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So this made me gag:

A new incarnation of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" could be coming to the big screen.

"Buffy" creator Joss Whedon isn't involved and it's not set up at a studio, but Roy Lee and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment are working with original movie director Fran Rubel Kuzui and her husband, Kaz Kuzui, on what is being labeled a remake or relaunch, but not a sequel or prequel.

While Whedon is the person most associated with "Buffy," Kuzui and her Kuzui Enterprises have held onto the rights since the beginning, when she discovered the "Buffy" script from then-unknown Whedon. She developed the script while her husband put together the financing to make the 1992 movie, which was released by Fox.
[Read the rest of the article here - Hollywood Reporter]

Seriously, gag )
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Andy Hallett (Lorne in Angel) died on Friday, of heart failure, at the age of 33. [Here's the E! article]

So sad. Lorne was a great character, and Andy played him with such grace.
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A month ago I went away for the weekend to do wedding planning stuff and forgot to tell my roommates. When I came back there was a note on our communal whiteboard that said "Rachel, are you dead? Y/N"

In case you were wondering, I am not! Then or now! And Spring is sprunging! And I rode my bike yesterday! And today I got paid!

So life is better and there shall be fic soon, because someone on my flist posted that BtVS: The Chosen Collection was on sale on Amazon for only $99.95... for only ten hours! How could I have resisted that, oh flist? Now, though, looking glumly at my credit card bill, I feel the only way to justify having bought it is to write things. Things with sex.

I am going to start the lengthy rewatch tonight. Will drink lots of wine during S1 in order to not throw the tv across the room.

(Also, Spooks! Did you guys know how awesome? SO AWESOME. British spy show where no one is safe! Also, it has Matthew Macfadyen! For a while!)
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Is there something like [ profile] sgastoryfinders for the Buffyverse?

ETA: Yes, [ profile] btvs_ficfind, although it's much smaller than [ profile] sgastoryfinders.

Or, can anyone remember who wrote the amazing AU where Angel has become the feudal ruler of a section of California, and the Watcher's Council sets up an arranged marriage between Wesley & Angel in an attempt to exert some influence over Angel's decisions?

ETA: Found, by me, after I tried some key phrases on google. It was Protocol, by The Brat Queen. (Dear self, please stop being a lahoosaher. kthnx.)
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My Summer of Giles entry, A Choice of Several Deaths (fic, Giles/Ethan, NC-17), has been nominated for three Bodice Ripper awards!

I've never been nominated for any fanwork before! This is awesome!

Voting isn't open yet, but I will absolutely proclaim it to one and all when it is.

ETA: In my moment of flabbergast, I forgot to say thank you to whoever nominated me. Consider yourself thanked! I'm honoured.
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1) The entirety of The West Wing is at the post office, waiting for me--but I can't pick it up until tomorrow at noon, sez Canada Post. ARGH.

2) How awesome is this? An elaborate imagining of what Serenity's ships papers might look like... for sale. I could own that. Or eat this month. Either one.

3)[ profile] msscribe is back! (ETA: Or was, for five minutes, until she deleted her new lj, [ profile] dejaspirit. She did, however, take the time to comment in most of the comment-threads to fandom_wank's post. Yeesh.)

4)There's going to be a Season 9 of Buffy, too! I find this awesome! Also, am wondering -- are comic book stores the prime pick-up location I suspect them to be?
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One of my stories from two years ago, Good in the Latin, has ended up on a rec community board, and I'm suddenly getting all kinds of lovely feedback. It's almost enough to make me... start... writing... fic! (again) (maybe)

Ever since reading Buffy Season 8, Vol. 1, I've been thinking about Buffy/Xander. In the canon we had previously it always seemed like a trainwreck, for whatever reason. And they knew it, too--even when Xander wanted it he knew it was a trainwreck, and therefore managed to gracefully get hisself off the tracks.

But now, here they are--the world is totally different, Giles is elsewhere, Dawn is a big-head, Willow's missing, The Immortal thing was a bad comedic farce--and it's BuffyandXander trying to keep everyone's shit together. They're a team. They've always been a team, but right now it seems to be just them. (And Dawn, but she's busy hiding her two-storey self in the basement.) The time is ripe for Buffy/Xander. Ripe, I tell you!

I just dunno what to write about them.

Apropos of that "stuck in a castle in Scotland" thing, hey you guys! They're STUCK IN A CASTLE IN SCOTLAND.

I think this would be an excellent time for Buffy/HP crossovers, don't you? More Remus/Giles! Someone?
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How is no-one posting about Buffy Season 8 yet?

The first comic is out today, and it is made of AWESOME. (Vagueness with only a little bit of spoilery ahead) )

I love it, and y'all need to go get one from your local comic book store.
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First, Mercedes McNab is posing nude for Playboy. Whedonesque alerted me to this VIF, but has now taken down the link. I'm bemused that someone thought it Wasn't Cool to tell the world they could see Harmony naked.

It would be awesome if there was fake blood involved, but no, they're having her "[play] coquette in a decadent beaux arts pictorial".

Also, I didn't think of it 'till now, but how awesome is it that there was a vampire who was called "Harm"?


Second, where's my Douglas Petrie? Does dude have an official website? IMDB lists 'The 4400' as his most recent credit, and this is a crime.

ETA: Oh look, there's a tag for Doug+Petrie @ whedonesque. Oh look, he's going to work on CSI.

Hm. I have my doubts about the brilliant hilarity of Doug Petrie mixing well with CSI. But I will watch! Because I love him! (Astronauts win.)

Thirdly, BSG? The season two finale? OMGWTFevolevol )

Have I missed the season three opening ep?

ETA: No. October 6. That is fucking far away.
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A while ago, [ profile] musesfool wrote [when recc’ing Sleeping with Ghosts (The I'll Have What He's Having Remix) by Lady Goodman] “actually, what this makes me want is for Tonks to meet up with Dawn and River, two other girls who know a little something about being not-there.”

And I thought, I know how to do that.

So I'm in the middle of it, but it's gonna be huge, possibly the biggest thing I've ever written, not counting the Monica Hughes rip-off novel I sweated over for months at age 15. And god, I'm going to have to do research, because there are all kinds of fandom details that I need to watch season 6 of Buffy in order to corroborate (is that a word?). Also, putting glossaries at the back of fantasy novels? Really Good Idea.

In other news, two of yer garden-variety nerds came into my store on the weekend to buy copies of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Quidditch Through The Ages, and I had to hide my sekrit, "you're so a fanfic writer" grin, because I'm not outing myself at work. The vast number of inappropriate suitors I have to deal with every Saturday morning when they come in to buy their copies of the Jewish/English/Ottawa papers are enough of a co-worker-teasing-inducing burden.

And lastly, after months of crushing over a guy at [edit - My Local Vid Rental Place], I suddenly had a friend of a friend of my roommate call me and say that he knew him and that he could totally hook us up for drinks this afternoon. Which, of course, made me completely panic and I am at home and not there. Nothing says elaborate set-up like having some girl whom you totally know nothing about tag along with you to a bar at 5 in the afternoon for no discernible reason. It would be like having a first date with three people all at once, and even I, aware of the writerly possibilities inherent in awkward situations, felt like that was a horrifying prospect.



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