Feb. 28th, 2009 12:04 am
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[ profile] rodneyscat has an excellent Colin Morgan picspam up in her journal, including some pics of him I've never seen before, from various drama school things.

This is what happens when you get famous, Colin. Random fans go find your drama school's facebook page and pillage shamelessly.
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Quote of the day:

"This is Laurell K. Hamilton on mead." ([ profile] winterlive, discussing Merlin)
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[ profile] sarahtales has written an utterly charming recap of Merlin, Season One. Read it here.

She seems to have not noticed Arthur and Merlin making googly eyes at each other, but I forgive her. even though that's inexplicable! how can you not see the very nearly making out?
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Hey look! There's a Merlin Wiki!

Fandom, I appreciate the speed at which you get shit done.
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The Merlin cast mug for charity:

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For the record, I was watching Merlin for the costume choices. :-) Particularly the trouserical ones.
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Hey dudes, I decided I was tired of waiting for someone else to create an [ profile] sga_noticeboard for Merlin, and did it myself.

Please pimp [ profile] merlin_bulletin widely! Works the same as [ profile] sga_noticeboard, but I've suspended the rules about comms for the time being, since Merlin is new and fresh, and I suspect there are lots of worthy communities which don't have ten members yet.
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Right, so is there a Merlin comm equivalent of [ profile] sga_noticeboard yet? Or shall I make one?
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Um. I think Bradley James has a livejournal account: [ profile] fcuksalad

He totally opened an account to keep tabs on the Arthur/Merlin fic. You know it.
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Apropos of me watching 103 of Merlin, God, Tony Head's hair is fabulous in this show. *hearts flawed kings*
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Are there lj comms that serve as a Merlin noticeboard and/or a newsletter yet?
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Why did no one tell me that Tony Head was in that Merlin/Arthur show? WEARING A DOUBLET?

Fail, flist! FAIL.

Now that I know, though, yay! Tony Head!


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