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All I could think about when I saw this Sartorialist post was please God, no one show that to Chris Pine!

Or, for that matter, Robert Pine. The Pine men like their plaid, it's true.
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Possibly this is Chris Pine & Chris Pine's dad, Robert?

I mean, he has a shirt over his arm that looks awfully like his costume in Saturday Night, so I dunno, but the gent next to him is handsome, has the same nose as Chris, and is wearing a shirt that would explain Chris' love of plaid, so....

Confirmed! The Pine Men, ahead, being manly and plaid-y. )
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What do you guys think? Are these really Chris Pine and Zach Quinto's Facebook pages?

I'm erring towards "yes," since all the info is blocked. But is CPine really friends with Joe Jonas? Doesn't that seem suspicious?

ETA: Aha! NO. (Further ETA: possibly not.) At least, Zach's official website links to this Facebook page; I don't know if the CPine one, above, is legit.

Grandson of ETA: I'm confused. Zach's "official" FB page looks like it's the kind that is set up specifically for celebrities; the other link I found looks like it's for a private person. I didn't know FB did that! How famous do you have to be to get a famous-person Facebook page, anyway?
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Okay, look, when I said I would click on pictures of any boring thing Chris Pine did, I did not mean pictures of him looking like a hobo.

Dude needs a girlfriend. (I would say "or a boyfriend," but he already has a Zach, and if that hasn't solved the sweatpants dilemma already, well, I declare myself convinced of his heterosexuality.)
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Have you guys noticed how the pap seemed to have stopped following Chris Pine around?

On one hand, yes, he seems to mostly do things like go to the coffee shop, acting class and out for runs. Yes, that's boring; yes, he deserves his privacy.


Secondly, I keep thinking about how much I want to see some het fic featuring Bones. (McCoy, not Temperance Brennan.) Except I have no woman to pair him with! He & Uhura would be like oil & water; he'd have no patience with Gaila. I just think McCoy needs some female energy in his life, okay? I think he secretly wants to be tender but feels it isn't appropriate with the menfolk in his life. It's appropriate with his kid, but she's not around.

It's making me want a Firefly/STXI reboot so I can pair him with Kaylee, because she's already pretty good at making cranky men happy.

Thirdly, I still have SG1: S3 & 4 sitting on my shelf, waiting to be watched, but dear god, even the constant porn faces Daniel makes aren't saving the series from the totally ridiculous plots.
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I just added these two tumblr sites to my RSS feed, and already my day is 100% better:

Zach Facts, which includes gems like:
  • Zachary Quinto's calendar goes from March 31st to April 2nd. Nobody fools Zachary Quinto.

  • Zachary Quinto's hand is the only hand to beat a royal flush.

  • Zachary Quinto doesn’t pop his collar. His shirts just get erections when they touch his body.

  • And Fuck Yeah Chris Pine, a daily picture site. Yay, daily pictures! Is there a Pine_Daily somewhere too that you know of, oh flist?
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    So I'm watching Bottle Shock (aka the vintage Chris Pine movie that doesn't make me barf) and it's okay in spots, and Bill Pullman is awesome, and Chris is pretty good, but then there will be a line like "The smell of the vineyard... it's like inhaling birth," and my reaction is "EEEEEWWWW".
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    Dear Star Trek, My other fandoms have started to complain that I'm not spending enough time with them. Possibly they have a point. Maybe tomorrow next week in a month we can come up for air and talk about that? Love, Rachel

    All Star Trek, No Waiting
    Rec: Vid )

    Recs: Gen team!fic and misc )

    Recs: Spock/Uhura )

    Recs: Kirk-centric )

    Recs: Kirk/McCoy )

    Recs: Kirk/Spock )

    Recs: Kirk/Spock/Uhura )

    Rec: Kirk/Sulu )

    Rec: Kirk/Uhura )

    Recs: McCoy-centric )

    Recs: Reboot RPS )

    Links: Trek-related stuff )

    Non-Trek Stuff
    Recs: American Idol )

    In the Stargate universe, [personal profile] scifi_tv_addict made Open Your Eyes, an unbelievably gorgeous AU John/Vala vid. Seriously, even if they aren't your thing and you never imagined that ship, go watch this for the freaking beautiful editing job.

    This fan-made Green Lantern trailer, starring Nathan Fillion, blew my mind!

    (I noticed, while prepping this, that my "drunkeness" tag on delicious is getting quite the workout. Thanks, Jim Kirk!)
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    Star Trek Studs Zachary Quinto & Chris Pine Go Jogging [INF Daily]

    Don't say I never bring you nice things. :-)

    ETA: Especially since I'm also linking to this.


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