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So last night my sink broke. Again. The strainer and threaded bit (usually attached to each other) had cracked apart, and suddenly I had a big bloody hole under the tap, and a large puddle in the cabinet underneath.

It was too late to do anything about it, so I mopped up the worst of the puddle, went to bed, woke up reallllly early this morning and dragged myself off to WalMart, which is in the mall a block from my house.

(There is no hardware store, or Canadian Tire, or whathaveyou anywhere close. If I had any non-WalMart option, I would've taken it.)

So there I am at 7 in the morning, bleary-eyed, dressed half in my pajamas, and faced with the WalMart dayshift - that is, the finest that WalMart has to offer.

Which is when this happened:

Me (corralling nearest employee): Where's the hardware section?

Employee: Down these stairs. What do you need?

Me: I need a basket and strainer assembly for my sink.

Employee: (blank look)

Me: It's the bit that attaches the sink to the pipe? It's broken.

Employee: I'll take you to the hardwares staffer.

(She takes me to the hardwares staffer.)

Employee, to the hardwares dude: This lady needs some liquid plumber.

Me: No, that's not what I need. I need the actual piping.

Hardwares Dude: The piping.

Me: It's called a basket and strainer assembly?

Hardwares Dude: So, maybe a plumbing snake?

Me: NO.

Hardwares Dude: (looking futilely over their pitiful collection of house hardware) Maybe it's also called a flapper?

Me: ... That's a part of a toilet.

OH WALMART. Perhaps you should look for more qualified employees, and then pay them enough that they'll a)take the job and b)stick around.
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I've been trying to sell my copy of Stargate SG-1 Season Two on Amazon, and it struck me, finally, that I'd probably find more interested parties here.

This is the version I have for sale!

I bought it new on Amazon, watched it once, and would like to offload it so I can have more monies to buy the next one. I've got my copy listed at $20 (Canadian dollars), and if anyone's interested, we can then figure out what to do re: shipping costs.

I am also, alternatively, willing to trade for another box set of SG-1 S5 onwards, or another show, if you have something you'd like to offer. I'd be particularly interested in The Wire or Arrested Development, but am willing to entertain other offers! (I already own all of Buffy, Firefly, The West Wing, and, embarassingly, Fraggle Rock S2, which no one was going to suggest anyway.)

Comments are screened!
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Am sick.

Am listening to Pride & Prejudice and dosing myself with Buckleys.

Also, am mending socks.

Biggest waste of a weekend ever, y/y?
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Last term, my choir sang a whole bunch of songs about mining and miners. The motif was weird, since it's an all-women choir, and mining is really not a female realm, but it created a repertoire that was unexpectedly awesome, because there's a lot of folk music and protest songs in various languages about mining, and so we got to sing stridently in Spanish, briskly in French, and with a great, tender Appalachian twang (which at first made me cringe, but then was oddly freeing).

This term, the motif seems to be "the moon," to which my initial reaction was "gah!" Fortunately, the music seems to be leaning more towards lush orchestration and Rodgers & Hammerstein-esque harmony, as opposed to a celebration of the menses (which, honestly? I wouldn't have been able to do with a straight face).

Also, there is sacred Georgian music that just makes me want to weep from sheer, sustained gorgeousness.

And now, the sleeping, I will be doing it.
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The PayPal people, in their wisdom, have given me back my money. The seller still hasn't written back with a mailing address, though, so it seems I'm the permanent, proud possessor of 44 discs of "The Weat Wing."

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So I stopped at Blockbuster on the way home from work today to pick up disc 4 of Alias S5.

(Sidenote: it is a bad idea to date clerks from your favourite local vid store. When you break up, you will never be able to go back there again, and you will end up renting TV seasons one disc at a time from Blockbuster, paying through the nose. TAKE IT FROM ME.)

As I was paying, I remembered that I had 2 movies at home that I didn't want, and that Blockbuster earlier that month had been offering a "sell us your previously-viewed movies! get store credit!" deal.

"Say, by the way, I've got-"

"Yes, we're hiring," bored-looking employee said. "We're hiring all the time. You can certainly drop off a resume. Putting your retail experience near the top is a good idea. The manager's name is Scott, he's here Monday through Friday until 6PM, tell him Rick said you seemed like a good prospect."

Since I really hate catty customers, I did not laugh long and hard. But it was close. Of all the places I would never want to work!

(Sorry, o flist person who applied for a Blockbuster job. I have sympathy. I know you wanted it. But you are so much better off without it. You were too good for it. Really. And so am I.)
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I love BookNinja, but this week the ironic and interesting book news George provided was offset by links to annoying articles about bloggers being ill-socialized people who are categorically not movers and shakers and fan-fiction being made of suck.


I waffled between (option A) rallying in defence and writing letters, and (option B) spending the entire weekend doing Stuff outside of my apartment to prove that I'm not ill-socialized and can change the world if I feel like it, damnit.

Obviously, since that I'm writing this from my bedroom at 5:15 Saturday evening, I figured out that the latter was a dumb idea. However, considering that it's February in Toronto and being out in the minus 30 degrees C weather for two days won't prove much more than I can catch colds with aplomb, I think I'm okay with it.
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So, I dropped by the gym next to work today, because someone had accidentally left their access card at the store, and I was walking that way anyway, and I somehow left with a membership.

Which is ridiculous, because my 45-minute walk to and from work is about all the exercise I'm willing to do, thank you very much. (And right now? with the temperature being all minus 30 C with windchill? I'm not willing to do that, even.)

In a misguided effort to motivate myself into using the gateway to hell membership, I then went and bought lingerie.

So what was supposed to be a $4.50 luncheon + bonus good deed turned into a $250 dollar lunchbreak + bonus damnit!-I-just-paid-this-card-off guilt.

Ah. First-world problems.
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In fannishness, I'm making my way through Veronica Mars S2. It's a bit less awesome than the first season, but oh the banter! The witty, witty banter! And that bit where Keith told Wallace that if he pinched his nipples it would help him pee! *loves on Keith* *thinks Keith is the best TV dad eva*

In non-fannish life stuff, this morning, as I was walking down the big-fuck-off hill to work (although really, I only swear at it in the evenings, when I have to walk up it), I noticed a pile of clothes on the other side of the chain-link fence that separates the sidewalk and road from the local park.

"How did that happen?" I thought idly "Someone lost their... hey... wait a minute!"

One of my mittens was in the pile of clothes. One of my mittens which I lost two years ago, I don't know where, and mourned, because I loved the wool I knit it from. I climbed over the fence, rooted through the wet and slimy leaves, and carried it gingerly the rest of my half-hour walk to work, holding it arms' length and pinching it by the very tip of the thumb, because it was wet and dirty and gross.

It's now in the wash, and despite being kind of delighted by the whole thing, I'm also aware that this is the kind of pack-rat-positive reinforcement I don't need. I didn't throw out the mitt's mate--for two years--because somehow I thought I'd find it again... and I did. Now I'm going to feel twingy about getting rid of all my odd socks.
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New Year's Eve, and I've resigned myself to staying home and nursing my headcold.

In fact, I'm inappropriately happy about staying home and nursing my headcold, because my last five New Years Eves' managed to suck in different but equal ways, and this one, at least, will suck privately.

Just how much did they suck? )

So. The prospect of staying home tonight -- cuddled into the ugly souvenir white hoodie that I bought for my grade eight graduation (it was the early nineties! clothes were bad!), eating chocolate, drinking beer, and watching the ball drop -- seems like a step up.

I hope, however, o my flist, that you all have much more interesting evenings.


Sep. 16th, 2006 08:00 pm
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Things that are awesome:
1. President's Choice Organic Brownies. Only $1.99! With cane sugar! They taste like they're good for you! But they're not!
2. Cashmere hoodies
3. Cashmere hoodies scooped from the lost and found at work
4. Flattering cashmere hoodies scooped from the lost and found at work (okay, it's just one thing! but it has three parts awesome!)
5. Having a bike

Things that are not so:
1. The Billy Graham peeps taking over one of my 7 available channels, and preaching that teaching kids to love Jesus will keep them from being harmed by online sexual predators. WTF, man!
2. Never-ending TIFF coverage, Fashion Television, football, static (x 2) and a documentary about cancer treatment taking up all of the others
3. dial-up
4. Having 26 books in my to-read pile, none of which look fun
5. Six bloody days 'till payday
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I've been immersed in Work, which is enormously annoying since my Work is Bookselling, and it deserves neither a capital nor immersion. I mean, there are things about it that are awesome, but it is, at the heart of things, retail, and it does not change the world.

However, it has been a good three years since I was working 40 hour weeks and as such, I am rusty at making a fulfilling personal and creative life fit in the few bits and ends of time left over from 40-hr work weeks. So, no writing. And not much socializing, either.

And I have to arrange better internet access, but am having a hard time tracking down an AirPort wireless card that won't cost me more than $100 bucks. (Anyone got one they want to sell?) Also, I've never set said wireless access up before, so I don't know what I'm doing. (Again, help?)

As a result, I've been offline with the exception of furtively checking my email whilst at work. And therefore I haven't read anyone's blogs, or checked the progress of S&J's collaborative bodice-ripper , or had any clue that there's a hp masterlist of fic in progress. (OMG [ profile] dreaminoflorian, I love you.)

The world and interweb went on and I am so very far behind.

When I get my wireless access, though, my eyes are going to burn out from reading fic every free second of the day.
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So after thinking hard about it for a week (having handed in my last paper ever and suddenly having hours and hours of empty time to fill), I've decided that it's time to try. I'm not getting another job. I'm going to keep working at the bookstore part-time, and I'll write full-time, and somehow, the money will stretch.

This, of course, fills me with utter panic, which is why I'm posting here instead of following my own brilliant plan.


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