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I've been hanging out on Tumblr a lot lately (here is my feed) and it is, indeed, like delicious candy.

However, there are some things about it that suck balls.

1. It is full of people who are new to fandom and are flailing around

This is not so bad as a thing in-and-of itself (we were all new to fandom once; I certain flailed about) but because there is no adequate comment system available, there is no way to offer helpful ways to exit "flail" and enter "being fluent at internet". They don't know how to torrent! They don't know how to google how to torrent! They are just finding out now that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be in The Hobbit and want to tell everyone! They are going to reblog something that is a)a hoax b)plagiarized c)misattributed and no one will be able to point it out to them!


2. It is full of fan artists who want to tell me how many hours it took for them to make their shitty piece of fan art (or possibly this is just in the tags I'm following).

I won't like your Troy & Abed portrait that is unintentionally reminiscent of Dali's melting clocks better because I know you spent 5 hours on it. Sorry. Amount of time something takes is not an indication of quality.

3. It is full of people who want to tell me that they had the craziest sex dream about Tom Hiddleston last night.

This is information I only want if a)I know you (and even then probably not) b)your crazy dream turns out to indicate a psychic link and you have verifiable proof that such is so or c)it involves a wizard turning into a whale.

Also I'm pretty sure 9/10 of the time it is in fact not a dream, but some lady relating a Mary Sue fantasy and couching it as "a dream" because that makes her feel bold and naughty.

4. It is full of people who insist on posting their fanfic there and only there.

Which, seriously. Stoppit. Stoppit now.

And yet, there is no denying that it is super fun. Yay for gifs! Just, man, it is not as functional as a new emerging fandom super portal should be.
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Dudes, these two tumblr accounts made my evening infinitely better:

BeaArthurMountainsPizza! and SelleckWaterfallSandwich!

They are EXACTLY what their titles say.

Genius, I tell you.

Bea Arthur has been stalking that slice of pizza for days.

ETA: [personal profile] xenakis fulfills the wish of my heart, and photoshops Chris Pine and beer into a hammock. AMAZING. IT'S JUST AS GOOD AS I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE.


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