Oct. 4th, 2007

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First, very important news! The Furries & the Klingons decided that the best way to settle their feud was a bowling match.

I don't know who won, but can anyone really lose in such a competition? (Except me, since I wasn't there, and therefore, have obviously lost.)

Second, I do not understand this bandslash thing that seems to have eaten my del.icio.us network. Who's MCR? Who's FOB? This Wentz guy, why should I care about him? Pls to be sending pictures and soundclips as supporting evidence. Rumour has it there's boykissing involved. My interest is piqued.

Third, I spend a week househunting, totally ignoring the internets, and [livejournal.com profile] mcsmooch happens! Ye gods! What else have I missed? Does OTW have a paypal account yet for the receiving of monies?

Fourth, Harlequin may yet (again) be in my future. As in the publisher, not the AU fic. As in, a job made of total awesome!

I promise to figure out how to use their image library for fandom purposes, should I get the job. Srsly. Expect John Sheppard a la Grey Owl and a fainting Rodney slung over a dappled pony. *rubs hands in glee*

Is there a SGA Harlequin comm somewhere, btw?

Fifth, o flist, learn from my mistake: chocolate gelato is a pale, pale substitute for chocolate ice cream. Don't be fooled. It will disappoint you.


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