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Hey guys -

So, I looked at various Yahoo! press releases, and their email addresses seem to be in a (firstname)(last initial) format. As such, I took this list of current executives and extrapolated the following possible email addresses (along with emails for the various people who signed off on the press releases):

list under cut )

I sent a carpet-bomb email to all of them, expressing my concern, my willingness to pay for Delicious, and my hopes that they'd revisit keeping it running.

If you've got a minute, and you're a Delicious user, could you do the same?

ETA: Have struck-out the ones that bounced. If anyone can come up with other executive Yahoo! emails, please post in comments.

ETA 2: Have deleted from list all that have been reported as invalid. If you come up with any more usable ones, do tell!
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Dudes, I am really, really sad about the news that Delicious is going to close up shop. Their network function is invaluable, and I haven't yet found something that does the same function.

In the meantime, I've bought a membership to PinBoard, which was designed by one of the original Delicious coders. Ze's billing it as "bookmarking for introverts"... which I'm not, really, but it's got great Delicious compatibility, and ze's wisely introduced a pay model that means it might not, you know, fold.

It's cheap, by the way: $8.18 USD for a lifetime account. FYI, they're having heavy, everyone-is-moving-over-from-Delicious delays right now, on the importing front.

(Dear OTW, can we maybe work on a bookmarking web app? *bats eyelids* I will send you cash to help fundraise for it!)

In the meantime, I have four hours to do a shit-ton of errands, and I'm kind of doubtful all will happen. December, we are not friends.
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Due to the magic of, I discovered that various fangirls, with misguided good intentions, have posted online the entirety of several books by a Canadian kids book author... without the author's permission. And are planning to post more. And then to restart up a slash archive about the series.

I was shocked and then pissed and then I emailed the links to the author and to my sales rep at the publishing house.

I'm leaving names off of this post, because as interesting as it would be to point out who dunnit, I have no intention of helping other people find the illegally published online copies.

Since this is the age of sendspace and Googleprint, what I want to say to fandom is this: )

I'm supposed to be out having a life right now, so I think that's all.
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Surfing my network led me to Thamiris' amazing SV bondage fic, Boxed. I haven't ever read SV fic before, and now I want to, because gosh, Lex is a delicious villain/protagonist/sexx0r-thing.

Is there a primer somewhere, a SV fiction for newbies list? I want more, people!
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Is anyone else having trouble with's bundle-tags function? I've tried both my usernames, and on both I keep running into "you have no tags" when I try to bundle my unbundled tags. Which, of course, is ridiculous, because I am obsessive and therefore have hundreds and hundreds of tags.
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I'm uploading all my fandom links to (an activity that's dreadfully boring, but somehow delights the archivist in me), and I find myself faced with a dilemma.

A year or two ago, my intense love for Firefly led me to fandom. The overlap between fandoms led me from Firefly to Harry Potter. I scoffed initially, but then I found [ profile] musesfool's huge and fabulous Remus/Sirius rec list: So, PoA Finally Convinced You That SB/RL Is Canon! Here's The Fic You Must Read!, and I was hooked.

And then, because I'm obsessive, I tracked down replacements for all the links on her list which had expired since 2004, when she put it up.

Mostly, the links weren't working because the authors had retooled their sites. However, there are a couple that expired because something went down and the people who wrote their fics got the hell out of Dodge. Anne P, for example, erased all traces she could find for "Whom He May Devour" because she'd gone over to... wait for it... the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fandom. (I'm trying hard not to judge. I mean, it's not like canon-HP is Art with a capital A, apologies to JKR.) I think Arabella and Firelocks (of Sugar Quill) had some kind of falling out, because their 3-part fic, "Down From The Tree", got the same treatment. (Although part two is still up on Sugar Quill, which is odd.)

The thing, though, is that nothing really dies on the interweb, and I'm a crafty websearcher, and therefore I found all the stuff that the authors tried to erase from existence. [ETA, for clarity:Found on places where the authors seem to have posted them themselves, but, at the same time, these places -- mostly mailing list archives -- are such that they can't be readily altered. I'm not talking about Wayback.]

So, the dilemma is this: do I post links? I'm leaning towards yes. The pieces were, after all, originally published online, and have been read by hundreds of people already. They probably exist on dozens of hard-drives and I'm sure that they've been printed out.

In addition, I have little patience with people who deny their previous work because they're now interested in something new. [ETA, again for clarity: And I mean precisely that, not "removed because the authors are now publishing work on paper under the same name and don't want their stuff to be confused." I realize that motivation for removing web-archived work varies.]

That said, there are articles of mine which I'm terribly embarrassed about -- stuff I wrote in highschool or my early twenties -- and the fact that they can be found through Google irritates me. Juvenalia may be interesting to researchers, but my youthful pompousity makes me blush, and the thought that various people in my life might find them is horrifying. (Same with my early erotica. It's blackmail city, I tell you.)

I think this is different than what happens when you switch fandoms, but I can understand how it's possible someone might have the same reaction to their previous fanfic efforts as I do to my unfortunate 1993 highschool essay for the Quotidien website. (And don't bother googling: I was successful in getting that one off the server.)

On the other hand, though, I'm pretty convinced by the argument that publishing your work means it no longer belongs solely to you. [ETA, again, because this was sloppy of me: I don't mean that it's "no longer your work," I mean that it takes on a life beyond you, and that it exists in other people's heads, and that it becomes part of the collective imagination.]

What do you think, o flist? Where should the line in the sand be drawn?

[ETA: Erring on the side of "not-pissing-people-off," and also "not-being-so-self-important-as-to-think-that-I'm-the-only-one-who-can-use-Google," I'm not posting the links. */unnecessary Saturday-hand-wringing* Whew. Wankery is exhausting, you know? And I'm still sitting in my pajamyas as I write this, so it's clearly time to stop.]


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