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Dudes! I am back, and I bring recommended reads of the fanfiction variety! I don't have a million of them this time, because I am trying to scale back the amount of time I spend on the internets, and also because I haven't tackled the Merlin Big Bang offerings yet. But there is still good stuff under the cuts!

Recs: Firefly/Ironman, Star Trek Reboot & Star Trek RPF )

Links: Trek-related stuff )
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I won't lie, there's a lot of RPF in this one.

Recs: Vids )

Recs: Gen, Team!fic and Misc )

Rec: Gaila-centric )

Recs: Kirk/McCoy )

Recs: Kirk/Spock )

Rec: Kirk/Sulu/Chekhov )

Rec: McCoy-centric )

Recs: Spock/Uhura )

Recs: Reboot RPS )

Links: Trek-related stuff )

Non-Trek Stuff
Rec: Bones )

Rec: Firefly )

Recs: SPN )

Rec: SG1 )

Recs: SGA )

Rec: Torchwood )

(Okay, [staff profile] denise? I am SO GRATEFUL for DW's autosave function. I'd just finished proofing a preview of this when I accidentally closed the posting window. My source code dump would've been hell to figure out. So, yes, thumbs up you and your coders.)
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(Standard PSA: In case you're new to my lj, I make these posts every Sunday. They're all tagged, for your convenience.)

This reclist, in sum:
  • My favourite new SGA author: [ profile] sabinelagrande. Click on the SGA recs link for her freaking awesome Porn Battle entries

  • My favourite new non-fandom author: Penelope Trunk, who writes about being an artist. Links to some of her posts in the "links: misc" section

  • Office/other show vid mashups equal awesomeness

  • Possibly I should upgrade this lj account, so I can get the friends-of-friends lists. Since I'm reading the poor man's version of it, anyway.

  • Every day I finish reading my RSS feed and my flist and I get this "is that all there is?" moment of disappointment. And then on Sunday I aggregate everything and am amazed at how much time I've spent on the webs. "All there is" is A LOT. No complaints, fandom!

  • Links: The Silly Internet Vid Edition )

    Links: Misc. Fandom Vids )

    Links: They Call Him Mr. President )

    Links: Misc )

    Crossover Rec: Firefly/SPN )

    Crossover Rec: SGA/Torchwood )

    Fic Rec: Dark Angel )

    Fic & Vid Recs: Merlin )

    Vid Recs: The Office )

    Fic & Vid Recs: SGA )

    Rec: SPN )

    Rec: Torchwood )

    Fhew! Done! Grocery shopping time, now. (See? My priorities are totally in the right order.)
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    The "am I supposed to be at band practice?" edition.

    (Standard PSA: In case you're new to my lj, I make these posts every Sunday. They're all tagged, for your convenience.)

    Links )

    Recs: Buffyverse (and Buffy/SPN crossovers) )

    Rec: Due South )

    Recs: Firefly )

    Recs: Merlin (Fic & Vids) and Merlin:RPS )

    Recs: SGA )

    Recs: Supernatural )

    Recs: Torchwood )

    Aha! not supposed to be at band practice. Good. It would have been hard to use "I was busy pointing people to awesome fanfic" as an excuse. (We're not that kind of band. Yet.)
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    The round-up is pitiful this time, guys, so I'm not even going to do an lj-cut. I spent all week studying, which is why you get FOUR THINGS:

    1. Merlin fic: Who's Counting Anyway? by [ profile] phantomjam
    Summary: Their seduction, like everything else between them, is a contest of wills. May I say, NNNGGGH? (NC-17, pining, first-time, hot-liek-whoa) ([ profile] mklutz, I declare myself converted! This fandom rocks!)

    2. SGA/Firefly crossover: The Legend of the Browncoats & The Shining City by [ profile] anna_bird and [ profile] sasha_feather
    An alien thingy transports Serenity to the Pegasus galaxy. (What more reason do you need to read this? Okay -- here's one thing to think about -- Ronon meets Jayne!)

    3. A LOT OF MUSIC: The Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash recording sessions, which someone has made (legally!) free to download.

    4. FOODS: Some enterprising soul did a round-up of the best delis in Toronto. I want to try all of these! SMOKED MEAT. NOM NOM NOM.
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    I hadn't thought about it before, but wouldn't Ronon be awesome in the Firefly-verse? Can't you just see how he'd slot in with Mal & co, and be perfectly fine with doin' "crimes", and how River would adore him, and how he and Zoe would see eye to eye all the time?

    I'm thinking about this because I just read a fantastic piece by [ profile] idyll, Harsher And Kinder Both, in which Ronon was running from the Alliance, not from Reavers. Simon/Ronon, preslash, River being awesome. (There aren't actually any Ronon-and-Zoe scenes, to my regret, but it's still great.)

    Go read! Ana, you will like it!


    Apr. 18th, 2008 09:37 pm
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    Hey apocalypse-lovin' flisters, you should go read the quick and awesome lil fic, Rough Heals by [ profile] voleuse. It's an excellent Firefly/BtVS crossover, gen, Dawn-centric.
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    I'm still wary of first-person narrative, but [ profile] bugchicklv wrote first-person VERA fanfic.


    Also, I think Jayne would approve. Highly.

    It's [ profile] ana_grrl's fault that I found this.


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