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A longer list of recommendations later, but for now, I suggest that you go read Run, by Faith Unbreakable. It's a BtVS/TrueBlood crossover, with a Buffy/Eric pairing, and it's exactly what I wanted tonight. Caveat, though, that I'm recommending it as I'm reading it, and so while the first chapter was rocking, I can't vouch that all of it is awesome.
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The "am I supposed to be at band practice?" edition.

(Standard PSA: In case you're new to my lj, I make these posts every Sunday. They're all tagged, for your convenience.)

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Aha! not supposed to be at band practice. Good. It would have been hard to use "I was busy pointing people to awesome fanfic" as an excuse. (We're not that kind of band. Yet.)


Apr. 18th, 2008 09:37 pm
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Hey apocalypse-lovin' flisters, you should go read the quick and awesome lil fic, Rough Heals by [ profile] voleuse. It's an excellent Firefly/BtVS crossover, gen, Dawn-centric.
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Is there something like [ profile] sgastoryfinders for the Buffyverse?

ETA: Yes, [ profile] btvs_ficfind, although it's much smaller than [ profile] sgastoryfinders.

Or, can anyone remember who wrote the amazing AU where Angel has become the feudal ruler of a section of California, and the Watcher's Council sets up an arranged marriage between Wesley & Angel in an attempt to exert some influence over Angel's decisions?

ETA: Found, by me, after I tried some key phrases on google. It was Protocol, by The Brat Queen. (Dear self, please stop being a lahoosaher. kthnx.)


Feb. 25th, 2007 01:11 pm
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Wow. Just... wow.

I just read Sailor's Delight by Jinjurly ([ profile] general_jinjur), a post-apocalyptic crossover between the Buffyverse and SGA. Dawn wakes up to discover that the world has ended, and she starts making plans to reverse it... except then she meets a woman (coughJeanniecough) who knew all along what was going to happen.

Go read! It's wrenching and lovely and hopeful and I love this Dawn, who's still bratty but also entirely Buffy's sister.


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