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Have bought a seed account! I suppose that means I'm now here for good.

*eyes LJ account, wonders how to say goodbye*
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The DDOS attacks on LJ don't seem to be stopping any time soon. If you'd like to have a back-up on Dreamwidth, or if you're pondering moving here as your primary platform, I can help you out with that. I have 13 unused Dreamwidth invite codes. Would anyone like one? Or 13?
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Just unsubscribed from the DW Fandom Secrets Feed because I can't handle the lack of cut-tags.

This is a recent development, and I've both talked to the mod, over on LJ, and opened a support ticket here at DW, but in the meantime I don't really want it clogging up my flist.

Anyone have any theories to float about why it suddenly stopped exporting the cuts?
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This article made me pretty happy this morning: Disalienation: Why Gender is a Text Field on Diaspora

Hey Dreamwidth, how about doing something like this?
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I've just disabled comments on lj crossposts. I'm really sorry to make the change, but the pingback thing managed to be the straw that broke the camel's back -- moreso, even, than the binary gender snafu, the malware scandal or Strikethrough 2007, to name a few other moments when lj royally pissed me off.

It's ironic that a move made in order to help integrate social media platforms is making me (partially) decouple the two I use most often.

I've added a link to my footer on how to use OpenID. Here's the Dreamwidth FAQ answer on what it is and how to use it, if you want another take.

Also, if you want a Dreamwidth invite code (or codes), Lord, do I have loads of 'em.
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I have eleven Dreamwidth Invite codes! This is a lot. I would very much appreciate it if y'all would take some of them off my hands. Come out here where the themes are chill and the reading circles are just like flists, but with handy access/subscribe functions that mean you can allow people to read you, and you can subscribe to them, but you don't have to do both (like you do when you "friend" someone on lj).

Please notify me if you use one of the following: It's really an invitation to party )
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I've done some flist/circle housecleaning on both LJ and DW. You probably still have access, if you did before, but I've unsubscribed/defriended inactive journals in both places.

[Wherever possible, I just unsubscribed (DW) or moved your pages off my reading filter (LJ & DW), just in case you still want to have access to my posts.]

If you're mirroring from DW to LJ as a matter of course, you've still got friends-access to my LJ, but I'm reading you on Dreamwidth.

Which reminds me - are any of you posting on Dreamwidth under a different name that I might not know about? I much prefer reading posts on DW. I have an unpaid LiveJournal account, so it's ad city there, and I get all kinds of visual pollution about Getting Rid of Unwanted Belly Fat! every time I click over. Yech.

(I realize if I paid them money the ads would stop, but LJ's been making crappy decisions lately, and I'd prefer not to help them make more.)
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I still have four unused Dreamwidth invite codes. Anyone want one?

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I tried to clean up my circle page... but I don't really know what I'm doing? so pls to be not offended if you get an email saying that I'm not subscribing to you or no longer giving you access.

The changes I made were to a)unsubscribe from all the people who aren't posting here, but are posting on lj; b)remove access from the people who aren't giving me access. I assume that if you are uncomfortable having me read your circle-locked stuff, you probably have no interest in reading my circle-locked stuff.

If any changes I have made are suddenly making it tricky for you to read this journal, please let me know, and I shall do my best to fix!
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Did you guys know that there's a sysadmin of the year award?

Perhaps someone should nominate, say, [staff profile] mark or [staff profile] denise? You seem to have to work for the company in order to nominate, so maybe a coder could do it?
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Dreamwidth has gifted me with two more invite codes.

Who wants 'em, ducks? Reply with an email address. Comments are screened!


May. 3rd, 2009 05:37 pm
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I admit it, I usually gloss over concerns about ad-supported spaces. I mean, save for the new annoying YouTube trick of inserting ads on the vid screen, I can generally ignore them. Obv, since I'm on DreamWidth, I see the point and attractiveness of being ad-free... but I'm also a little 'meh' about the harm.

Or I was!

An ad for NOM showed up on someone's LJ this morning. (Not something delicious, like NOM NOM NOM -- NOM like "National Organization for Marriage," the homophobic jerks who think same-sex marriage will somehow oppress them.) [personal profile] telesilla has the info here.

So. I'm going to rework my spending plan to graduate to a paid DreamWidth account sooner than planned because that is not okay. It is SERIOUSLY not okay.

I'm also going to go write a strongly worded note to Googe Adsense about it. I use them for personal projects, too, but I'm going to stop if this continues.

Cross-posted from my Dreamwidth account
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This time I actually have one! Who wants it?
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Hey, I can't remember -- does Leah of [profile] leahwoof have an lj of her own? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes. I'm also pretty sure I've friended it. But I cannot figure it out.

This message brought to you by me trying to sort out my new home on Dreamwidth.


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