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I am at home with a large glass of red wine, feeling annoyed at the world.

Affordable housing! Where are you? Why can't I find you?

I've started to think that the only way to find an apartment I like will be to find an apartment I can't afford, and then to get a better job.

Viewit had a listing for a totally lovely bachelor in the gaybourhood (Church & Wellesley), and so I called. The woman who answered the phone sounded like a chain-smoking mu mu wearer who owned a poodle.

"I like the looks of the space you're advertising," sez I. "Has it been snapped up yet?"

"Which one?" she asks.

"There's only one on this website," I sez. "Bachelor, fireplace, wood-floors, main floor of a building."

"Everybody says they think it's gorgeous," she sez, "but the listing isn't right."

"Ah ha," I sez.

"We shouldn't even bother with the pictures," she sez. "People should just read the ad and come look."

I went anyway, against my better judgment, and the super turned out to be blind and about 400 lbs (and yes, in a mu mu), and the apartment, although in a swanky four floor walk-up built in the'30s, was teensy and stinky and would maybe have been reasonable at half the price. It had been recently vacated by a cat-owning chain-smoker who'd lived there for 20 years, and who had just moved to an old-age home.

I think I might have left treadmarks, I u-turned out so quickly.

I'm starting to wonder if I should go beg my landlord to stay here. I thought that finding an aboveground one-bedroom under a thou/mos would be easy, since I have no qualms about living in unfashionable neighbourhoods, next door to hookers, but t'ain't. 'T'ain't 't'all.

Apparently hooking pays pretty well here, and they're all living in lovely, expensive digs.


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