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Just when I thought I had my crush on David Hewlett down to appropriate, he's-happily-married-with-an-adorable-child levels, he does this (found via [personal profile] telesilla):

Watch on YouTube here if the embed is experiencing fail.

Hair! What! Biceps! Orange shirt! Lips! GAH.

Quit it, David Hewlett. Just quit it. I CANNOT GO TO PARIS THIS MONTH.

Seriously, though. The thought of fangirling in my favourite city on earth? Where I have friends what would put me up and take me to dinner at Nicholas and force me to eat gorgeous pastries? OH GOD. Too much awesome! It is extremely hard to resist! *whimper*
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This picture of DHew & DNykl slays me. For no good reason! But there are eyebrows! and Mischievousness! I feel they are plotting something, and I want to know what. [Link goes to picture archived on David Nykl's blog.]
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Hey guys -- [ profile] linabean made found poetry from posts over at [ profile] sgastoryfinders. The result is kind of amazing. Snippet:

John says
they are both consenting adults and
they like the sex rough
and so
they had better get used to the idea
of Rodney having bruises
and so on

It was well witten
I know I read this one
This is driving me insane

John ( I think,
but they could be vice versa)
I think John says it
to Rodney, or vice versa
"I swear
I'm not insane."
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Oh my GOD, Joe Mallozzi. (Warning -- reading this may have you throwing up a little, in your mouth.)

You know, I used to get SO JEALOUS thinking about the writers on Buffy, and the fun they had in the writers room (while under massive loads of stress, of course), talking about eps and story arcs and writing stuff on white boards like "Astronauts Vs. Cave Men: Who Would Win? Discuss." I LOVED Buffy, but god, I wanted to work on it, and I was all swoony over Jane Espenson & Douglas Petrie & co. I wanted to be their friend! and make art with them! they were (are) so cool and brilliant!

I do not feel this way about the writers on SGA, though I have great affection for some of their work. I have no desire to go be in that room, if Joe Mallozzi's blog entry is indicative of how they discussed character and plot development. Discussing if John Sheppard should be Teyla's baby daddy??? IN THOSE WORDS?

Gag me with a spoon, people.
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Did you guys hear the new Hockey Night in Canada theme song? I've been humming it all weekend... and thinking about how it could totally be an SGA story. )
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So, there's a comm called [ profile] strangefandom where people try to figure out the plotlines of fandoms with which they're unfamiliar... by watching and analysing songvids.

(If you fail to understand why this is hysterically genius, imagine if Closer was all the information you had about the relationships and story arcs of ST:OS.)

Anyway, today I found the entry for SG:A. Excerpt:

Specifically, it's about the torrid love affair between Tough and Cuddles. Tough isn't sure he really is gay and keep rebuffing Cuddles's advances. [...] Since Cuddles is a genius and in love with Tough, he asks Pink Lady (I think I'm going to call her Grace Kelly :p) for advice. Grace Kelly does her best to make Cuddles the prettiest darn Stargatey guy that ever wore a uniform. Nothing seems to work though; no matter how many times he asks Grace Kelly for advice, Cuddles just keeps getting turned down. So he decides maybe he's better off becoming a better fighter to impress Tough. He chooses to shoot things and wave at Tough, and it works! Tough grabs him in a suitably manly fashion and they're off! There's kissing! And meeting excitedly in the hangar! And strolling through forests. Strolling is very important.

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I received an email from Tarragon Theatre just before I sat down to read my flist, which is why I noticed that the [ profile] sga_newsletter made a mistake.

Today's issue has a link that says "Kate Hewlett play reading in New York City." It's actually in Toronto, on Nov. 28 at 8PM at the Tarragon Theatre, as part of the Tarragon Play Reading Week. (She's in their play development workshop).

The link to the schedule for Play Reading Week is on the Tarragon site here.

Might I add that I think that the people who run [ profile] sga_newsletter are fabulous, that they almost never make mistakes and that I truly appreciate their work?
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I have cable! I can watch shows as they air! It's amazing!

Apropos of that, in Toronto, when is SGA on, and on which channel? Google is failing me.
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First, very important news! The Furries & the Klingons decided that the best way to settle their feud was a bowling match.

I don't know who won, but can anyone really lose in such a competition? (Except me, since I wasn't there, and therefore, have obviously lost.)

Second, I do not understand this bandslash thing that seems to have eaten my network. Who's MCR? Who's FOB? This Wentz guy, why should I care about him? Pls to be sending pictures and soundclips as supporting evidence. Rumour has it there's boykissing involved. My interest is piqued.

Third, I spend a week househunting, totally ignoring the internets, and [ profile] mcsmooch happens! Ye gods! What else have I missed? Does OTW have a paypal account yet for the receiving of monies?

Fourth, Harlequin may yet (again) be in my future. As in the publisher, not the AU fic. As in, a job made of total awesome!

I promise to figure out how to use their image library for fandom purposes, should I get the job. Srsly. Expect John Sheppard a la Grey Owl and a fainting Rodney slung over a dappled pony. *rubs hands in glee*

Is there a SGA Harlequin comm somewhere, btw?

Fifth, o flist, learn from my mistake: chocolate gelato is a pale, pale substitute for chocolate ice cream. Don't be fooled. It will disappoint you.
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Is anyone up at two in the morning who can tell me if SGA canon tells us how Rodney takes his coffee?
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Unexpectedly, I have a root canal tomorrow morning.


To make myself feel better, I just bought one of [ profile] basingstoke's v. awesome Atlanteans Do It Under Siege t-shirts, because something has to be good about today, okay?
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I interrupt my ranting about FanLib to tell you that [ profile] rue_du_hoquet is hosting a Rodney McKay Snaps Cup meme, similar to the totally awesome John Sheppard That Thing We Don't talk or Hug About meme that [ profile] melagen hosted a couple months ago.

So. Please go tell me how, despite my total greed for fanfic (particularly the kind starring people-turned-into-kittens, or chickens named Baby Jesus, or including the X-made-them-do-it trope), and that I haven't posted actual fic in ... um. Too long to mention - that I'm still a decent human being. Maybe. Although I should've finished my math degree instead of switching over to English/Drama.

In return, I will tell you why you are worth the good coffee. :-)
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How, you may ask--late at night, grinding your teeth, is SG:A like the Gummy Bears?

Finally, an answer!

Sometimes I think that all of us in this fandom are potheads. Except, with chocolate.
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I've been trying to listen to a interview with Mr. Joe Flanigan. Trying. Trying really hard.

Sample, from the transcript here (it's from last September -- you people who are more hip than I probably already heard it):

GW: What were your thoughts on how Season Two wrapped up?
JF: Typical cliffhanger, hopefully designed to drag you into the third season. And it gets really interesting. The conclusion of that is very interesting. And it was an interesting thing to come back to. [....]
GW: Is it kind of tough after such a long hiatus to get back into things?
JF: Well, it can be. It certainly can be, there's no doubt about that. But no, it also feels very natural. The whole schedule is a reawakening, or I should say, the opposite of that.


I think the best thing about this interview is that it spawned a mock advice column... that is, a column of the kind of advice the Flan would probably give. Oy. Oy oy oy.

(I'm clinging to hope, though. After all, in his youth the Flan set off fireworks, naked, on a rooftop in Paris, which is dashing and mischevious and smacks of wit. Maybe the day of the interview he was just really hungover? And thinking hurt his head?)
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Nathan Fillion is going to be guest-starring on Lost, , sez E!, via Whedonesque, so I am resigning myself to having to watch Season 2.

I'm chuffed for him, but. Lost.

Is there a word for the point when a series runs out of storylines that can be reasonably extrapolated from the original premise, and thus has to start bringing in wonk?

It's not "jumping the shark," exactly. And there aren't a lot of situations where it applies. Party of Five is the other, I think.

Oh wait.

Maybe Matthew Fox is the connecting factor!

That's dreadful. He doesn't deserve that.

Also, I continue to read SGA fic, despite skating over the eps with as cursory a gaze as I can manage, because of the (totally odd) Canada factor.

I mean, where else in fandom are there mentions of Oshawa? or George Henry highschoool?


*going to drink more wine and sulk about having to work tomorrow*
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Because there's a dearth of sci-fi to watch, I'd given in to the rampant SGA-love on my flist and decided to give it a go. I'm still trying. But. Someone tell me it gets better.

cut for a discussion of suspicion as a plot device, and why it sucks. )

I think that's as analytical as I can get this aft. Am going to go find food, hopefully of the chocolate variety, and tea. Tell me what you think? Also, if I push through, does SGA get better?


Sep. 24th, 2006 08:24 pm
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I've spent the day lazily nudging my flat back into post-party order. 9 people + 4-course dinners = more dishes than we actually possess. The four-course part might have been a little extreme. However! Delicious roasts are worthy of four courses.

Someday, I shall have a house with an enormous kitchen and an equally enormous table and will be able to have all my friends over for dinner at the same time. I look forward to that day. Until then, I've been trying to avoid hurt feelings by only having occasion dinners. It was such last night, so nobody feel bad!

I'm in love with the Final Fantasy song "Please Please Please." It's awesome and catchy, and makes for bad moments when I realize that I'm singing "Don't let your cock do all the work" as I clean up the kid's book section at work.

(Good advice, though.)

There are fandoms I avoid because they feature actors who are two or three degrees of separation away from me. What if I love them? In their work? And then I meet them? And am reedeeculous?

Sometimes I accidentally get sucked in before I realize the two or three degrees thing.

This is all a result of being a fringe presence on the Canadian theatre and book scenes. Both are small. Both have contributed visible presences to Hollywood's sci-fi teevee and film projects. Both are goldfish bowls where everyone knows everyone, or knows who to call to get someone on the phone, and the possibilities for crushing on someone you will probably meet are exceptionally high.

In possibly related news, I have fallen madly for SGA.


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