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Hi guys, hi!

a) I graduated! I now have an extra Bachelors degree, and I really am not certain why I bothered? but the proof is now framed and on my wall.

b) I have a place to live! A friend is moving for a year to do a postdoc, and I'm subletting her place. The thought of living on my own gives me a warm glow of satisfaction - especially since yesterday one of my roommates brought vegetables into the living room and started preparing them for dinner ... on the floor. (With a cutting board, but still.) The thought of having my own kitchen, my own fridge, and generally not having to clean up other people's messes is amazeballs. Also, I am looking forward to not having to wear pants.

c) It has been hellishly hot in Toronto (felt like 43C yesterday w/ humidity! That's 110F! W. T. F.), and yet I have tried to go out and do stuff in it anyway, and as a result I now have a large and uncomfortable cold sore. Turns out sunlight can precipitate them! Gross!

d) I spent a couple days with my small niece and it was lovely, although she finds it frustrating that I don't sign, and I don't properly understand her signs. I figured out "more" pretty quickly, though.

e) I recently read this memoir about a queer woman trying to get pregnant, and it was really good - painful, honest, well-written, and has a happy ending. Recommended! I picked it up a few nights ago intending to read a couple chapters before bed, and then it was 2AM and I was on the last page.

I think that is all for the moment? How are you guys?
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Hey internet friends,

My landlady recently passed away, and the house is being sold. Since I have now had 30 roommates in 15 years, I'm calling it quits on sharing, and am looking for either a bachelor or a 1 bedroom for Aug 1 or Sept 1.

Please let me know if you have any leads!

My requirements:
- in Toronto
- on the subway line
- with a full kitchen
- under $850/month

I need to be out by the end of August, but I will move earlier if something good comes up.

Thanks dudes!
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Hey, fannish people, I need a place to live!

As per this post, I'm vacating my current apartment at the end of March. I'm looking for a decent space for one in Toronto starting April 1. I'd really really appreciate it if you could let me know if you come across anything appropriate. Having now had 28 roommates (no lie), I've decided it's time to live on my own, so no shares, please (by which I mean, 1 bdrm, jr 1 bdrm, or a spacious bachelor). I also need it to be aboveground, with a full oven+stove (ie no hotplates) and within easy access of the TTC.

Please let me know if anything like that crosses your radar!

Also, if pie crosses your radar, tell me about that, too. I dunno. I just have a craving.


Jan. 16th, 2013 10:21 pm
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Things that happened today:

1) Roommate N- woke up at 4 in the morning to see a mouse on the floor
1a) and freaked out
1b) and fled the house, and wandered the streets of Bloordale weeping and wringing his hands
1c) and then wrote us a letter, explaining that he had seen a mouse and now he had to burn the house down move out
1d) and later, came home from work, put all his stuff in two garbage bags and left.


2) Roommate A- and I talked about what we wanted to do
2a) We made a list of required qualities for a new roommate
2b) and then looked at each other in despair and then said, in unison, "fuck this".
2c) We've decided it's time for us to move out and into our own apartments
2d) We're giving our landlord notice on Feb 1, and leaving April 1.

What. The. Hell.

Aside from the sheer ridiculousness of "I saw a mouse and now I must leave the country find new, hermetically sealed dwellings" (which, seriously, I can't even), this is a LOT to take in.

I mean, it's probably time? A's lived here for 8 years, me for 5, and we agree that we are both in a rut and want a change. Also, A has bought a condo, and takes possession in Sept.

And I would like to have sex with a dude, kind of? And it's hard to do that in an apartment with thin walls that you share with two other people.

But I can't afford my own place! Not one that's aboveground and has a full kitchen and is at least a jr 1 bdrm. I mean, I will figure it out, but GODDAMN craigslist is not giving me hope right now.

Just, whoa, you guys. I could really use a stiff drink right now.
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Dudes, I am writing this wearing an undershirt, a long-sleeved t, two sweaters, long johns, jeans, two pairs of socks, a blanket and a hat.


But I am not complaining! even though I can't type all that fast since my fingers are freezing. NO. NOT COMPLAINING. Not complaining because I like this whole "having power again" thing. A water main up the street burst last night, flooding a transformer, and it's been twenty-four hours since there was an internet in my life.

Or, y'know, heat.

I like them both! I am glad they are back!

... I would also like it if I didn't have to put on mittens while reading fic.
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I have cable! I can watch shows as they air! It's amazing!

Apropos of that, in Toronto, when is SGA on, and on which channel? Google is failing me.
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Dudes, I'm just-agh. Packing! I hates it! I hates it and I'm not nearly done, though the books (12 boxes of books! 300 freaking pounds!) are done, and the bookshelves dismantled and all the unpacked boxes from last move ferreted out and added to the pile to make it look as if there's less work still to do than there actually is.

My roommate and I went through all the cupboards in the kitchen to figure out whose stuff was whose... and it's all mine. She moved in with 4 plates, 2 bowls and 2 sets of cutlery and two years later, that's still about all she's got, plus a rice cooker & coffee maker.

I, on the other hand, had lived in 8 different flats previously, and had two boyfriends abscond (Vancouver, Europe), bequeathing me their stuff. So. Packing.


God, I'll be relieved when this is done.
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I am waiting for dude to come pick up my futon, and for dudette to come pick up my couch, and they are both running late, and for gods sake, how hard should it be to give furniture away?

Also, I have run out of boxes.

Also, part deux, I have too many books.

Also, part trois, can anybody explain to me how to get to HWY 404/HWY 7 from downtown Toronto, using public transit?

ETA: Yah! Futon is gone!
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First, very important news! The Furries & the Klingons decided that the best way to settle their feud was a bowling match.

I don't know who won, but can anyone really lose in such a competition? (Except me, since I wasn't there, and therefore, have obviously lost.)

Second, I do not understand this bandslash thing that seems to have eaten my network. Who's MCR? Who's FOB? This Wentz guy, why should I care about him? Pls to be sending pictures and soundclips as supporting evidence. Rumour has it there's boykissing involved. My interest is piqued.

Third, I spend a week househunting, totally ignoring the internets, and [ profile] mcsmooch happens! Ye gods! What else have I missed? Does OTW have a paypal account yet for the receiving of monies?

Fourth, Harlequin may yet (again) be in my future. As in the publisher, not the AU fic. As in, a job made of total awesome!

I promise to figure out how to use their image library for fandom purposes, should I get the job. Srsly. Expect John Sheppard a la Grey Owl and a fainting Rodney slung over a dappled pony. *rubs hands in glee*

Is there a SGA Harlequin comm somewhere, btw?

Fifth, o flist, learn from my mistake: chocolate gelato is a pale, pale substitute for chocolate ice cream. Don't be fooled. It will disappoint you.
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Has anyone lived in an intentional community before, and can speak to upsides & downsides?

It's one of three housing options on my plate right now, but it's been a while since I lived with more than two other people and I'm not so sure about living with three & their partners & their pets.

It's cheap, though; they've given me a firm offer; it's around the corner from where I am now; they've got a vegetable garden. And I can stay as long as I like. All good things.

Thoughts, oh those with multiple housemates?
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Saw another apartment today, and I can't believe regular-sized people live in such places.

Have decided, therefore, that since I was only moving because I couldn't afford my apartment, and the only reason I couldn't afford my apartment was that I was choosing to work a badly-paying job, that I will keep the apartment and get a better job.

I feel extremely sheepish about it. I tried not to make my "please sir, can I stay?" letter sound embarrassingly apologetic, though, since that hardly ever works in anyone's favour and won't actually make me feel less of a loser.
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I am at home with a large glass of red wine, feeling annoyed at the world.

Affordable housing! Where are you? Why can't I find you?

I've started to think that the only way to find an apartment I like will be to find an apartment I can't afford, and then to get a better job.

Viewit had a listing for a totally lovely bachelor in the gaybourhood (Church & Wellesley), and so I called. The woman who answered the phone sounded like a chain-smoking mu mu wearer who owned a poodle. )

I'm starting to wonder if I should go beg my landlord to stay here. I thought that finding an aboveground one-bedroom under a thou/mos would be easy, since I have no qualms about living in unfashionable neighbourhoods, next door to hookers, but t'ain't. 'T'ain't 't'all.

Apparently hooking pays pretty well here, and they're all living in lovely, expensive digs.
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I've taken a deep breath and given my landlord notice. I briefly considered finding a new roommate, but the baseboard heating thing in this apartment is a money sinkhole that I'd prefer to stop feeding. Also, I kinda want to live alone. That may be unachievable, but right now, in the limbo of waiting-for-November-vacancies-to-be-advertised, I'm thinking about how great it would be to have a permanent space that's mine alone, where I never again have to remind people that they owe me rent money/they need to clean the bathroom/they've left dishes in the sink for a week.

So. If anyone has leads for one bedrooms in TO (aboveground) for November, please! Please pass them on.


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