Aug. 8th, 2009 10:52 am
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Justine Larbalestier announced on Thursday that Bloomsbury had yielded to pressure and is going with a different cover.

Here's what the new cover looks like )

I'm so relieved that this got worked out, and that Justine is happy, and that I don't have to have a conversation about institutionalized racism every time I try to recommend Liar to a customer at the store.
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I 'phoned a customer last week to tell her that her book was in, and her name was... Myfanwy!

I was hoping that I'd be there when she came in to pick it up, so I could see if she looked slightly pterodactyl-ish... but alas, I missed her.
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I was working through catalogues today, and had to enter a listing for a movie tie-in: "Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning" by Kevin Sullivan. I may have accidentally not ordered it. BECAUSE (cut for bookish rantings )
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First, very important news! The Furries & the Klingons decided that the best way to settle their feud was a bowling match.

I don't know who won, but can anyone really lose in such a competition? (Except me, since I wasn't there, and therefore, have obviously lost.)

Second, I do not understand this bandslash thing that seems to have eaten my del.icio.us network. Who's MCR? Who's FOB? This Wentz guy, why should I care about him? Pls to be sending pictures and soundclips as supporting evidence. Rumour has it there's boykissing involved. My interest is piqued.

Third, I spend a week househunting, totally ignoring the internets, and [livejournal.com profile] mcsmooch happens! Ye gods! What else have I missed? Does OTW have a paypal account yet for the receiving of monies?

Fourth, Harlequin may yet (again) be in my future. As in the publisher, not the AU fic. As in, a job made of total awesome!

I promise to figure out how to use their image library for fandom purposes, should I get the job. Srsly. Expect John Sheppard a la Grey Owl and a fainting Rodney slung over a dappled pony. *rubs hands in glee*

Is there a SGA Harlequin comm somewhere, btw?

Fifth, o flist, learn from my mistake: chocolate gelato is a pale, pale substitute for chocolate ice cream. Don't be fooled. It will disappoint you.
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Am reading through the 500 or so flist posts I missed this week, what with being social, trying to reduce the massive to-read stack next to my bedside table -- because on Monday? I have another dozen galleys to bring home -- and simultaneously freaking out about how I have to get a new job.

The social part )

The reading part )

the need-a-new-job part )

Now must go rescue laundry from the clothesline. Also, chocolate-chip crepes: yes/no?
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Book Expo Canada's trade show started half an hour ago. Am supposed to be there. The desire for coffee + pancakes + fic first is stalling me, though... as is the thought of the hordes of junior Chapters employees roaming like a pack of wolves, ravaging the booths as they go. *shudders*

I am, however, looking forward to it, in a way that none of my colleages seem to do anymore. This is only my second BEC, though; maybe number five is where you start hating it.

Also, I need a bookseller-ing icon.
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I like the standing Friday-apres-work drinking date with my colleagues, but whoa, I'm tired of coming home drunk... at eight o'clock

I am, however, impressed that I managed to type that whole sentence without having trouble with the keys or otherwise being ridiculous. That you can see.
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I missed the part where y'all discussed, in shocked and titillated voices, how Daniel Radcliffe is going to be starring in Equus next month.

So I discussed it, with shock and titillation, at work (well away from the kids section, since I don't want to, y'know, emotionally scar any wee ones).

"It's a wise career move," said co-worker S-. "His people probably told him he needed a drastic change."

"Man, I wish bookselling allowed drastic changes like that," I said, ruefully, having spent the day removing "Display Only!" stickers with various dangerous, fire-starting, eye-watering solvents.

S- narrowed his eyes. "So you're saying... we should try being naked."

(beat of horrified silence on everyone's parts)

S-: "Have you seen us?"

Perhaps I should have spent more time protesting, ("No! Only clothed! And hey! I look good naked, thank you very much!") but I was busy peeing myself with laughter.

Also, this conversation came directly after a conversation about what tactics we could use to stop people from going down the street to the new, extremely shifty second-hand/remainder bookstore. I think "naked clerks!" wins as worst added-value idea ever.
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I have Been Away, flist, and am now back, and oh, I missed you all.

I have to sort out my current internet access problem. Dial-up is stupid. Buying dial-up in tokens of 20 hours in embarrassingly dumb. And working at a job where the boss has made you sign an agreement that you will be fired if you check your email at work is also dumb.

Anyway, the confluence of dumbness has kept me offline for two weeks. It is now Saturday evening and I finally gave in and bought more tokens and am now sitting with a bottle of wine reading back the hundreds of posts on my flist that I missed.

And am going to go make brownies in a minute. Mmm. Brownies. In short, this is a fairly perfect day. Also? There's a knitting store a five minute walk from my house which I did not know about. Five minutes.


Things I have done these past two weeks instead of read fanfic, since I was cut-off from fandom goodness:

1. Ziplisted a lot of David Thewlis and David Hewlett movies. (I was also looking for Two Girls and a Guy, out of curiousity, but it seems that zip.ca does na' have it. I have a feeling that I am probably better off. And I'm still waffling about whether to watch Slither.)

Mike Leigh's Naked was difficult. I gave up, actually, 3/4 of the way through. Criterion pick and critical praise notwithstanding, I made a decision a while ago that I was going to stop watching films where women got sexually assaulted or killed in order to further the storyline of a male protagonist. Thewlis was very convincing, and certainly earned the Cannes accolades that the film received, but I still don't want to see it again.

(I did, however, find the werewolf comments early in the film pretty hilarious.)

By contrast, Treed Murray, which I watched yesterday, was fantastic. It's unsettling but eventually redemptive and the storytelling is awesome and I absolutely adore ensemble pieces where no-one is good or bad or eclipsed. And the pacing was great and the cuts were great and Hewlett was great and that Ashmore kid was surprisingly awesome. Also, it ended at precisely the right time. Y'all should go rent it. It's a very satisfying film.

2. Re-read Anthony Robbins' "Awaken The Giant Within". It's been remaindered at my store, which I find sad, but it meant that I could buy a copy for $3.19. I find Tony inspiring. Also, the last time I tried to read a "design your best life!" book, I found myself covering my eyes and reading between my fingers, totally involuntarily, so the fact that I managed this one--in a normal, sane, fashion--is promising.

3. Obtained seemingly hundreds of root vegetables, which I have no idea what to do with.

4. Neglected to honour my mother's self-imposed state of denial about the fact that my sister and her boyfriend are living together and yes, sleeping in the same bed. I feel kind of bad about this one. Jess and I have agreed to let her be happy and deluded, but then I had to go and say "no no, I don't need that extra bedframe you've got, but Jess and Matt would probably like to get the mattress they're sleeping on off of the floor."

5. Have bizarre "terrorists are buying books at our store!" problems. $2500 email orders for bio-chemistry textbooks and rocket engineering tomes to be delivered to tenements in Montreal, to be paid for by obviously stolen credit cards. Totally uninterested RCMP officers. When a plague descends on Quebec, I won't be surprised. I tried to stop the apocalypse, flist, I really did.

Okay. Brownies now.
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So yesterday at work, a Very Enthusiastic Young Fanboy came into the store eager to get his hands on the copy of the Firefly Companion, Volume 1, which was in the window (because we don't mess around, yo'.) And so I placed it carefully in his covetous hands and we talked whedonverse, and then BSG, and then SGA, and my manager was rolling his eyes, and then, as he was paying for the book, his cell rang.

And the ringtone was... the Star Wars theme.

It was five minutes of intense geekery, matched only by today.

Because today, also at work, a customer came in looking for the Serenity novelization. And I have that, but it's not in stock at the store, and I don't want to encourage the publisher to print more because it's NO GOOD.

I'm really really sorry to say that, because the author seems all Browncoaty (he hung around the boards at the official site for ages, username KRAD), and it's not his fault that it's no good - I mean, it's hard to write someone else's story with any juice (exhibit A: the non-Frank Herbert Dune novels). But. It's an exceptionally boring read.

Anyway, I said all of that, because when I'm on about my fandom? I have no filter. It wasn't good or even adequate bookselling behaviour. The guy seemed disappointed, but he also said that he had a covetous swag thing going on, which I totally get, and I offered him my copy of the novelization.

It was fortunate that my boss was paying no attention to me when this went down, or I would be so fired.

So my copy of the Serenity novelization is going to a better home. And I've had my fill of being a fangirl at work.
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I was at Book Expo today, and as I walked down one of the aisles, the word "chan" caught my eye.

"What the hell kind of publisher advertises that?" I thought, backtracking.

It was the Buddhist Light Press. I think it means something different to them than it does to us. I would have checked, but I got the church giggles and ran away to go get some free wine and calm down.


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