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[ profile] y_fish made an extremely awesome Firefly vid called Defying Gravity. River-centric, set to a song from the musical "Wicked", and Joss-approved! Go! Go now!

ETA: Psst -- can anyone send me that song?

ETA 2: How 'bout I just embed the vid here? )
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Serenity 2, pipe dream Y/N?

Also, re: Serenity sequels, I remember a promise of nudity. Lots and lots of nudity. The interweb has a long memory, Mr. Whedon, sir.

ETA: The interweb has a long memory, but apparently I don't. Serenity II is the "Ricardo Montalban's Still Pissed" one. Dammit. I don't want to see Ricardo Montalban nude.


Sep. 13th, 2007 01:49 pm
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I'm reading a Mal/River piece, for the first time in forever, and a bit of my fanon has made it in (River/air ducts=otp). I find this extremely awesome.

Glad to be part of the collective fandom brain, o my sisters.
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In an interview with SFX mag, Nathan Fillion reveals that he has an intact catalyser, just in case.

Ha. Haha. That lesson really hit home, huh?
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Unshelved continues to be made of awesome AND of fannishness!

The whole "Dewey gives Tamara a Jayne hat & hilarity ensues" story, so far:


(Is it true that a group of Browncoats are now called "a closet"? Is anyone still keeping up w/ that fandom and knows? [ profile] skripka, [ profile] dirty_diana and [ profile] ana_grrl, I'm looking at you.)
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Hey Firefly fans (flans), go read yesterday's UnShelved comic. You will find it awesome.
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1) The entirety of The West Wing is at the post office, waiting for me--but I can't pick it up until tomorrow at noon, sez Canada Post. ARGH.

2) How awesome is this? An elaborate imagining of what Serenity's ships papers might look like... for sale. I could own that. Or eat this month. Either one.

3)[ profile] msscribe is back! (ETA: Or was, for five minutes, until she deleted her new lj, [ profile] dejaspirit. She did, however, take the time to comment in most of the comment-threads to fandom_wank's post. Yeesh.)

4)There's going to be a Season 9 of Buffy, too! I find this awesome! Also, am wondering -- are comic book stores the prime pick-up location I suspect them to be?
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The Firefly meme what everyone seems to be doing:

Number of times you’ve seen the whole series (to your best estimate)
I've watched it straight through three times. My disjointed comfort-viewings might make up another one or two, except that I avoid watching The Train Job as much as possible.

Number of times you’ve seen the movie
Five or six. Or more. Not sure. Three times in the theatre, upteem sampling at home.

Favorite character (and why, if you want)
Mal & Kaylee vie for top spot in my heart, and neither keeps it for longer than a day.

Least favorite character (and why, if you want)
I'm least attached to Inara, of the main 9. She never surprised or endeared me -- except maybe when she gave up the froufrou in the movie.

Favorite episode (and why, if you want)
Out of Gas. It's so elegantly plotted.

Least favorite episode (and why, if you want)
The Train Job. And it's no one's fault but the network's.

Favorite quote
From the series: "I'll be in my bunk."

From the movie: "They'll be back 'fore you can spit. (beat) Not that you... spit."
Second favourite quote (from the outtakes): "TRAAAAAP."

Favorite scene
The one in "Out of Gas" where we meet Kaylee.

Your opinion of the movie: love it, shove it, or mixed feelings
So. Much. Love.

Favorite canon pairing
Zoe/Wash, followed closely by Mal/Serenity

Favorite non-canon pairing

In brief, what got you hooked?
The girl in the box. And the dinosaurs. To be truthful, I was ready to love it as soon as I heard "Joss Whedon! Space cowboys!"

Your favorite theory on Book’s background
Retired operative who suffered a head injury.

Your favorite theory on Inara’s reasons for leaving Sihnon
Politics in the ranks. Inara was better than her teachers, they made life hard, she ended up leaving.

Will Mal and Inara ever get together?
Not in canon, since it's dead in the water. And not often in fanon, since none of us seem to care that much about the pairing. If it was real? Probably, although it wouldn't last.

Will Simon and Kaylee stay together?
Eugh. Yes. Damn it.

Will River stay (or get) on the road to mental health?
She's on it. She'll stay on it.

Favorite Firefly fanfic
Belasera's incandescent Jayne/Kaylee fic, Slim as Dimes. I was skeptical about the pairing, but it has UST like you wouldn't believe. And hurt/comfort!

Is Firefly your main fandom now?

What are your top 2 other fandoms?
I'm not active in anything right now, although I read a lot of SG:A, Buffy and Harry Potter.
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Nathan has put "Gonna See Serenity" by Dan Sehane as the music on his blog. Sample lyrics:

I'm gonna see Sereniteeeee
Three times so that it makes lots of moneeee
They're bringing Firefly back to me
with Mal & Book and yah, Kaylee!
I'm gonna see Sereniteeee

Basically, it's squee, set to music, with all the adorkability that implies. *loves on Cap*
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Your results:
You are Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic)
Malcolm Reynolds (Captain)
River (Stowaway)
Inara Serra (Companion)
Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
Derrial Book (Shepherd)
Wash (Ship Pilot)
A Reaver (Cannibal)
Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)
Medicine and physical healing are your game,
but wooing women isn't a strong suit.

Click here to take the Serenity Firefly Personality Test


The results are fitting, but I'm amused that I scored as Kaylee and Mal too. Three of them! In one body! I'm AWESOME.

Also, Simon/Mal/Kaylee is a pairing I've never read. Anyone?
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The (Browncoat) Invoice

[ profile] sffan, [ profile] ana_grrl, [ profile] human_loser, [ profile] inasahl, [ profile] smlslikecrotch, [ profile] skripka, I be looking at you.

But y'all are much more with-it than I am, and probably have already been discussing this for a week.
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So yesterday at work, a Very Enthusiastic Young Fanboy came into the store eager to get his hands on the copy of the Firefly Companion, Volume 1, which was in the window (because we don't mess around, yo'.) And so I placed it carefully in his covetous hands and we talked whedonverse, and then BSG, and then SGA, and my manager was rolling his eyes, and then, as he was paying for the book, his cell rang.

And the ringtone was... the Star Wars theme.

It was five minutes of intense geekery, matched only by today.

Because today, also at work, a customer came in looking for the Serenity novelization. And I have that, but it's not in stock at the store, and I don't want to encourage the publisher to print more because it's NO GOOD.

I'm really really sorry to say that, because the author seems all Browncoaty (he hung around the boards at the official site for ages, username KRAD), and it's not his fault that it's no good - I mean, it's hard to write someone else's story with any juice (exhibit A: the non-Frank Herbert Dune novels). But. It's an exceptionally boring read.

Anyway, I said all of that, because when I'm on about my fandom? I have no filter. It wasn't good or even adequate bookselling behaviour. The guy seemed disappointed, but he also said that he had a covetous swag thing going on, which I totally get, and I offered him my copy of the novelization.

It was fortunate that my boss was paying no attention to me when this went down, or I would be so fired.

So my copy of the Serenity novelization is going to a better home. And I've had my fill of being a fangirl at work.
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The Toronto Sun, our local tabloid-posing-as-newspaper, has been running a story about a little girl who needs a liver transplant or she's going to die. And I'd been thinking about offering mine because... wait for it...

Her name is Kailey!

It's spelled wrong, but whatever! Abdominal problems! Requiring surgery! For a girl named Kaylee! (almost)

It's an awful reason, and I wish I had some kind of altruistic urge also -- some kind of deep wish to help a person living in my community, but no, no, the only reason I thought about it was because of the situation's resemblance to my fandom.

Fortunately some other dude has stepped up, so now I only have to be ashamed at my silliness, not that I let Kaylee/Kailey die.

And also,

Aug. 24th, 2006 03:40 pm
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I just bought a Blue Sun t-shirt from CafePress, (this one, but in mint/avocado) and am now, before it has even made it to my house, thinking "How can I wear that?"

My geekdom is private, and I get massively blushy when I have to talk about it. (Conversely, it's delightful when I can get [ profile] human_loser to geek out with me for an afternoon. 'Cause he _understands_ and it's okay if I talk in whispers. Though I don't. Much, anyway.)

"Are you a ... browncoat?" my friend Liz asked, chuckling, as I was discussing the finer points of Joss's awesomeness.

"Eep! I mean, no! Not, even! No!"

"So," continued Liz, slyly, "how much did you pay, again, for tix to the preview?"

"notofrelevanceshuddupfiftydollarseach" I mumbled.

I love my fandoms, but I'm not all that interested in being an evangelist for them. It doesn't seem to work out. Honestly, I think that Serenity would have raked in more chips if so much of the marketing hadn't focused on the fact that there was a corps of dedicated fanboys and fangirls out there slavering over it. It's certainly a valid press topic (see: Snakes on a Plane), but I think the studio should've steered clear of it in the trailers and print ads. And maybe not bothered mentioning that it was based on a TV series.

Before anyone gets angry, I'm perfectly well aware that there wouldn't have even been a Serenity if it wasn't for the people who mounted booths at cons and wrote letters and generally convinced 'Versal that there was an audience. I am grateful that you made the BDM happen. But I'm not buying a shirt that says "Ask me about Miranda." Sorry.

And my Blue Sun shirt is probably going to be weekend wear. Although I may get a fruity oaty bar one for work.
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[ profile] ana_grrl just informed me that somewhere on the internets there is a first-person Vera fic. OMGWTFLLAMAS.

Who else read this? Where is it? How have I not known until now?

Pls to be helping.
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I have been neglecting LJ because a)I've been busy being unlucky in love, b)I've been busy being cautiously happy in my professional life, and c)I accidentally knocked a glass of water onto my Mac keyboard.

Thus, I write this on my back-up computer, a 1997 Seanix IBM clone that chugs along snail-like and grumpily.

What are the chances that my keyboard is fixable?

Secondly, how do I make those little people or community symbols appear when I'm referencing another LJ user?

Thirdly, why'd you pique my curiousity, [personal profile] rynne?

Anyway. I've got three fics on the backburner right now (the biggest crossover mistake ever, a Jaylee of which I posted parts I & II already and am trying to maintain a semblance of interest in, and a Remus/Sirius inspired by.... Bust Magazine!), and as soon as my Mac is healed I'll post. Nobody hold your breath, though.


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