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So, I made it through the entire seven seasons of The West Wing no thanks to my scuzzy eBay seller and his 44 bootleg Chinese discs of "The Weat Wing." Weat. You'd think it was about Alberta.

And then I started watching it again because I snip my disappointment so you don't have to be sad unless that seems like an attractive emotional choice right now. Also, spoilers liek whoa. )

Also, I was left with some lingering, unanswered questions, which I direct to you, o flist people who watched the show )

In conclusion, I love most of the show. I miss the show. I wish I'd been watching it as it aired, so I could squeal and write fic. I will probably still write fic, but it won't be the same.

I would like to leave you with this snippet of very excellent Sorkinese:

Donna (surveying the wreckage of hungover, sodden Josh): Are you going to listen to me from now on?
Josh: I'm not even really listening to you right now.
Josh (holding his head in pain): Yes! Yes! Ow!
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The PayPal people, in their wisdom, have given me back my money. The seller still hasn't written back with a mailing address, though, so it seems I'm the permanent, proud possessor of 44 discs of "The Weat Wing."

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The package was post-marked China, which made me suspicious, and the contents label said "book," which made me confused, and then I opened it and found a bootleg copy of The West Wing: The Complete Series, crappily transferred and packaged.

I'm so mad I could spit. Or kick something. I paid $170 for it (eBay), in a moment of "la la, I can spend my vacation money foolishly if I want to." Apart from my bicycle, it's the most money I've ever spent on anything, and the ghost of my mother inside my head is nodding sagely and saying things like "see? you know you should've saved that cash."

And yes, I'm mostly mad that it's a _crappy_ bootleg, not that it's a bootleg.

Josh! I want to spend time with you NOW. Will we ever be together?
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1) The entirety of The West Wing is at the post office, waiting for me--but I can't pick it up until tomorrow at noon, sez Canada Post. ARGH.

2) How awesome is this? An elaborate imagining of what Serenity's ships papers might look like... for sale. I could own that. Or eat this month. Either one.

3)[ profile] msscribe is back! (ETA: Or was, for five minutes, until she deleted her new lj, [ profile] dejaspirit. She did, however, take the time to comment in most of the comment-threads to fandom_wank's post. Yeesh.)

4)There's going to be a Season 9 of Buffy, too! I find this awesome! Also, am wondering -- are comic book stores the prime pick-up location I suspect them to be?
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The last entry should've read "I'm taking a break from lj.... just as soon as I post this here West Wing up-against-the-wall PWP."

There was an entire page of multi-fandom wallsmut, okay? I have no defenses against that, job-hunt or no job-hunt. It was like plot bunnies had invaded Toronto, and they knew I was hoarding carrots.

I'm taking the month off (mostly) from the interweb. Will be back, with pR0n, in September.

Title: Sailing off to a Warmer Country
Fandom: The West Wing
Pairing: Josh/Donna
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Length: ~2000 words

Feedback is the best thing ever.

No beta; all mistakes mine.

Set vaguely post-Noel, S2.

Josh has taken to standing against the wall in his office. The only clear spot is behind the door, so he’s also taken to putting a wire hanger on the outside doorknob before he stands against the wall, so Donna knows what he’s doing and doesn’t accidentally open the door and smack him in the face. )
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Also, though? While I love West Wing, I do not understand why Danny Concannon and Mandy just... vanished. Was there explanation that I missed somewhere end of S1, beginning of S2? I liked Danny. He should come back.
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I have just finished S2 of The West Wing and am full of love for it and for Josh/Donna, which is the closest-to-canon pairing I've ever rooted for. The banter! The devotion! The lines like this!

Josh: If it was you [who was in an accident], I wouldn't stop for a beer.
Donna: If it was you, I wouldn't stop for red lights.


This makes me happy. Apparently I like the slow burn.

What does NOT make me happy, though, is that NONE of my video rental places seem to have S3. What gives? I know Aaron Sorkin & Rob Lowe both left the show at some point - was it after S2? Is that why I can't find S3? *is concerned*
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I have started watching The West Wing. *glares accusingly at fandom* Why did no one tell me? Hm? Were you hoarding the awesomeness all for your ownselves? *hugs Josh to her and vows never to let him go* *also hugs Aaron Sorkin to her, while she's at it*

No, seriously, I had paroxysms of joy all evening. And now it is very late, and mostly I just want to say -- The West Wing! \O/\O/\O/ It is ver' ver' good. It is Jim'n'Pam-level good.


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