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Dudes. The LJ comm [profile] lizardladylove exists! For all your Victorian Silurian Lesbian needs!

I love that it took fandom, like, 30 seconds to make this. :-)
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Have bought a seed account! I suppose that means I'm now here for good.

*eyes LJ account, wonders how to say goodbye*
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The DDOS attacks on LJ don't seem to be stopping any time soon. If you'd like to have a back-up on Dreamwidth, or if you're pondering moving here as your primary platform, I can help you out with that. I have 13 unused Dreamwidth invite codes. Would anyone like one? Or 13?
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Just unsubscribed from the DW Fandom Secrets Feed because I can't handle the lack of cut-tags.

This is a recent development, and I've both talked to the mod, over on LJ, and opened a support ticket here at DW, but in the meantime I don't really want it clogging up my flist.

Anyone have any theories to float about why it suddenly stopped exporting the cuts?
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I've just disabled comments on lj crossposts. I'm really sorry to make the change, but the pingback thing managed to be the straw that broke the camel's back -- moreso, even, than the binary gender snafu, the malware scandal or Strikethrough 2007, to name a few other moments when lj royally pissed me off.

It's ironic that a move made in order to help integrate social media platforms is making me (partially) decouple the two I use most often.

I've added a link to my footer on how to use OpenID. Here's the Dreamwidth FAQ answer on what it is and how to use it, if you want another take.

Also, if you want a Dreamwidth invite code (or codes), Lord, do I have loads of 'em.
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LiveJournal is about to purge deleted, suspended or inactive accounts.

Everybody put up storm windows. I sense wind about to blow.

Does this mean I can claim "merrily" over there, now? Should I even bother?
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I've done some flist/circle housecleaning on both LJ and DW. You probably still have access, if you did before, but I've unsubscribed/defriended inactive journals in both places.

[Wherever possible, I just unsubscribed (DW) or moved your pages off my reading filter (LJ & DW), just in case you still want to have access to my posts.]

If you're mirroring from DW to LJ as a matter of course, you've still got friends-access to my LJ, but I'm reading you on Dreamwidth.

Which reminds me - are any of you posting on Dreamwidth under a different name that I might not know about? I much prefer reading posts on DW. I have an unpaid LiveJournal account, so it's ad city there, and I get all kinds of visual pollution about Getting Rid of Unwanted Belly Fat! every time I click over. Yech.

(I realize if I paid them money the ads would stop, but LJ's been making crappy decisions lately, and I'd prefer not to help them make more.)
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If you've been online in the last couple days, you may have noticed that LJ almost went ahead with a code push to change gender prefs (in your profile) to a single Male/Female choice.

[personal profile] synecdochic has a good post about it here.

I'm glad that it got headed off at the pass -- and I'm also glad it came up, because a)it means the new LJ management team understands it's a big deal and, much less importantly, b) I (as a cisgendered woman who has the privilege of not paying attention to such things) now know that LJ specifies what advertising I see based on the gender I tell them I am.

I was, indeed, seeing a lot of dieting bullshit ads.

I've now set my prefs there to "unspecified". I'm interested to see what ads for people of unspecified gender are going to look like.


May. 3rd, 2009 05:37 pm
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I admit it, I usually gloss over concerns about ad-supported spaces. I mean, save for the new annoying YouTube trick of inserting ads on the vid screen, I can generally ignore them. Obv, since I'm on DreamWidth, I see the point and attractiveness of being ad-free... but I'm also a little 'meh' about the harm.

Or I was!

An ad for NOM showed up on someone's LJ this morning. (Not something delicious, like NOM NOM NOM -- NOM like "National Organization for Marriage," the homophobic jerks who think same-sex marriage will somehow oppress them.) [personal profile] telesilla has the info here.

So. I'm going to rework my spending plan to graduate to a paid DreamWidth account sooner than planned because that is not okay. It is SERIOUSLY not okay.

I'm also going to go write a strongly worded note to Googe Adsense about it. I use them for personal projects, too, but I'm going to stop if this continues.

Cross-posted from my Dreamwidth account
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[ profile] somalipirate: the real thing or the completely real thing?*

*okay, probably not real at all, actually
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You know, I would adore it if LJ would add two three Google RSS feed features: 1) that button that lets you move from entry to entry, 2) the ability to broadcast notable entries to the rest of your friends by hitting a "share" button, and 3) the "star" button that lets you save something to read later.

Alternatively, I would love it if I could figure out how to stream my flist to my Google RSS feed, and stop being annoyed at lj's shortcomings. Can one do that? does anyone know?
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Can someone point me to instructions for backing up my lj?
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Hey guys, can anyone tell me how to change my links list, now that LJ's retooled itself for the bazillionth time?
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I'm not getting feedback notification. I figured out how to turn it back on for my journal, but not so that I get notice when one of my comments in someone else's journal is replied to.

Can anyone help?

Also, why in hell did LJ change these settings on everyone? *is annoyed*


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