my novel; I've got time.
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    I am bored, and I just read a hideous sex scene, so...

    Five Things That Will Make Me Stop Reading A Piece of Fanfic )

    Other people! Tell me what makes you scram!
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    Ever since that awesome George=Neville fic, I've been thinking about other sekrit fandom equations.

    There are only so many hero archetypes to go around--this probably isn't news to anybody. But I'm beginning to suspect that there are only so many sidekick archetypes to be distributed, too.

    Nobody equals Cordy, Faith, Remus, Willow, PippinMerry, or Anya. They're the Falstaffs of fandom (shut up, Harold Bloom).


    Wesley (BtVS-era ONLY)=Percy

    Sam Gamgee also = Neville = George, btw.

    And I suspect that Ginny is going to equal Mia. Sirius is too much of an archetype not to have an equal elsewhere, but I can't think of one, unless you believe the Star Wars novels where Solo is actually a prince who denied his birthright.

    (OMG, can I please have my geekiness removed surgically? It's covered by OHIP, right?)

    Any others that I'm missing?


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